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3 days ago

This is one of my favs in the Upper Cumberland! Half of what makes this so much fun are all the water crossings. They range from ankle to waste deep. Cables run across for a stable handhold but they sometimes wash out after a really bad storm. (Do NOT go down here if there's a flood warning) The view from the top of the window cliffs is icing in the cake.

Very easy hike to the overlook. The trail down to the base of the Falls was closed due to flood unfortunately, but other than that is was an awesome little hike. I hiked this with my 2yr old niece and 58yr old heavy set mother. She was able to due this hike fairly easily. Only part she had to go slow was the staircase which is about 40 stairs. Without going down to the base the whole loop is less than a mile.

Challenging and the creeks and meadows were beautiful. The park is full of wildflowers and your in the shade most of the time. That combined with crossing the creeks makes it a great spot for a summer hiking.

The hike in wasn't bad at all. The last mile has a lot of rocks in the trail so beware of that. Now the hike out was a challenge. The elevation change is mainly in that last mile. The walls themselves are beautiful, definitely worth the hike in and out. For those wanting to hike it soon, there is water at the end right now.

9 days ago

My favorite day hike. GPS length varies between 5.5-6.2 miles. Save some energy for the ascent as you finish the trail!

A good hike for sure! the hikers included me 42yo, 13yr, 10 yr and 2 8yolds. Yes, it's the south in the summertime - be prepared for the sweltering humidity with plenty of water and snacks. The kids got a little discouraged on the way down, but said the swimming hole was definitely worth it. The canopy of trees provides plenty of shade but also locks in the humidity if it has rained recently. Don't rate the trail poorly just bc it's hot and humid! the rock formations at the end are amazing, so suck it up and carry on! Just remember, what goes down must come back up - be prepared for the 100% uphill on the way back out.

Very scenic trail going down to the bottom off the falls was treacherous but worth the view.

This is a great quick little hike! It’s very steep and be careful if there was fresh rain. There’s a suspension bridge you need to cross to get to the falls that many dogs don’t like and we had to carry ours across. Good swimming dogs will have no problems crossing the creek though

Definitely a difficult hike but if you prepare mentally and bring plenty of water it's beyond rewarding!!

on Window Cliffs

15 days ago

Beautiful trail!! Loved every minute of it!! Not very long, and even with some people on the trail, it wasn't crowded at all. The views were spectacular and the falls, even somewhat dry, were still really nice! Planning on going back in the fall, for rainy season, to have more fun in the creek crossings and the falls. Definitely a top 3 in my book!!!

An awesome trail! Put my 2 yo in the Tula, 5 year old walked. Was a little bit too much for 5 year old. As we got closer to the end on the way back, she got whiney from being tired. Tons of places to stop and rest. One of my fav hikes ever!

Definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive

where it's the water? took family of 5 and several family with kids. we camped at bottom and hiked to walls. the falls were dry never seen it like this usually at least some water in falls. good time down and the kids with backpacks did great on way back 22 min miles uphill. needed lots of water kids drank over 1.5 litres each and started getting into ours at end. make sure to plan ahead to purify water because wont have enough to go down and back without refills.

Really Great hike! Make sure you park at the hiking trail head and not the horseback riding trail head! We definitely parked at the wrong one and initially had a really hard time finding the correct trail.

18 days ago

Had no idea how exciting this trail was to bottom of falls. At 65, my legs are feeling it today, but I’d do it again tomorrow! Low water volume, but still pretty. Climbing over rocks was so much fun. Never felt stuck or scared. Enjoy!!

A nice hike, not as difficult as some reviews had indicated. the falls send rock formations are worth the hike. The decent from the Alabama trail head is basically switchbacks and it isn't unpleasant, but is unremarkable. If you can't walk down hill on uneven terrain this may not be a good hike for you. but if you take your time, it isn't daunting. the last mile or so takes you across and beside a creek (or dry creek bed, depending on the weather) and there are campsites, wildflowers and even a small cemetery. The trail does get more difficult here, footing isn't always secure and the rocks give your ankles a work out.the walls/ amphitheatre area are really cool. We went in a dry season do we could see the rock basin that the water has carved over time and had a nice picnic by the deepest pool of water that we could find. the hike out was more strenuous, the elevation map is not really ambiguous, slow down, take some breaks, enjoy the scenery and you'll be at the top before you know it. 4 star rating because the hike was nice, the walls are unique, the trails mostly maintained (some branches and obstruction here and there) and the blazes were quite faded in some parts. All told, I recommend the hike, stay hydrated and enjoy the walls!

Easy trail. Suspension bridge is located here. If you go down and around after the bridge, cross the water again, and go through the woods a bit, you can get to the top of the falls.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail! Even with a full parking lot it didn’t feel crowded. The river crossings are beautiful, and the window cliffs are worth the effort. The waterfall at the very end would be great for swimming!! Only 4/5 because there are no dogs allowed.

wish some of it was open but floods and age have made part of the trail un accessible. But all in all it was a pretty hike and fairly easy todo.

Good workout and pleasant view at the end.

20 days ago

Great little hike. Not overly strenuous. Your feet will get wet, there’s no way around it.

Beautiful hike. Definitely steep in places. Adventured out with all 5 kids and it was appropriate for all of them ages 5-15! Take your bathing suit, the falls were gorgeous and we swam for awhile. We’ll definitely be making return trips.
Also, super clean and well marked. Big fan of this area.

Great hike with great views. The trail is marked well and very clean. Make sure to bring a swim suit. Trail is a little steep in places but the views are worth it.

21 days ago

The trail was in excellent condition obviously receiving routine maintenance. The creeks were pretty low (6”-8”) with crossings 3 and 4 being dry. The waterfall was flowing well and worth a short stop to admire. A ranger was present at the top of the cliffs to ensure hiker safety.

21 days ago

We loved this! We had a little one with us so we didn’t try to get to the bottom of the falls. The views from the top were phenomenal. We also walked down the creek a bit. If you don’t go down to the base, it’s an extremely short trail

22 days ago

Nice short hike. Regarding the reported broken glass. I only saw one broken bottle so maybe someone did some cleaning recently.

Not overly impressed. We turned around about halfway down. Might try again in the fall when the temperature is more pleasant.

Enjoyed hiking here the Falls was lovely great spot to just hang around and go for a quick swim, also a great place to rock climb

25 days ago

Would’ve been pretty if a bunch of inconsiderate morons didn’t throw their empty beer bottles over the edge and break them all over. This basically ruined the entire beauty of it all. Won’t be back.


The waterfalls are so awesome. Worth the drive out to see them!

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