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Great trail for biking, running or walking... with that said DO NOT follow the directions off this app to get there, it is inaccurate. Go to River Park located at south Agnew Avenue near the split of the 40 and 44 freeways; or park at 2021 south Robinson avenue where Wiley Post Park is located.

Likewise we never saw a restroom near the trail but we only completed a small portion of it.

16 days ago


trail running
18 days ago

I absolutely love coming here for sunrise.

trail running
23 days ago

Great place near the city. Always love this trail!

Great trail, even when it's raining because it's paved. Take a picture of the map on the sign, before you start the hike and you can easily see where you are.

Trail is awesome today

Technically a good workout with mountain bike

Good experience! No ticks but we got chiggers. Dog loved it. Got a bit lost the trail markers are not very helpful, thank goodness for GPS. Will definitely use again.

2 months ago

There are seed ticks! You will get hundreds or so on you! Otherwise great trail, well maintained, the dogs had fun.

There were tons of tiny ticks. Bring lots of bug spray and water. This trail took about 2 miles an hour due to all the twists and turns. It's very easy to get going in the wrong direction. Parts of the trail are hard to determine if you are on the right one. There are so many trails to choose from. I will definitely go back in the fall once the tick have gone.

Quiet, well maintained, scenic trails. Perfect for family walks and bike riding.

Great place for walking, running, biking and roller blading. So heavily trafficked it feels safe. Only drawback is lack of lighting, making it very hard to do early morning runs.

This trail doesn’t offer anything challenging other than the annoying sand at every turn. Useless if you ask me. That would be the only challenge on this trail. Save your time and pick another trail

ticks were TERRIBLE even with Deet spray. great trail tho.

2 months ago

This used to be a great trail but when they added the billion dollar highway so people could walk and not get their shoes dirty they cut out half the trail. The north and east side is still intact but even that is being destroy by sewage pipe construction.

trail running
2 months ago

Love the trails here! Only negative would be the LOW LIFE PEOPLE that leave their trash around in areas!

Good trail fairly new to MB riding. Encountered several deer actually had to stop for the fawn to get out of the way. Gonna head back tomorrow for the big course that’s about 3-4miles in. If I’m laying there call paramedics!!

Scenic and not crowded. Very nice trail for a bike, a walk, anything to get you moving.

This was a great well maintained easy trail.
On the drive home we noticed hundreds of seed ticks on us. Please heed the tick warnings for July 2018!!

Holy ticks!!!! We would be back if it wasn’t for the ticks. May try again when it’s cooler. That many ticks just wasn’t worth it.

nature trips
4 months ago

Dogs and I come all the time to walk the bike trails and the paved trails. Occasionally we cross the street behind the fish hatchery and wander around over there in the tall grass, maybe chase a fee deer. Love this park with it being tight in town!

trail running
4 months ago

I love these trails for close to home hiking/running, but tend to stay away during the summer months due to ticks/chiggers. The few times I’ve ventured on these trails between May and September I’ve returned home with a ridiculous amount of ticks. I frequent these trails December thru March with much less of a tick problem.

HOLY TICKS!!!!!!!!!!! This place is festering with ticks; I would not walk this trail by any means again. Found about twenty small ticks and two large ticks after hiking here

quite a bit of trash and heavily trafficked

mountain biking
4 months ago

needs to be cleared out lots ove overhang and a tremendous amount of ticks. if you come bring some high deet spray . I had over 100 tick bites using 40% deet. trails are really fun and the the plaid trail is very fast and flowy.

Well maintained mountain biking trails!

mountain biking
4 months ago

I experienced that lost labyrinth feeling - very interesting

It was definitely a bike trail, not for hiking with dogs. I would go bake to do x-country or mountain biking. No water by the trails but a mile down the road you can find the lake. Watch out for the ticks, I found a couple.

Nice varied trail, mild elevation change but more than I would have expected from OK. Well shaded, beautiful green forest setting and packed sand trails. In 2 hours only saw 1 polite mountain biker, but did see a deer! Lots of back and forth trails. I used my GPS and don’t think I could have done it without. Overall, great trails for the area and worth the drive from Norman.

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