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Gotta do it! The trees are fabulous. Tom and Joyce

very beautiful one of my favorite trail so far!

1 month ago

Nice trail for family ride! Leads to other trails in the are. Wilderness Park is getting a nice upgrade for RV camping. Pretty area! Take bug spray..... deer flys were crazy.

Hiked, swam, trail ran a bit, camped. Tons of mosquitoes, flys, and another larger flying biting pest. Cool precession of moths as you move down the trail. Lots of tiny frogs.

Serene trail with many kid friendly rustic stops (bunk house, chapel, logging museum). Pet friendly. There were a lot of mosquito's this spring so bring the bug spray!

The falls are very easily accessed. The trail itself is beautiful. Clearly marked with helpful maps, also cleared pretty well. But also little trails to venture off on. Quite fun, but the bugs were horrific near the river this time of year, almost turned us around.

Lush and full of outstanding old growth.

This is a road, not a trail. Narrow & winding, little to no shoulder, can be very high traffic at times. Gorgeous scenery, beautiful blue lake, wildflowers, & the “Tunnel of trees”. Good food & beer at Legs Inn at the Northern end. Car, motorcycle, or Jeep trip much safer than trying to bike, run, or hike alongside this road.

Super easy, paved trail that leads to the falls.

3 months ago

went hiking with 13 yr old son. arrived 6:45 am and hiked around the outside loop to the north and then cut through the middle down a 2 track to North Hoist Lake. grabbed a site on a hill above the Lake. weather was a little hot, 74, for backpacking for my liking. didn't encounter anyone on the trail until Sunday on 4th way back in. plenty of dead wood for burning. wished I had a fishing pole as we saw plenty of fish jumping. watched a family of beavers work all day long which was pretty cool. trail was decently marked. saw several downed blue diamond signs probably just early in the season. heard lots of woodpeckers and geese. came across a dead coyote. Good trip will come back... with a fishing pole. bring correct change for the deposit slip... dummy me only had a $20.

3 months ago

Mt. Nebo was still snowy but the lookout was beautiful. A little wet but NO BUGS YET!!!

3 months ago

Almost missed the sign from M-33 - Great trail. After the winter it needs some tlc - has some debris and trees across trail but easier to get around. Need info if dogs are allowed - I took mine but no mention of it was ok. There is also another trail across the street may have to check out too- High Country pathway.

3 months ago

Nice scenery. Quick walk. First part is a paved walkway and other parts are dirt. It would be great spot for lunch/picnic.

9 months ago

I recently was staying near by and walked the trail every mornig. Nice 2 mile walk fairly easy. I enjoyed the walks in Northern Michigan woods :-)

10 months ago

I have visited the first sinkhole off the road for over 10 years and finally decided to hike the whole trail this summer. It's a very nice scenic area to explore.

Nice hike. I came too early for the Fall season, but I'm guessing it will be gorgeous for Fall peak colors.

Very nice hike. The falls are right by the parking lot and then there's a few different loops with several miles of hiking. Beautiful trails. Went in October and got to see salmon jumping out of the river. I will be back!

great trail and easy for the whole family and very informational for the kiddos. Sadly, on our visit a small section of the trail was closed for safety reasons so we had to back track and go around to see both sides of the loop.

Very nice hike, will definitely go back

I work in this area and the trail actually had multiple loops you can take. There are also campsites you can stay at with fire pits available.


11 months ago

I've been going to HPSP since I was a very young kid. I always return here with my parents to walk this loop. Lots of birds and easy enough for the whole family. I love the sound the wind makes as it rushes through the pine tops.

11 months ago

Easy trail for hiking or mountain biking. Can do as an out and back or connect with the boundary trail to Swamp Line for a loop. The north section is a two-track until you get to the Nebo Cabin, then the trail narrows. There is a warming shelter near the connection to the South Boundary Trail. Definitely worth the side trip up Mt. Nebo. The south trail is a relatively straight climb, the north loop winds through trees and is steeper.

beautiful. took about 3 hours for the full trail. the best views are around marker 7, so don't cut to the south!

Friday, July 07, 2017

We hiked 7.8 miles around Byron Lake and had a wonderful time. the trail was well marked and we never lost the trail. we were prepared for ticks but only saw one thankfully! the Byron Lake camping site was clean and the beach/water looked nice. The only people we saw on the hike were some fishermen at the lake.

Monday, July 03, 2017

did a two day 1 night hike here, started from the east trailhead, hiked the 9 mile path to Byron lake one the first day and the 6 mile path back to the trailhead on the second day.

there were parts of the trail that required a bit of bushwacking and about 15 trees down over the trail but nothing that was a real problem. the trail is very well marked and the map is well done.

the campsites at Byron lake were quite nice and very pretty. We only walked past the north hoist lake sites but they looked nice as well.

surprisingly fewer mosquitoes than I expected for a rainy weekend in July but we did get quite a few ticks. long pants are a must for this one.

$5/ day self service parking fee at the lot cash or check.

all in all a good trail, it's not listed correctly on this app. it is a 16 mile loop if you take the long way, but you can shortcut it if you want to.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Took a two day backpacking trip on this trail. It was a really nice trail and was very well maintained with a parking lot on both the east and west sides of the footpath. The campsites near the southeast lake are well placed with gorgeous views. Got a bit cold while we were there but the weather was to be expected for this time of year.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

really nice to for hiking or backpacking. the trials are clearly marked and well taken care of. I like the fact you can take moderate or hard paths. this is a trail I would recommend to anyone who wants to challenge themselves. the only thing I wish they had was more water refill locations.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great 3 day weekend, 15 mile loop, saw wildlife, caught fish and enjoyed a clean less traveled trail.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 out of 5 stars if not for the tick infestation. We were vigilant with tick checks and removing them from our legs, but I still had to pry one out of my foot. Pretty good fishing, caught several smaller bluegill in north hoist for dinner. Caught a nice size rainbow trout in south hoist as well. The campsites were excellent minus the previous camper's trash that I had to gather and burn. I especially enjoyed the seclusion. You have to hike 2 miles to get to the sites and lakes, with no vehicle access or bicycles allowed.

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