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Tough hike but so very worth it for the views!

8 days ago

East trail for a quick hike in the evening.

Ok so it was great and I saw chipmunks, black squirrels, and A MOOSE! But once I got over 9,000 feet, I couldn’t breathe LOL. I grew up in Florida and lived there all my life, so I’m not used to high elevations and I couldn’t breathe worth a damn once we got to 9,000 feet. But it was cool! Would totally go again. Lots of sliding rocks though, be careful coming back down from hiking!!! It’s easy to twist an ankle or fall.

9 days ago

This trail was primarily on outside of park on a paved walking path on the street. We ended up going off the path to a path across the street that went by red rocks and a tunnel that lead to a little park called hidden hollow, it was a neat little find.

Checked this out after coming down from Mill B - pretty little area and glad we didn’t just head back to the car, but I would hardly call it it’s own hike.

10 days ago

Good hike if you are looking for a tougher alpine ascent. Trail is a rock garden and steep to red pine lake. We opted to continue on to upper red pine and stay the night as the .5mi further to upper from red pine lake weeds out a lot of other campers. We ended up choosing our own path up and down from upper red pine and choose to navigate the boulder field. It was a more direct route than using the pseudo trail in place and you really can’t miss locating upper red pine. Recommend bringing minimal water for the ascent to save on weight and just filtering more once at the lake for the return trip.

11 days ago

Dogs do not have to be on leash on odd days. Primarily used by Mountain Bikes and open to bikes everyday (most Millcreek trails ban bikes on odd days). Not a good choice for dog hikes, or just people if you don't want to be around a lot of bike traffic.

12 days ago

I thought this trail(s) was beautiful, however, coming down the large road at the end, is very dangerous. There are loose pebbles the entire way and of course-I found the wrong one and fell and I sustained a pretty painful injury to my knee cap and side butt. You just have to pay attention and be careful coming down.

I logged a grand total of 0.25 miles to see the falls. And that’s only cause I didn’t recognize the Hidden Falls trail for what it was. I mistakenly took a right and started hiking the Mill B trail. While this is a short little “hike” it was pretty and a fun, quick after work diversion as the sun was setting.

15 days ago

Great hike. Two days ago went to White Pine Lake, yesterday to Red Pine Lake and today to the two smaller lakes above Red Pine which maybe are 'upper red pine lake' which was well worth the extra climbing, route finding and boulder hopping just for the views back down to Red Pine Lake... I'll post some of the photos. Trail condition definitely better to White Pine Lake with more switchbacks making it less stressful on knees and easier for less experienced hikers. Red Pine Lake and the area around it more scenic than White Pine and the hike to White Pine a better workout while also on a real 'trail' whereas trail to White Pine is closer to an old jeep trail in many areas... that's fine, just a difference. Plus we saw two moose on Red Pine Trail yesterday and I just missed another two cows today according to a hiker coming down.

16 days ago

It’s barely a hike but it’s worth it. There are two trails at the head. The left goes to the falls and the right goes to the Mill B North trail. The left trail is very short and you have to walk over some rocks in the creek if you want to get close to the falls. There is also an abandoned mine or something nearby. It’s cool to look at.

Great hike! The last bit before the top is steep. Bring water because there isn’t any when you start getting higher. Great views down rock canyon from the saddle. I went over and down through rock canyon. The trail gets a bit confusing as you come down through the camp sights, but follow the signs for 060 and you should be alright.

A very pretty trail with gorgeous views. We left in the morning and were in the shade most of the way up. The last couple miles are incredibly steep. We passed a gang of dirt bikers coming down so the dirt was especially loose. Wear good shoes and bring plenty of water.

Great hike. Moderate climb most of the way and more difficult last mile or so up to Red Pine. Water level was low. Hiked up to the top of the bowl for a great view of Red Pine.

17 days ago

Great trail with some scenic views.
Second 2/3 up can a challenge if not in moderate shape.

18 days ago

Great trail! I haven’t hiked since I was in my early 30s. The trail is steep in sections but manageable if you are in ok shape. I did the round trip in 3:40 total hiking time. The trail got busy around 11:00am as I was making my way down so go early for some nice peace and quiet.

19 days ago

Got lost several times. I enjoyed the difficult adventure.

22 days ago

Great hike! The first half of the hike has gradual with occasional steep ascents, and the second half has steep with occasional gradual climbs. Narrow trail at times, but very well defined and easy to follow. Amazing views from the top!

22 days ago

The lower lake is a little lower than normal but it’s definitely still there. There are two smaller lakes above it and an area that looks like it normally holds water but is empty now. That’s where we camped. Very flat and soft.

If you are looking for challenging, this is he hike. A lot of uphill leg burning going in and a lot of downhill kneecap hurting on the way out. Pretty and once at the lake you see very few people. Check out the dam and the dates written in it.

Short and sweet. Not much of a waterfall this time of year.

28 days ago

Spotted a smaller sized mountain lion on the ridge line just to the right of the falls. There’s a lot of small crevices and small caves in that direction so be very careful if you venture up Mill Creek, which is close to this hike. We alerted authorities but nothing more game of it.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike, it’s more of an easy getaway if you need a place of zen or relaxation. The falls are beautiful and definitely a good spot for a picnic.

I did this hike in early May and the lake was still frozen and we had to hike through a snow patch for about a mile. That said, I would definitely do this hike again once all the snow is melted. the lake was pretty and the hike was shaded the whole way

Smooth ride, very straight and level for the most part. hooks up with legacy trail for a little while in Farmington, then splits apart in Centerville. Scenery varies from city, to suburbs, to ranches and farms and back again. lots of streets to cross which slows you down a bit. very well kept!

Great hike this time of year, be aware THE LAKE HAS NOT BEEN DRAINED. The water levels can get low this time of year especially with dry conditions, but Red Pine and White Pine do have water in them.

1 month ago

I hiked up this morning. Be forewarned - they have drained the lake. It is currently a much smaller, much less attractive lake. I'd skip hiking here until it is refilled. And I don't know when that will be.

1 month ago

This is such an easy hike. Even though it’s short the payoff is incredible. If you need a short break from...anything...this is an excellent option.

Easy enough for kids but not the best terrain. Its basically a gravel road the majority of the way set at a steeper incline. After reading through some reviews we may have missed the proper turn off, but it seemed like all of the shootoff paths were "blocked" with logs. Our kids ranging 2-6 had a blast exploring the teepee!

1 month ago

Amazing trail. Morning is definitely the time to go. It’s gradual at the beginning and gets very steep at the top. There were only a few good flat sites at the top for a tent, though.

trail running
1 month ago

My friend brought me up here for a trail run and it was so beautiful and peaceful... perfect for a trail run. We even saw three deer and a moose.

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