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Stayed in a Condo sitauted right at trailhead. We used the trail a couple times for morning exercise before it got too hot! So only went halfway up. To that point about 2.5mi and 1000' elevation gain. Nice easy to moderate trek with some good views of the canyon.

This is one of the toughest hikes in the Catalinas. If you are afraid of heights and cliffs: many people have to turn back at one of a few sections that are bare rock, narrow, and along a drop-off. My hiking partner had to crawl and hands and knees the first time we did it. It's steep and there are quite a few areas where you need to haul yourself up over rocks. BUT it is so worth it! It's great cardio day, amazing views, the pines smell wonderful along the last mile on a warm day. Coming down takes about as long as going up (which is not true of most hikes). Agree with the others - start early because it will take all day. For a half day trip, go to the Linda Vista lookout which is about 3 miles up (watch for the intersection and take two rights).

This trail was a butt kicker of a Moderate trail. As you get higher up in the canyon the trailer gets rockier and harder to find. The steepest section is climbing from the end of the canyon up to Pima saddle and then over to kimball Peak. The sign at the bottom of the trail says 7 miles to Kimball Peak. I believe it’s 7 miles in and 7 miles out for a 14 mile round-trip. Very scenic hike walking amongst blooming ocotillo’s and Saguaros. Many wildflowers were in bloom there was some water at the bottom of the canyon. Nice views from the top. You can see both sides of the Catalinas.

No water in the falls in early April but the Sagauro’s everywhere were insane!! A totally alien experience for someone who’s never been to the Arizona desert!

It definitely was more milage than what was posted. We got a little over 9 miles without taking the meadow trail back. It was a tough hike for us since ww haven’t been hiking for a while. Loved the rocks and the pretty meadow sown by the creek!

Went on a day hike. This is a difficult trail, but the views at the top are amazing. You can even see the biosphere 2 from the top. Bring a monocular and a camera! Also, be sure to wear sturdy shoes, start early (we started at 8:15... we wished we started at 7), bring sunscreen, some salty and high protein snacks, and bring plenty of water. We went through ~4 liters each.

If you’re not ready to go the whole way, there are fantastic views all along the way, and a great cave that is shady in the morning hours ~2.5 miles out. Our first hike out on this trail was 2.75 miles and 2 liters of water was plenty for that. Tip: we leave an insulated bottle of iced water in the car for when we get back from the trail. Enjoy your hike!

11 days ago

Nice trail well indicated

Great hike but more rigorous than listed (moderate-difficult) and about 1 mile longer by our garmin than listed.

14 days ago

hiked up, biked down!

Did this bad boy on the last day of March! Temperatures were topping off at 90. It also took me 3 hours ascending like the person below, definitely bring tons of water!!! I drank about a gallon. I was pretty shaded going up due to the shadow of the canyon, but the way down is brutal in the sun. I would definitely recommend water, sunscreen, and trekking poles. I stayed at the summit for awhile, just me and another older gentleman admiring the views! I am from Denver so this was definitely a great hike to see some beautiful Arizona mountains and get some training in for 14ers.

Happy hiking!

15 days ago

Only did 800 feet climb up to about the 2nd knob on the ridge. Saw a tortoise.

This is a great hike. Compared to other moderate trails (i.e. Romero Pools) this is definitely much harder. About 4 miles in it gets pretty rocky.
But there are multiple places with great vistas. Make sure you walk all the way to the end of the summit for an amazing view.

Awesome adventure! My sister and I completed this in April on a day that was to hit mid 80s. We began at 6am and it took us 3 hours to reach the summit. I went through 6 quarts of water and was very comfortable.
If you enjoy a challenge this is the hike for you!

not marked at all. we did not even know where to start! I would rate this moderate to hard.

20 days ago

So no parking except on the side of the street. Then a mile walk on a private street to get started. Great trail but easy to get off the path. Absolutely no signs or trail markings. This app was how we found it and found our way out. Good views and good workout

When you get to the top of the saddle go easy to Window Rock. Another mile or so. Best hike in the Tucson area I think.

26 days ago

Beautiful scenery, 360 view at the top of Wasson Peak.

28 days ago

Hiked from upper Bug Spring to the campground over the weekend. We had 4 in our party and 2 dogs. Gorgeous views were an early reward and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water along the trail. It does not deserve a difficult rating as it was easy to follow and had good footing. None of the stretches were overly strenuous for any of us, including our dad who is in his late 50s.

definitely more of a moderate, just for length! beautiful views

Hugh Norris to WassonPeak:
We started at 9am and finished at 4pm. It was 10-mi RT. Very steep in spots and hard on the knees, but worth every ache and pain! Take plenty of water, food, and trekking poles!

Impromptu day trip to Saguaro National Park panned out pretty well! Breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and Arizona wilderness. 3/59 National Parks visited.

Good trail to the waterfall. Considering that this is Arizona, it was nice to see water although it wasn’t anything to write home about. Overall, I had a fantastic hike!

Maiden Pools is one of several destinations on the Ventana Canyon Trail. See instructions and reviews for that trail. Not sure why this section is rated moderate and the longer trail hard. I’d say the lower canyon is easy (first mile or so) but as the trail ascends it gets much steeper and more rocky - i.e. hard. The trailhead is within the Ventana Canyon Resort and the first section of the trail runs along an easement through private property. It is well travelled and the trail is obvious.

Great hike. I'd say it is fairly easy-moderate with the moderate part arriving in the last 800m-100m of the hike. We did an out and back up to the view point due to time. This trail option is just shy of 8 miles roundtrip. The trail is a gradual uphill for most of the way, which I didn't notice much until coming back down. The steepest part is the last 800m-1000m of the trail which is also more rocky than the majority of the trail. For the most part the trail is wide and not too rocky. There are a few parts on the switchbacks that get tighter with more unstable footing, but overall the trail has easy footing. About 1.5 miles or so from the top there is a part of the trail that has some large stone/rock steps on it. Kind of nice as you go up. The views were beautiful. There is very little shade on this trail. We did it in the late afternoon, early evening and up near the top there was some shade once we dipped down behind the hill. Overall, a beautiful trail! Would do again.

Gets better and better, best part is last mile

Tough trail, but well worth it! The views are amazing!

Beautiful trail and easy to follow.

1 month ago

Great hike in perfect weather and when the falls are falling (which they were on 03/04/2018). Also makes for a great trail running loop if you include the Three Tank Trail and Garwood Trail. Note that this area is very exposed for those hot summer days.

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