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This one is a butt kicker for sure. Unfortunately I didn’t take my time and ended up with elevation sickness at the top before you reach the last peak. Made it to 10,500. Lots of semi dangerous rock scrambles to get to the top as well but as long as you take your time it’s a very beautiful hike. May lake is gorgeous and the views are pretty amazing. Trail is pretty moderately steady until the last bit up to the top. I will be doing this again this summer only I’ll be sure to take my time as I go.

stunning in the winter!

Not an easy trail.
Even if your in the middle of the worst drought in twenty years bring your rain gear!
The camp site was great and there were lots of places to have a safe fire when I went.
The tail starts off easy, but got progressively more difficult the farther I continued. I was with a big group and there were plenty of areas for everyone to explore and have an amazing time.
The way out was a lot easier than the way in.
You can meet a lot of really fun and interesting people who love the outdoors as much as you do.

Nice view everywhere

Beautiful easy hike.

All good when you first start out and the top of North Dome was stunning. Coming back was kind of tough on the knees. I was sore for days after but worth it.

1 month ago

Tenaya Lake trail has beautiful views of stone mountains and snow-capped mountains well into July. Be prepared to walk through about a foot of water in the beginning and end of the trail. The only downside to this trail is that the view never seemed to change but since the view was so grand it didn’t seem to bother me much.

did this early December, beautiful!

I have a question is there fish in the lake

Started on tioga road at the porcupine trailhead descended down then was flat for a good mile or so then slight 2 or 300 foot climb up a switchback visited Indian rock and camped right above north dome for the night incredible sunset next day descended down to the dome and hung out for a while great view but was even better from our campsite because half dome to the left. Coming back up was a good little ass kicker then headed back down to the valley from a trailhead that kicked my butt longest mile or 2 I ever hiked coming back down by mirror lake .. I think it was called the snow creek trail ... altogether felt like we hike 10-12 Miles that day I was absolutely exhausted when I made it back to my cabin

on Tenaya Lake Trail

4 months ago

Easy, peaceful. Great with mature toddlers/school age kids. Not accessible with stroller.

Beautiful trail w/ tremendous views. The rock scramble about 3/4 of the way up can be hard to navigate. Watch for the cairns going up and retrace your steps going down. I found the All Trails GPS very helpful.

This was a challenging hike for sure--after you've put down 6 miles or so, the last three are tough! but, view on the dome is amazing, and lots of times you'll have the place to yourself. definitely recommend going to indian arch rock, i think it's called.

Be prepared for the reality that the first granite expanse you encounter is not north Dome! You have to continue for about 3/4 mile down into a 200' deep saddle and the climb up the south face of North Dome proper. I heard a lot people express dissapointment when they thought they had arrived on North Dome only to realize they still had a butt kicking 3/4 hike a ahead :) still it's an absolutely amazing jaunt.

6 months ago

Just completed this last week. At start take off your boots through the creek. The stepping stones at end are way under water! Hike until the beach and then turn around and hike back, otherwise you are walking along road. I did encounter a Mountain lion. He was sunning himself on a rock between trail and lake. A few loud blows on my whistle sent him up the mountain. Easy and quiet, only saw 2 other hikers.

6 months ago

Very beautiful river, not sure why it is not in the park hiking map

Just a note to update the map is no longer correct as they are doing meadow restoration. It looked like the new trail skirted Pothole Dome but I didn't have time to see. It looks like this could be correct per Karen F. Recording

6 months ago

Great spot to escape the crowds in Tuolumne Meadows. I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting up with the rest of my group and had driven by this trail a few times. On the Saturday morning of a holiday weekend (Labor Day), I was the only one on the trail between 9am and 10:30am. The trail skirts the meadows and then joins the river for a nice cascade and I was fortunate that, on my return, I spotted a bear and her cubs on the opposite of the river, just after they had caught a fish (or deer?). It was just me and them for half an hour. If you're looking for a short, peaceful stroll in Tuolumne, this is the one.

Trail is easy to follow even though it's not maintained. Great views at the top, worth the effort to get up the steep section!

Very beautiful scenery and views. Missing that last star because there were lots of fallen trees blocking the trail and the trail was very rocky. Overall very nice and worth the hike!

Beautiful hike past May Lake and then a scramble up a cairn-marked path. Stunning views! The last bit to the peak involves climbing up granite boulders.

This is a great hike. And it's easy compared to other popular Yosemite hikes. We just had a lot of forest fire smoke, so the views were less than great, and the views are sort of the point on this one.

I would love to follow this trail down to Upper falls and El Cap someday.

Did this August 2. I've wanted to do but unsure of snow conditions. Started at may lake parking. I mossed the turn off for mount Hoffman. You go to the bathroom that works ( flushing toilet) and go left there. Stay along may lake to tree water crossing (missed it going but came back hat way). Lots the trail 5 times and had to use gps to reorient. Once you get to granite can't see trails so pick a landmark near trail for return. Not much snow to traverse. View at top was awesome but at noon smoke came in.

Great views of the area and fun to see Half Dome from a different perspective.

Very nice trail to the top be prepared to climb rocks take glass of water

Road still down as of 8/1. It's possible it could open. A lot of pot holes but seems like it would be navigable and no debris. As for the trail, May Lake is a gem and it's a cool ascent from May Lake (bear to the left at the lake) to the ridge. From there, the trail gets difficult to follow. Needed the All Trails GPS to get back on trail to get over the ridge in the right place and then the trail is barely maintained along a rock field. At that point it doesn't really matter - you are going up and aiming to the left of the two rocky promontories that look like they are the peak but they aren't. The slope is steep but not so steep that you would be in trouble if you were off trail. Just keep going up. Once you see Hoffmann with the antenna on it, there's a very obvious trail the rest of the way and really only the last section of the boulder scramble really gets into Class 2 territory where you need your hands in a few places (and your butt on the way down unless you're an adept boulder hopper). Views are spectacular - although the antenna is a bit annoying aesthetically. The way back down is simpler to navigate, since you can see the "thumb" at the bottom of the rock field that you are aiming for. A great hike, but be sure you have navigation aids past May Lake just in case.

The fourth day of Yosemite hiking: We hiked from Tioga Road to North Dome. On the way to North Dome, we took a side trip to Natural Arch of Indian Rock.

As of July 25, the 2.1 mile access road is still closed up to the trail head for both May Lake and Mt. Hoffman. This road closure adds 4.2 miles round trip and 400 vertical feet to an already intense climb. Until the road opens (maybe not at all this season because of the long winter) this is a full-day adventure and not a half-day outing.

Don't forget the bug spray. Did this hike a few days ago. Beautiful scenery, lake still partly frozen, and mosquitoes are out in force.

8 months ago

Disappointed to arrive at the turnoff to May Lake to find the road to the trailhead was closed. We decided to hike the extra distance anyway. We found the road was closed because of a tree down and a lot of deep snow. The hike itself was actually pretty easy and wasn't very steep. The steepest part is just below the lake. We arrived at the lake to find it was still frozen despite being about 80 degrees and in the middle of July! We later attempted to head to the top of Mount Hoffman but turned back due to the amount of snow (not to mention a local guide advised against it for that same reason). All in all, thought the lake was beautiful and the hike was relatively easy.

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