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Amazing hike! A must do!

Not difficult. In view of reservoir and beautiful view much of the time.

11/27/18 This hike wrapped the 7th and final hike over our Thanksgiving vacation. It certainly was the highlight of our trip! There were so many different types of terrain on this trail from flat rock, to fallen leaves, stone stairs and my favorite was navigating over all the rock. We started at 8:45 am and ended up doing 13 miles in 5.25 hours with a small sandwich break. We primarily had the trail to ourselves until we started to venture back then ran into about a dozen people. The weather was perfect! Mid 50’s with a slight breeze and very clear. You’ll see breathtaking views of Hetch Hetchery Reservoire all along the trail. I believe there was 4 waterfalls in view as well. I would definitely do this trail again!

Hiked this in the rain, which was pretty miserable. But on a clear day, I imagine the views would be spectacular. Trail is moderately difficult and well maintained. Took me about 5.5 hours including lunch at the creek. Get there early if you want the trail to yourself -- I started at 9 and didn't see anyone until I was already halfway down.

Beautiful lake and great trail! The views of the Sierra's are stunning. Completed in September 2016.

on Mount Hoffman Trail

1 month ago

We hiked Mt Hoffman on Nov 19. No snow at the summit but very chilly and windy. We did encounter some smoke from the controlled burn underway off of Tioga Rd but once you were above May Lake it was not a problem. The trail is easy from the parking lot to May Lake. From there to the summit the trail goes to the south side of the lake then turns south away from the lake for a stretch before it turns up towards the west and the summit. It is not marked but relatively easy to follow. There are some rock cairns to guide you. This last stretch is the most difficult as far as the elevation gain. The views back toward Clouds Rest and Half Dome are spectacular !
We will do it again in a warmer month, probably September.

2 months ago

Great hike, had the peak all to myself, only ran into a few people all day, mostly down by the lake. Once you're at the peak, there's a few fun rock structures to climb around on. It was very interesting to find so many potholes in the rocks at this elevation.

View to the valley was hazy due to smoke, but looking East was nice and clear.

2 months ago

Despite haze from management fires and wildfires, the views from the summit were expansive and gorgeous. The use trail is easy to follow; the last section before the summit is steep and slabby so be careful. The November environment was so interesting - the weather was cold enough that creeks and lakes had frozen but there was no snow on the ground.

Great, long hike with majestic views

Nice hike, a little Smokey from a controlled burn nearby but a beautiful day. Great views of Half Dome, the valley and surrounding mountain ranges. Indian rock was worth the short hike and also had some nice views from the arch. The hike is moderate to hard for beginners and very easy for the young lady that jogged by us not once, but three times while on the trail, amazingly fit...

Easy. Done it several times. Beautiful.

Did this trail in November on a "light day" of hiking with my wife. I absolutely loved it - high elevation makes for a magical, quiet surreal experience as you trek upwards towards the mountain. Upon reaching May Lake, I was blown away - the isolated lake on the mountain top is something out of a fantasy book. Great spot to stop for lunch before heading up Hoffman. If youre going doing later months, bring an extra sweater - it's cold by the lake!

Bring at least a liter of water per person! This is not an easy hike and it took us about 5 hours to complete including a lunch break. Crossed paths with many hikers who either didn’t have water or brought a single 500 ml bottle.

The first 2/3 of the hike is through a nice shady woodland, but the real payoff is emerging from the woods and seeing the Valley below you. I did lose the trail at one point trying to get to the Dome, but retrace your steps to the sign and there will be a few switchbacks along the rock wall that get you down to the path that leads to North Dome. The views are mesmerizing from North Dome—bring lunch and plan for at least 30 minutes there.

Worth the hike! Got to do it!

Getting to the initial dome is a breeze with some minor switchbacks. The end of the hike is what makes this a bit strenuous, there’s some rock scrambling and the path isn’t totally clear, it’s worth the extra effort past the initial dome. The way back uphill is tedious but once you’re past that, you can easily run downhill. Would love to go back to camp at the dome itself, highly recommend!

3 months ago

Amazing trail

This was our best hike in Yosemite, for the non climbers it’s as rewarding as it gets.

For people leaving reviews saying it is very easy, I am guessing they are either extremely fit or didn’t do the whole trail. Many people we saw on the way in stopped at the initial dome/clearing and went back. It is not extremely clear and no sign denotes north dome that I saw, but make sure to keep going to the actual end dome.

It is deceptive after you get to the initial dome, from there you need to hike down to a little valley, and then ultimately go up again to get to the actual north dome. Going back up is what made the hike somewhat hard and definitely not a stroll in the park like some people have posted. Again if you just did the initial dome, yes it is easy.

On a very busy Saturday this was still very quiet - and amazing views from North Dome. As others suggested, definitely worth going up to the arch. Limited parking at 10:45

I loved this hike because there were no people! It took me four hours round trip from porcupine creek parking lot and I saw maybe 5 people at some point. Great views. I was exhausted at the end but this is not a hard hike. Went on 10/1/18.

The views are excellent. We arrived before 5 pm on a Friday and hiked down from White Wolf TH for over 5 miles before resting for the night. The next day we hiked all the way past the Waterwheel Falls before looking for campsites. Along the route, there are some really nice places to stay for the night. On Sunday we hiked to Tuolumne Meadows and got a ride from a nice father and son team to the junction with White Wolf. The only regret is that AllTrails could not record most of the route. Once we descended into the forest, it lost GPS signal. So it only recorded the beginning and ending part of the whole trip!

3 months ago

Views of Half Dome, Clouds Rest, and the valley are spectacular on top of North Dome. Long ways in getting there though, dry and dusty terrain, some long stretches without cover.

3 months ago

Easy and just so beautiful as you go around Lake Tenaya. Worth the drive.

Great hike for my young kids. Mostly flat, but with a little distance and a good hill just before the lake. The lake is not overly cold with dragonflies and plenty of other novelties. It looks like there is probably a lot of flowers earlier in the summer-- we'd love to come back.

Best view when arriving the North Dome. Definitely worth it!

4 months ago

Such a beautiful lake in the middle of Yosemite National Park! Was there Labor Day weekend and there were still people swimming and plenty of happy people! Very clear lake and many great photo ops too!

paddle sports
4 months ago

Even Busy Labor Day Weekend the lake was amazingly quiet. Kayaked early morning then hiked trail around the lake. Highly recommend

The hike seemed a bit longer than the sign indicated at the beginning of the trail from the parking lot (1.2 miles), but it was definitely worth the wait!

The hike was gorgeous and my mom and I got there just in time to see the sun set behind the mountains! If you’re planning on hiking around the same time (5-6pm) I highly suggest bringing a jacket because it gets chilling hiking on the way back.

4 months ago

We started from White Wolf and finished at Tuolumne Meadows. Initially, we planned it as 3 day backpacking but thought better of it and changed to 4 days. I was glad we did. We had much more time to enjoy all the beautiful views, side tripped to every falls to take lots of pictures and took time to soak my feet in the river. We saw a bear coming down a tree on the first night at the camp site in Pate Valley. I was bit surprised and scared but it did not mind us at all and just walked away as if we were not there. The bridge at Pate Valley was not fixed on 9/1/2018. There were still three beams left and we walked on the middle beam to cross the river. More and better camp sites on north side of the river in Pate Valley. Bugs were bad whole time 6000ft or under - I wish I had a net to cover my face - they swarmed around and crawled on my exposed skin everywhere - repellent did not work. The views were better last half of the trail. Lots of water falls. When we were climbing up to Waterwheel Falls, those bugs were finally gone. We stopped at the top of Waterwheel Falls to eat lunch - the view of the canyon was spectacular. 4th and the last day was pretty easy hike to Tuolumne Meadows store. We saw many day hikers at this point but we were surprised we did not see many backpackers during this 3 day weekend. We arrived at the store around noon and pick up some lunch waited the hiker's shuttle to go back to White Wolf. The weather was very nice and the sky was blue whole time. While we were waiting for the bus the dark cloud developed and it started raining. We were glad we did not encounter the rain on the trail. It was tough terrain but we took time to enjoy them all. It was a great trip.

4 months ago

Beautiful views and fun rock scrambling. There was even some snow on the ground in July! It was a little chilly/breezy on the hike but I loved that-much better than sweltering summer heat. We had some trouble finding the way but just kept going up and got to the summit. All Trails map was helpful. Would recommend if you like rock scrambling and heights but maybe not if that kind of thing scares you! Went into Tenaya Lake afterwards and that was so refreshing.

I got an early start on Labor Day weekend. Since this is a less visited part of the park, I had no trouble at the gate or with parking and I had the trail mostly to myself til halfway through my way back in the afternoon. Very peaceful.

The views of the lake and cliffs are amazing. There are several waterfalls but this late in the year I didn’t expect much of a flow, so I wasn’t disappointed.

The trail itself is moderately strenuous. It is well groomed and free of loose stones for the most part. The steeper grades have steps and the areas that would get wet from the waterfalls earlier in the year are cobbled for better footing. A lot of the trail is exposed and hot, the wooded areas are a great relief but in the morning the mosquitoes were thick! I highly recommend sun block and bug spray.

Though the trail is moderately strenuous, the return trip was difficult. I was tired from the hike out, the sun got hotter, and it seemed like there were just as many inclines as there were descents. Meaning, there was a lot of uphill climbing on the way back.

The trail is dusty from all the crushed granite and I went through more water than I thought I would. Halfway through my return I nearly ran out of water and had to ration. Bring more water than you think you’ll need.

Overall, an excellent experience! Check out my pics.

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