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10 hours ago

Super beautiful views! We ended up needing snowshoes the whole time but the trail was still well-maintained and easy to follow despite the snow. I haven’t done this hike in the summer to compare, but honestly I think the views of snow-covered mountains would beat summer views any time!

Nice hike! Pretty scenery.

Went on a late morning hike here, setting out around 11am. Trail was mostly clear with a few sections of packed, slippery ice where micro spikes came in handy. Beautiful views all around the loop st the top, with plenty of spots to sit, rest, and enjoy the view. All around a pleasant, family-friendly hike, great for all ages and levels.

16 days ago

Had a great time

Moderate is right. Excellent hike.
Beautiful covered shaded sections. Dec 30 the trails were clear but snow. Sunny skies. Happy Dogs all along trail.

The trail had patches of snow so we were glad we wore proper hiking shoes. This trail is gorgeous! AllTrails rates it moderate but I’d say it’s in between easy and slightly moderate. We will definitely be hiking this trail multiple times next year. There are many lookout points with picnic tables in tucked away places and near the edge and offers amazing views. We plan on coming back when the weather is warmer and having a picnic. There was no ice today because it got up to 50 degrees and it wasn’t windy. 12/30/18

The Lower Mesa Falls are impressive! But this nature trail is a bit deceiving. From the Lower Falls lookout up by the road it appears that the trail ends right above the falls, but the view is obstructed by trees. There IS an unconventional trail created that brings you right down to the falls, but it's hard to find that trail down off the cliff.

HINT: go to the lookout by the road. You can see the trail that drops down off the ledge. Take a photo if it would help. Then go down to this nature trail and then you'll know where to look for this added trail that leads down to the falls.

First half of the trail is super icy but once the sun hits you up top it’s beautiful and easy.

Great adventure. Be prepared. The weather can change quickly. Best in late July - early September. Plan on 7-10 hours round trip.

Loved the hike and the variety of scenery. With the recent snow, the trail was a bit muddy in places,, but completely hikeable in tennis shoes.

2 months ago

Mid October hike. Only saw one other person in the trail and he was headed back from fishing. A bit of snow melting off the trees from a recent light snow fall. The fish ladder is interesting to see at the trail head and the trail just follows the river below. Took our dogs. Lots of ducks, geese and great blue heron in the river.

Something new around every corner.

3 months ago

Great hike suitable for kids

3 months ago

This trail was about 40 minutes from us. WELL worth the drive, great scenic look overs, lots of rock formations. Unfortunately a lot of off leashed dogs with irresponsible owners, but we’ve been finding it everywhere lately. None the less, we will be back many more times!

my favorite trail in the area

I am 73. I staged this hike. Camped at the 1st saddle. Left the next morning at 7:30 : was on top at 2:30, left at 3:00. Was back at the TH by 8:40 with a little help from my head lamp. No wind except enough to keep one cool. I believe this hike, though not as long and high as Longs Peak in Colorado, is tougher than Longs Peak. The hidden danger on this trail is not the bouldering but hypoxia - altitude sickness. Climb slow enough and take frequent rests to allow your body to adjust to the altitude gain. I’m a photographer so I always wait for the light - no early morning hiking until I can take photos. Don’t just “bag a Peak,” enjoy the climb and the views.

Loved it! Easy diverse terrain and beautiful views. Not crowded. Easy parking.

If you camp, it’s $5 and the fee station is right next to the outhouses (insanely clean in there). Personally I’m not the most fit person as I spent the past month and a half in California (~500 ft in elevation) but it took me about 10 hours to do it. The ascent starts out moderate then gets steeper till the tree line. From there it’s pretty easy going even through Chicken Out Ridge. The last bit is a bit intense but no one was on their hands and feet so it’s not that steep. The trail can be a little hard to find sometimes so I’d just look up once in a while and make sure you’re actually on a trail and not just rock hopping.

Chicken out ridge is not that scary. Just be careful and take your time. It can get a bit intense when the wind is blowing really hard but again just take it slow.

Amazing scenery, when you get to the top, easy to follow and it is perfect this time of year..

It was a nice trail. Shaded parts and also parts in the sun. Nice views way up high. Fun hike overall.

I really enjoyed this, beautiful view of the lower mesa falls. Most rewarding if you take the steep hike down through the rocks to be right next to the river and water falls.

4 months ago

it was pretty smokey, but the views were still beautiful. Recommend hitting the trail before light as it took us total of 10-11 hours, and the views of watching the shadow recede over the valley made is glad we started early. very tough decent, and would recommend trekking poles to save the knees and ankles.

Glad I did the hike, swore I would never do again, surprisingly want to do it again next year. Great moments with my son and nephew. Highly recommend doing some training before attempting. I am 45 years old and In good shape, trained for about 6 weeks before the trip, regretted not doing more training. Took us 12 hours and struggled for parts of the trip. Recommendations: 1. Don’t stay at the campgrounds, got about 4 hours of sleep, very busy. 2. Take up as much water as you can carry. 3. Have water at the end of the trip, no water at the campground, cold beer is not bad and the end. 4. Start at 5 am, Long day and it gets hot in the afternoon. Last thing, the last 800 feet of the ascend and the last hour of the trip is hell and will really push the average hiker to your limit. This was bucket list thing for me, I would really recommend,

Nice easy trail. Pretty scenery , old forest trail makes walking easy

4 months ago

A great hike through lots of terrain to get some miles in without a lot of elevation.

4 months ago

Easy hike that affords some lovely views as you near, and on, the summit.

4 months ago

I hiked Borah Peak on 28 August 2018. There was a heavy storm that dumped quite a lot of snow on the mountains the night before. Nevertheless the hike was amazing! There was a group ahead of me who created a trail through the snow (thank you!) otherwise I would not make it by myself. The hike is really challenging. The sign says 12 hours (I made it in 10). The trail is pretty steep (you realised on the way back the switchbacks in the forested section are a killer). Remember to bring gloves, there is a bit of rock climbing to do! Winter hike in August, who would thing of it! Love you Idaho! It's a pity there are no other trail in Lost River Range uploaded on the AllTrails.

Great trail- loved the diverse terrain. Well marked. Even spotted some Ute sacred trees. Beautiful views of Piles Peak. Easy to access and not crowded.

4 months ago

good hike short and sweet.

4 months ago

Brutal, but so fun

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