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Very interesting rock formations. Just a couple of areas where it’s hard to tell where the trail goes. In those cases, the app is handy with a downloaded map because cell coverage is spotty.

Beautiful trail. not super kid friendly, kids need to be monitored as there are many bluffs, drop offs, and steep declines/inclines on rocky/rooty trails. watch for copperheads in summer and fall, afterall you are hiking in their backyard. very easy to go off trail. download trail map, spotty service in some areas.

Very pretty...super easy to get off the trail, though.

It was amazing. It was a little hard to follow the trail at some points.

I cannot express how much I LOVED this hike. Lots of different rock formations and elevations changes. It was rough and rugged yet nice and well maintained trails. Yes, parking was tight, but it was more than worth it. I did not find it too crowded on the trail at all even though parking was full plus some. This trail is worth it and you won’t be disappointed.

A favorite relatively easy hike. Surprised to see Buder lake drained! It's deeper than we realized. Hope it will be repaired and back to it's full glory soon!

Nice easy level

Wonderful hike.

Such a pretty hike. I haven’t done the whole thing. Just up to the top and back. Overlook is beautiful.

Great trail. Easy to follow. Had a nice day here with my kids.

Nice short hike!

Been 15yrs since last here and that was on a MTB. Still as rugged as I remembered. Good stuff though.

Even in January the trail is beautiful.

Easy to get to, challenging but not too hard, scenic, good elevation changes, well marked.

This is a hidden gem and well worth the trip!

Great hike if you don't mind climbing several hundred steps to get to the top. Great views of the Mississippi River Valley.

we were desperate for a challenge so we went clockwise. it was great. it really felt like a workout. then on the easy part we were rewarded with an unusual rock formation and a tiny frozen water fall.

Cool rock formations

not very challenging outside of some stairs, and not a ton to do either. the bone bed info is stuff you can get at the museum. walk through the creek instead!

Love this hilly trail! You feel like you’re deep in nature the only downfall is that the highway is pretty close and it is noisy.

Took the advice listed below and went counter clockwise-- definitely a better option! After the overlook the trail is easy & all downhill, but the climb is so worth it. I'd suggest wearing hiking boots if you have unstable ankles (difficult to see rocks & roots with all the leaf cover).

3 months ago

Used to be beautiful trails but they are ripping them out to pave them even though there was already 5 miles of paved trail. Took the adventure and beauty away. :(

Love the lookout over the Meramec. Currently Buder Lake is drained for repairs. The trail is fairly easy.

Great trail in the fall, the colors were spectacular

4 months ago

This trail used to be good, but when you get inside Cliff Cave Park they totally ruined what made it beautiful to begin with. Paving the trail and taking it completely out of the woods is not cool (not to mention the fact that they're bulldozing down all the trees and the woods to accommodate people who want an "easy" nature experience that isn't even in nature anymore...what the hell??). I would suggest hiking on the wooded loop part of this trail and completely avoiding the Cliff Cave Park portion of it altogether. I'm really sad about how they ruined it...

The fall colors were stunning here yesterday!

Short. Best in Fall.

A nice hike that provides a few easy elevation changes and some nicew terrain. Had no problem following the trail, though they did add one switchback since this map was made. Saw a lot of mountain bikers who were all very friendly and considerate. No horses.

Love it and you can watch the deer on one side trail and river with boats and barges on other side of trail.

great hike. really cool rock formations and caves to explore. my only downfall was the crowd. it was pretty congested. parking lot was full plus some. I will do again but maybe when it's not such a nice day so not as many people will be there.

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