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Jan. 20, 2019. 23 degrees. our first time hiking to the falls. started at the nature center and crossed the suspension bridge. even tho it was really cold it was an incredible trip. the river was really flowing because all the rain we've had. can't wait to do it in the spring...

4 days ago

Awesomely hard trail. Rained all day but grip was still good for most of the trail on rocks and roots. Falls were overflowing and beautiful. Highly recommend but please keep in mind it is not an easy trail.

So beautiful. Not a lot of traffic we saw only 1 other person on our way out! Be prepared to cross a river!!

7 days ago

One of my favorites and close to home. great hike!

Well marked trail and decently maintained. Although several trees were down along the way, very few required climbing over/under. Beautiful overlook on the Cane Creek Falls.

10 days ago

Really nice hike. 4 waterfalls and a rugged trail. Interesting water features...some with no outlet. Be sure to take the Sheep Cave side trail. Not a beginner hike.

11 days ago

Amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. I’d say easy to moderate. Not for young children.

12 days ago

A little chilly this morning, however, it turned out to be a very easy hike. The views of the water fall I have to say was disappointing. The trail was well marked and numerous deadfall the entire trail.

12 days ago

Thursday 01/10/2019

Bald River Trail (also called Trail 88) begins to the left of the parking area which is left of a large waterfall visible by the road. The trail takes you to the top of the falls and continues on from there. It is easy to follow (but minimal signs and no blazes) and there are a few camping areas along the way. When you get to the sign with a map you’ll see two trails, the right takes you to a camping area and the left (heading up) is the trail.

There are a few minor water crossings and one more significant one that we reached about 1mi in. This one we did get a little wet at even while attempting to maneuver around it (SEE PHOTOS w/text labels). We only saw one other person while hiking this trail, everyone else was taking photos of the large waterfall from the road.

THIS TRAIL IS AMAZING and very easy (at least the half of it that we did). There are various water falls, a partial cave, rhododendron tunnels, neat rock formations, campsites, open areas, and steep areas. I would highly recommend this trail and would like to go back in the future. (I am an average or below average hiker who is also pregnant and was carrying a 14mo old.)

I believe most of these reviews are for the very short trail to the top, which is not the entirety of this trail. We hiked half-way in about 2.25mi in and back totaling roughly 4.5mi so my review is based off of that.

12 days ago

I loved this trail, it was just spectacular and the Falls were Magnificent. I arrived after lots of rainfall in this area so the water was roaring. Great place to spend the day. Next time I will bring walking sticks to help with a little slippery and narrow paths. Put this on your list its A Winner :)

one of my favorite places

This trail is like a web of different trails all mixed in. Got turned around a couple times but nothing is too far out there you can’t find a sign quickly. Bridge is cool. Nature center is still under construction as of 1/9/19. Views are nice.

So so pretty. Definitely a little challenging but doable. Just have to pay attention to what you’re doing. I would be very reluctant to do this trail after some rain. A lot of rocks but well marked. Virgin Falls at the very end is worth it I promise!

15 days ago

ran out of time but hiked it for a couple hours. gorgeous. hope to go back and finish.

great hike but better take note of the firwt sign you see it is strenous but well worth it. i do believe we will camp overnight sometime

16 days ago

Beautiful trail in the Chilhowee system!
Recent rains made the initial river crossing on the approach trail from Clemmer Trailhead a little challenging but not impassable.
Climbs and creeks and rhododendrons and winter mountain views. Our doggy couldn't get enough! Made a loop by connecting to the Clemmer Trail and back - around 12 miles with a detour to Benton Falls. Several water crossings so come prepared


The directions off this app didn't work for us, but Google maps brought us right to it.

We went after days of heavy rain and the dirt road had some muddy spots, but my mid sized FWD SUV got thru it fine. The Trail itself was pretty wet and muddy as well.

The hike is great. Mostly easy with a few steep spots and some rocky terrain and steep steps down to the waterfalls which are beautiful. They were just roaring after all the rain.

My Fitbit clocked 9k steps and about 3.5 miles.

Love this trail for a good challenge! Be ready for steep inclines and declines!

17 days ago

Its been raining a lot so some of the trail was quite muddy. Bring water proof shoes and you’ll be fine. Awesome trail.

17 days ago

Pretty easy trail with nominal elevation gain. Although, this is more of a summer trail, as there are 2 creek crossings. Winter weather and cold water don't mix well. But, was a nice hike none the less. The valley that it's in can be a little cool but it's not bad at all.

The suspension bridge was awesome - and the falls are beautiful

Awesome hike! Did the hike to the base of the falls. It’s been raining the last few days so it was super muddy and slick but worth it. The way the rocks are makes it hard to get good footing - so I’d rate this more strenuous than moderate. Also hiked back up and did Cane Creek Falls over the suspension bridge. My husband , I and pup enjoyed the day exploring nature ! Check out Cane Creek Overlook if you’re looking for a good spot to stop and eat lunch.

17 days ago

Enjoyed this trail and the hike behind the falls.

This trail is great for beginners. There is one area where you get off one flat trail, hike up the side of the hill and it gets you to another flat trail that takes you to the falls. Fabulous payoff and both times I was there, I was completely alone at the falls.

Great time on this trail..

When I see reviews of people complaining about the trash or not well maintained I wonder. Do they bring bags to clean up as they go? Do they help maintain the trail? Perhaps, even if just some trash pick by as many people that truly respect that the trail has been there for likely thousands of years and that it wasnt accessed using Apple maps or whatnot would find it in them to bring along 2-3 bags to "help maintain" the beauty that certainly wasnt tarnished before the privileged swooped in.

Absolutely lives up to the hype. Great for kids and my dog. Two for one special of stunning falls at the bottom and the top and a suspension bridge for fun thrown in. Very cool hike.

We took the trail past the Gee Creek campground. Carpooled and parked on the side. Crossed RR tracks and straight up we went. One of the more fun and technical hikes we have done in this area(our backyard) Loved it. Doing it again once the ground dries up a little.
Midway up on main trail...there is a
large boulder coming loose. Go around it.

The waterfalls are amazing!

Very picturesque hike along the river. Great hike for novices because the trail is pretty flat. Would definitely recommend!

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