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Awesome caves and beautiful bridges! Sooo worth the hike!

Gorgeous trail! I went this past Monday when the ice melted and there was a big rain so the waterfalls were full and awe inspiring. Not crowded yet but still muddy make sure you have hiking shoes while the weather is changing. One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on!

1 month ago

Winter sights are pretty cool. A lot of large icecicles. BEWARE*** I went today and all the trails are frozen with at least a inch of solid ice. I slid into the water 4 times and there is nothing to stop the slide once you start. Luckily there was not a large dropoff where I slid. The ice makes it very slow moving because you need to attack certain spots with strategy when it is cliff+ice+downhill. If you are brave you can do it in an hour and a half but you will be wet from the melting ice and the guarantee you will slide into the water. Good luck!

Beautiful scenery! I hiked this trail this summer and for the annual winter hike and it is amazing!

I have spent a lot of my time in this park. I had many classes on these trails as a student at Hocking College and just spent the weekend there for the winter hike.

What can I say other then thank you for keeping this park open! My family loved it. We did every trail and then stayed in the cabins witch were above our Epxt and we will be back!

Very scenic. Rock formations, waterfalls. Various terrain. Very busy on weekends. Much quieter during the week.

Friend and I hike this trail a while back. Even with the leaves gone the view is beautiful. Steady incline for the first part of the trail then FANTASTIC rocks around the base of the "island." Wrapping around the rock wall it gets a little funky but then once on top of the mountain it's perfectly flat!

2 months ago

Came to Babcock on a day trip with a friend and this was easily my favorite trail. Easy but fun climb up the mountain, and if you're someone who's into neat rocks and unique geologic features, Babcock State Park is and excellent choice.

Pleasant walk, gradual uphill grade.

4 months ago

I did the full 11 miles. I don't know that I'd categorize it as "hard" except for length. This path takes you through a couple of gravel parking lots, and old gravel service roads. It's really good for a long day hike, because there are also several bathroom stops along the way, and you get to hit three sites. There are a couple of difficult spots near the water features where the sandstone gets wet and slippery, and there's not a great grip. Those are the most challenging parts.

It’s AMAZING and quit beautiful at the same time

I love this place! I want to go in the fall but never have a chance. A hidden gem in Ohio and lots of stuff to do in the area. Go after a rain because the water areas are beautiful. I wish I could post a picture it is that beautiful!

Great trail, took Grandma's Gateway trail to Ash Cave from the Old Man's Cave Visitor Center and the Buckeye Trail Back. Grandma's trail is wide and mostly flat, I would rate it easy. The Buckeye Trail has some tricky footing and there are areas that look like they are in the process of being re-routed due to trail erosion. So there are some places that have blazes showing to take two different ways. Which ever way you choose you'll end up in the same place. The BT is definitely more on the difficult side but still not horribly difficult so I would rate the trail moderate overall. Do not miss this trail if you are visiting Hocking Hills, Old Man's cave is probably my favorite area to hike in Ohio.

I have gone here a lot of my life, and I absolutely love it. The one problem is that you have a bunch of tourists that walk all over plants and throw rocks at wildlife. Also there’s sometimes traffic jams (of people and cars) because there’s so many people visiting this place. This is why it gets four stars. But you should check it out, it’s pretty spectacular.

A lot of fun, my gps would lose signal on the way there, so make sure you somewhat memorize the roads you need to take. I highly recommend trekking sticks if it has rained recently. I had mine and I still almost fell quit a few time.

Lame sauce. Essentially a fire road

trail is super easy, large crowds... but the scenery is gorgeous, it's even better after a heavy rain

5 months ago

Hiked this trail with a friend. Around the 2.4-mile mark, the trail becomes less traveled and starts to pull away from the river as it enters the river bend. My friend and I heard a growling-like sound coming from the hillside above us, and when it repeated a couple seconds later, we decided it was time to turn around and head back. We didn't see where it was coming from but listening to audio clips online later, we think it may have been a bobcat. Be careful if you hike this trail, especially if you go by yourself.

Gorgeous trail, but it's poorly maintained and poorly marked in quite a few places.

My friend and I came down here for a day and did this 12-mile hike and went to see the Rockhouse afterwards! Great to do for a one day trip because you get to see a lot. Would recommend. Ash cave was my favorite spot!

5 months ago

We hiked this close to sunset on a fine fall day. The sign at the entrance speaks to the views from the top (all the way to Snowshoe on Cheat Mountain), but there appears to be only one rather narrow cleared areas from which you can get a view. As mentioned below, parts of the trail are overgrown and need cutting back. Nonetheless the mass-covered forest floor is wonderful. Just don't expect the kind of views that one might associate with mountain tops.

The best section of this trail is on the Grandma Gatewood/buckeye trail to cedar falls. This section is very scenic with the most “rugged” terrain. The remaining 3/4 of the trail is fairly easy with several sections covered in small gravel. This trail should not be rated hard. I would rate it easy with the section above moderate. Make sure to get there early if you are looking to hike. The amount of people on this trail can be ridiculous!

Great trail! We navigate this a few times a year. Lots of traffic on the weekend but still well worth it. This portion is as crowded and you can check out whispering cave on the way!

5 months ago

Nice view.

5 months ago

Nice view.

Beautiful gorge and falls. Trail is clearly marked.

amazing view!

I didn't find this to be terribly hard, but it was definitely gorgeous!

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