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nice easy walk along the river! about 2/3 of the way down the trail there is a smaller trail that takes you to the river where there are big beautiful boulders you can stand on with a fantastic view.

Beautiful well trodden path. Totally flat, and a nice walk into town along the river. I would not call this a hike but it’s a beautiful walk along the rushing river.

7 days ago

Great chill hike/run if you're looking for Swan River vistas. Put it on auto pilot and enjoy the views. Very easy walk for all types. Coming back!

The Running Eagle Falls Trail is an enjoyable, leisurely 0.6 mile spur trail that culminates at a small waterfall. Parking available at the trailhead, fee required to park in Glacier. This pass can be purchased at the small drive-by ranger station by the Lower Two Medicine Lake road.

Having landed in Great Falls two hours prior, my father and I took a quick rest stop near Two Medicine Lake. The evening was upon us with sunset approaching quickly, so a long hike to Dawson Pass or Scenic Point would've been imprudent. This 10-minute walk seemed perfect. Running Eagle Falls sits a third of a mile past the trailhead; the present walk takes you through a nature trail along a creek. As another reviewer stated, it's a "walk in your backyard" difficulty that a toddler could complete.

The falls itself is normally comprised of two flows, one that tumbles over the rock formation, and the other that emerges from a cave-like area inside the formation. Low flow in August saw only the latter running. Fed by glacial melt, the stream is an opal blue, picturesque and perfect for photography. I found ample spots to shoot from, most of which required bypassing the wooden onlooker deck. My long exposure shot turned out beautifully.

Two Medicine Lake feeds this water source, so the falls should be running year-round. If you're making an exploratory pit stop- as dad and I did- make sure to venture to the falls for a quick Montana introduction. However, if you're spending a day near Two Medicine Lake, nearby Pitamakan/Dawson Passes and Scenic Point would be significantly more rewarding hikes. Little more than a decent outing, but quite glad I got to see the falls!

8 days ago

The hike started straight with a climb which is a little rough, but leveled off for a nice hike. Very dog friendly hike. Once we reached the lake the bugs were annoying, but with bug spray it wasn’t too bad. The lake was nice and not too cold.

Pretty and steep. Last portion to the lake is absolutely amazing. It was so quiet!

SO BEAUTIFUL! Pictures doesn’t serve the scenery justice.

21 days ago

I'd consider this more moderate than easy. The lake itself is beautiful with a great view of Great Northern Mountain but the flies and mosquitos were so bad at the lake we didn't spend more than an hour there which was a huge bummer as we were planning on spending the whole afternoon at the lake fishing and swimming.

One of my all time favourite drives next to Icefields Parkway in Banff. Good memories here with my boyfriend. I'll forever cherish this drive.

26 days ago

Uphill moat of way. lake was the least impressive and not really accessible like others for wading/swimming. . DO NOT hike the rest of the way around the lake on a trail that joins the lincoln lake trail. Very unused trail and was a times hard to find. Went through 2 patches of stinging nettle and mostly burnt out forest. Saw plenty of bear scat but no bears.

The hike itself was okay. All forest. The lake at the end was more pond like and no views of the mountains. Kind of disappointing for how far it was.

27 days ago

Definetly moderate...not easy.

I was hesitant to take my three young kids ages 9, 6, and 5, on this hike due to other reviewers opinions of this trail. True to what most people have said about this hike, it starts out with pretty steep incline, but I wouldn't say it lasts for more than a quarter of a mile. I let the kids know right off the bat that it could be a little tough at first, but we'd take breaks whenever they needed to drink water and only keep moving when they were ready. It seemed to really help them along, as everybody got up past the hard inclines, and just as I read, it evened out, and from there on was a fairly mild hike. It's true you decline back down tword the lake, but the incline up from it isn't much at all when you're heading back. Truly the hike back to the trailhead is pretty easy, nobody complained. If you have kids and youre thinking about doing this hike, I say go for it! Just be patient with kiddos at the base of the Steep inclines, give their little legs a break, let them drink water whenever they need, and I'm certain you can get through it! It's not long before it flattens out! I posted pictures to prove it! Go for it, I promise it's worth it! good luck! Also, keep your eyes open for huckleberries along the way!!

The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. My favorite trip was at sunrise.

Hiking along this trail was easy and very enjoyable.

Of all the places I have the opportunity to drive this has to be on the top of my list. The views are unbelievable from the top. I’ve had the chance to not only drive this road but I’ve been able bike and snowshoe this road in the winter.
Pro: unbelievable experience with both scenic and wildlife experience.
Con: large crowds during summertime, very steep, limited parking.
Best time to visit: First two weeks of October just before they close it for the winter.

There is no better road in America. Don’t believe me... try it.

Biking this road before the season opens for vehicle traffic was the best decision we made while visiting Glacier. June 2018. We parked at Avalanche Lake and biked to Logan’s Pass, one of the most amazing things we have ever done! I have walked the Cliffs of Moher, climbed the Sydney Bridge etc etc BUT this trek was THE best!

1 month ago

I did it in early June. A nice lake hike along Lake McDonald. There's a lot of overgrown greenery and you're likely to get wet. Wear long sleeves and pants.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice easy trail run with some great views. Very peaceful early morning run. Lots of shade. First time ever in WhiteFish so I didn’t want to get too crazy.

its super easy.. very beautiful.. take ur camera with u plz.. its like just walk in ur backyard easy

just did this hike today - great family hike. just make sure you go across the river to the end of the trail - there is a great lookout

It was worth going once, but I wouldn't go again. Be cautious if you have a fear of heights.

1 month ago

We did this hike with our three dogs and I would call it moderate, not easy. The first part of the trail is pretty steep. It levels out a bit but then goes downhill (so creates a decent incline on the return trip). There really aren't any views along the way. Near the end there is a clearing with some felled trees and a fire pit that is good to sit and eat. We tried to go further on the trail but it kept getting really overgrown. Not sure if there would have been a beach type area if we had been able to go further. We finally gave up and made the mostly uphill trek back. Our dogs were zonked.

We biked the GTTSR early June on a weekend Caught the free shuttle from Apgar Visitors Center to Avalanche parking lot. Apgar Village has a place to rent bikes The shuttle has a bike trailer to haul bikes. We didn’t make it all the way to Logan Pass but did get about 10 miles up the road. The views are breathtaking and so many turnouts to stop and enjoy the park. I would recommend doing this to everyone in good physical condition even if you don’t get all the way to the pass , its a great way to experience the park. There were a lot of bikers but no cars because the road was closed from Avalanche on. Saw black bear with cub right along the edge of the road on the way down. When you get to the Loop take the Loop trail for a short walk to some Falls for a break There were all age groups doing the bike ride from young children to 60’s so if you are in decent condition you can definitely do it!

1 month ago

It's definitely not the best trail in the park but we loved it. We were able to sit at the shore for a snack while checking out the breathtaking view. INSECT REPELLENT IS CRUCIAL!

This is a great short hike to a spectacular waterfall, regardless of the water flow.

2 months ago

the trail is pretty enough but no amazing views, the lake is very pretty with a nice beach area. water wasn't too cold. saw some fresh bear scat on the trail by the lake and talked to some hikers who had seen a bear earlier in the day. the dog really liked it. bring some insect repellant, the mosquitos are insane.

2 months ago

Great for early morning hike The river was roaring when we went so it was really great walking next to it. Easy walking with pretty lookout!

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