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Easy, flat

bridge out
2 days ago

OK trail. Great for being so close to home. The north side has more bridges and water crossings that make for great photo opportunities. The south side is a better workout. Not too many people on the trail during the week. Wet and muddy, but not bad considering the time of year. Trail between two bird viewing areas is closed. Looks like a mud slide took a footing of the bridge out. Hikers are creating their own detour.

Easy and flat.

on Coal Creek Trail

5 days ago

This is a great hike. There are a couple of loops you can pick from, depending on your preference of moderate or an easy hike. There is a steady flow of water beside the trail which makes it so peaceful.

5 days ago


I'm out of shape and fit into shine heavy breathing but I enjoyed this stroll.

Love it beautiful jungleland looking hike

12 days ago

Great day hike! Nice and peaceful, except for the construction by the ymca but that should be done soon. Really pet friendly and almost no one on the trail! Bring water and be prepared to pack out what ever you pack in, no trailhead restrooms and one can at each side.

13 days ago

Delightful loop trail around green lake. Quite busy on the weekend. Lots of dogs on leashes and good people watching

14 days ago

A fun little trail. I did this with a 4 year old and it was about perfect. The people who said this was fine for a stroller were on drugs.

on Coal Creek Trail

14 days ago

Fun trail with good variety and things to see. Highly recommend taking the primrose side loop!

Wonderful little green belt with a well groomed trail. I live a couple blocks away so it’s a favorite of mine. Enjoy.

An absolutely gorgeous beach with lots of driftwood, rock features and a pebble beach that grades into sand towards the water. Easy access and definitely worth the trip. I visited on December 24th and it was chilly and fairly busy around sunset but what a gorgeous sunset.

beautiful place to be didnt know we couldn't bring dogs until we were already leaving.

Good workout with hills but overall it’s not too difficult

Beautiful even in the dead of winter

Good hike, but as others say... you’ll need this app for the GPS to guide you through numerous forks in the path. Starts off as a leisurely walk and nothing physical until the loop.

Great trails with tons of switchbacks! Lots of hikers, dogs, runners and bike riders. Beautiful scenery!

18 days ago

Very beautiful hike. it's pretty flat. You get a feel as if you are deep into a forest.
Parking is limited so it's advisable to reach early or you may not find a spot.

19 days ago

This was wonderful, but it’s definitely mislabeled as easy. If you’re just going up to Hole in the Wall, it is easy, but if you’re going much farther north, it’s probably best characterized as hard by AT standards. Gets harder as you go. Not much cardio or elevation, but there are significant stretches of large rocks, some of which can be wet, slippery, jagged etc. Lots of potential to slip and fall or mess up your ankle. Wear a stiff boot or hiking shoe with good ankle support and grip. If you’re doing the whole trail/beach, leave early and clear out a good chunk of your day. The rocks *really* slow you down and you need to focus on every step at parts. And obviously watch the tide... I think I read that it can seal you off if it comes in behind you? I left as it was fairly high and falling.

I did most of the trail, but turned back a couple miles before the end. Just got hungry. Loved it though. Highly recommend. Would be a great overnight camping trip.

Oh, be prepared to roll up your pants and go through the small creek barefoot, or just head on through, but there’s no way past it without getting wet that I could see. I was in over my knees. It was a lot lower on the way back.

20 days ago

Good easy to little moderate hike with view of river and waterfalls. Waterfall was gushing with water. Enjoyed soaking in mist water at upper Lookout view point.

Nice easy walk and the lake is beautiful year round. Our kids 5/7 can happily cycle the loop while we walk or jog.

Beautiful rainy day hike. A little muddy and you definitely have to watch the map to stay on the right trail but overall a lovely loop.

Easy walk with some great waterfalls along the way .

26 days ago

Nice hike with a great view of the falls. Trails were muddy 2/3 in, but worth the walk. Pup enjoyed too.

27 days ago

Great hike! History of the area is interesting

Safe, loads of people and great dog watching:)

It is a good place for walk.


Easy hike with great views. Go early - before 8am for least crowds, good light and a run.

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