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Don’t go during hunting season! Had planned to hike from the trailhead to Welch’s Point and back. Closed for hunting events. Soooo we heeded the warnings. Parked and did the short trek to Welch’s. Plan B - back to Virgin Falls trailhead. Did a 5 mile loop out to Martha’s Pretty Point. ‘‘Twas a great great day!

The views from the lookout make this worth the effort. 360 degree panoramic views of the Smokies and beyond; probably the best views of all the GSMNP trails I’ve hiked. We went on a cool fall day which made the all-uphill manageable. Some rock scramble at the very end. About 4 hours up and 2.5 coming down (2 middle-agers, average fitness)

on Point Trail

3 days ago

great trail! not to hard, I'd say low moderate level. great views! we did it for a sunrise hike with #hikemoco and it was great! I've done this trail in 3/4 seasons now and it never disappoints.

4 days ago

Best view of a hike we have done. Pictures don’t do it justice.

6 days ago

Wonderful trail. Howecer, one way was a little too much for a 4 & 6 year old, so once we made it down to Craven's we had a Lyft driver bail us out and drive us back up to Point Park.

7 days ago

This was a beautiful hike! We only went as far as the cliffs but the trail goes further on.

beautiful, this is why we moved to Tennessee!

Beautiful views, a wonderful hike. I recommend you take this hike

Absolutely gorgeous, both along the rim and through the gorge. I started at Stone Door and hiked the loop clockwise, going down through the gorge first, and finishing the loop by hiking the trail along the rim. The trail through the gorge is difficult, trust the reviews and be prepared for uneven terrain and a strenuous climb out at the end. Also, watch your step. We saw 3 snakes while at the bottom of the gorge, and 2 of them were copperheads. Regardless, this hike is incredible, one of the best I've found among the dozen or so areas I've hiked through in TN. After emerging from the gorge, the hike along the rim is pretty easy and there are multiple overlooks that are ideal for taking in some stunning views of the gorge from above. This one is definitely worth the effort!

The hike is rough but it is well worth it. Bring plenty of water and some snacks and you will be fine. Spend plenty time of there because you are not going to want to leave!

Fantastic hike. The kids loved every minute of this one.

Easy hike for a fabulous view!

14 days ago

A beautiful trail with low traffic and a well-maintained path. I hiked this trail 3.2 miles out to the point that it connects with Injun Creek to see the highlight of the hike: A derelict steam traction engine that wrecked into the creek nearly a century ago. Along the way you'll pass a few homestead sites and cross Rhododendron creek several times; crossings that would be precarious in rainy seasons, so I highly recommend waterproof boots even in dry seasons. The majority of the hike is fairly level and parallels the creek, but the first half mile and last half mile have some challenging incline. Parking is available along the side of Greenbriar Road near the intersection of Ramsey Prong Road.

loved the view from sunset rock.

15 days ago

Easy trail with unbeatable views

15 days ago

fairly easy trail with a few sections that get the heart rate up. lots of side trails with some stunning views. fairly crowded on a Saturday.

19 days ago

Trail head is tough to fine. It is on the side of the highway directly opposite the paved parking pull-off. It is faintly marked by some surveyor's tape, but otherwise hard to see. trail itself was well marked. I hiked up at night and down the next morning. watching the sunrise from the overlook was amazing. Some great bouldering at the top as well.

Good water source flowing into the cave, which is closed due to white-nose syndrome.

Nice and mostly flat. Can def crank out some miles. Lots of blue blaze trails over to the gulf for some views. Some parts of the trail was like walking thru a green tunnel the foliage was so thick and green.

Great hike. The gulf will test your meddle a little. Took the trail clockwise saving the push up out of the gorge until after the creek trail. It will give you a great cardio workout, Was tougher than the climb down from the Stone Door area other than the rocks but they were not bad at all. Watch out for the climbers by the SD. Didn't want to put on water gear to cross to Ranger Falls. I will catch it next time. Creek was high and running fast. The rim is good but there is a lot of forrest time. Great overlooks just would love to have seen more. There was a group of Hawks hunting up and down the gulf flying right above my head. Really a great tough hike. I clocked in 10.2 miles and 1945 feet elevation. And 4 hours of moving time. (Take your lunch down at the creek bed you will love it.)

22 days ago

Great Trail! Lots of different features including a spring house and old settlement ruins, caves, and a beautiful overlook.

The first half of the hike was definitely strenuous with the uphills, but we luckily chose to turn left at the start of the loop so most of the uphill was in the shade and the downhill was more in the sun. We also got off the trail and had to double back a few times so we ended up walking more like 6 miles than 5 (like when the trail crossed the service road, we didn't realize you had to walk up the road and we walked down and started back up on the wrong trail), but the views made the long hike worth it. We did come across a snake blocking our path but we just waited a few minutes and he left the path. Overall it was a good, tiring hike.

Love the views! Hike is easier than the road up but worth it!

Went after about a week of steady rain and the river was roaring the whole way through the gulf. Fantastic views, lots of great spot on the rock bars to stop for lunch, and the falls were rolling.
Crossing to Ranger Falls was at least waist deep and pretty swift, so didn't get to see that. This trail earns its hard rating as BCG is pretty rocky. The climb down from Stone Door is bouldery but you can stay upright the whole way so not quite a scamble.
Very cool tough trail.

Hiked Baxter Creek trail starting at the trailhead at big creek on 9 SEP 18. It was the starting point of a 32 mile loop that took 3 nights. It is definitely the toughest trail I have done in the park. It is definitely worth the hike up to the fire tower and to campsite 38 which I was fortunate to have the tower and the campsite all to myself. About 5 miles up the trail starts some of the most beautiful trees I have seen in the entire park. I might add that I was in the army infantry and am currently a firefighter in good shape and this trail was pretty tough the last mile.

28 days ago

We loved this area. Ran into the dog mentioned in another review. He was super friendly and hiked about 3 miles with us until we passed another hiker and he turned around and went with him. He’s a beautiful dog. Hope nobody ever tries to take him home. Those woods are his home and he would be so miserable if someone took him away from there. He showed us little overlooks that we would’ve just walked right past without him! We didn’t think the signage was great but we made it. We did some of the other little trails before finding point trail. The ending overlook is anticlimactic, but there are some beautiful spots along the way, especially if you do a little exploring off the beaten path.

The steep mountainside makes it feel like you’re high up in the trees. It’s very popular with bikers so if you hike it, listen and watch for them.

It really needs to be marked better, though. We ended up on the bike-only trail by accident and it could have been dangerous. No blazes made it guesswork the whole way.

29 days ago

Beautiful views on top!!! Told 2 be on lookout for rattlesnakes didn’t see any thankfully !!!

what an awesome hike! I decided to go counter clockwise so my first 3 miles were along the ridgeline; some great photo opportunities while on the ridge. the return was through the gorge and although it was just as fun, coming out was a bit tiresome with the extreme accent; the valley line would have been more enjoyable if I had come after a rain, because there was no water

Great views! Some serious elevation to start out! A great hike for a fall day!

Started the "trail" by Welch's Overlook and hiked down toward the river. Beware: THIS IS NOT A LOOP! Nor is it a real trail... it's an abandoned gravel road in extremely bad shape. Deep ruts and loose gravel along the steepest sections make things challenging, not moderate. The trail effectively ends at the river because the rest is either totally overgrown or washed out...it was hard to tell which. (Met a local on our way back who said it hasn't been a loop in years.) Also, either Amber's Den is along the inaccessible part or it's gone. Never saw it. On the positive side, the calm water made for a great place to swim and cool off. Overall the lack of scenery meant it wasn't worth the energy.

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