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Very anti-climactic view at top compared to other hikes in the area. Spend most of the hike in the shade.

Had to reduce my rating a lot. People have been on the trail shooting guns and leaving garbage. Illegal fire pits being put in right under low growth fur trees, with how dry the last several years have been, it was shocking to see this kind of activity.

Shame, it seems like we see more and more of this as the years drag on.

Had a bluebird sky today and there were only two other people on the trail. We were almost there and lost the trail and never made it to the falls! Disappointed but the snow/no snow mix made things really unclear as to where to go and there are no markers. This is my third time and only time in the snow. Still a beautiful place to be.

Beautiful stroll through meadows while paralleling Cow Creek. This hike is more moderate- than a firm moderate but there are a few moments that will get your heart rate going. I didn’t get to the TH until 9:45am on a Saturday and there was only one other car, which based on other reviews seems rare. Parking is definitely limited though. I only saw 2 others on my way to the falls however, pasted 10-12 on the way back to my car. Most of the trail was wet dirt, then closer to the falls (on this day) you do get some snow (less than 2 inches). No need for micro spikes. The falls are still flowing and makes for a nice reward! RT was about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Hiked on 11/2, snow on parts of trail but made it to falls without using microspikes. Quiet trail now, doesn’t get steep until very last quarter or third of a mile.

on Kruger Rock Trail

24 days ago

25 days ago

Fantastic trail. Amazing views of RMNP and Estes. I went in mid October and there were a few snowy patches, but nothing too hard. highly recommend going up the rock crevice to the true peak. Breathtaking views.

Seemed more dry and desolate than most of the trails I've been on. Didn't see any water anywhere which was actually nice at times because of how quiet it got. Great views at the top.

There was some snow but nothing hiking boots couldn’t handle. The open meadow section was nice with the running creek and we saw some deer. Once you get in the wooded part it gets really pretty and a little more climbing. Parking was packed around noonish but we waited for 15 minutes and someone left to give us a spot. I imagine this hike is awesome in early fall or spring with the leaves but it was a great way to spend the day.

We absolutely loved this hike yesterday. I went with my 2 adult children. A lot of it was in open meadow, which would have been brutally hot in summer, but was pleasant now with temps in the 50’s. After the meadow, there is considerable hiking in the woods beside a stream which is lovely. When you get to the base of the falls, which arguably aren’t too big, you may think you are done. But we watched a group of three cross the stream and head up on the left side. Good luck finding the trail, as it appears nonexistent at this point. It is fairly steep and made me slightly nervous, but I have a severe aversion to heights and steep drop offs. What I’m saying is....if I can do it, you can too! The view at the very top did require some scrambling up rock surfaces but was worth it. We were told by the group of 3 up there that you can even climb higher by crossing the stream again and hiking up to the tip top, but we simply could never find this, and I was relieved because it looked steep! I was with 2 adult children, and it gets difficult to keep up, but I am mostly determined! We arrived to this trailhead at 10 and took the last spot there. There are not many spots so plan ahead!

28 days ago

Nice easy trail! I hiked the trail with my young daughter and we had no issues. Good views but I wouldn’t exactly call this a moderate trail, more along the easier side.

1 month ago

The trail had spectacular views of Estes and looking at the entrance for the national park. I didn’t like how soft the trail itself was. I sunk down into the sand with every step. It was quite the challenge there and back with good elevation gain. The views made up for the little faults it has.

1 month ago

So happy we did this hike! The weather ended up being way better than we expected. We had to guess our way for most of the hike bc the snow covered the trail. It’s pretty slushy right now so I’d recommend waterproof shoes! We made the scramble up to the top through the crevasse and enjoyed the amazing views!

1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike! A steady ascent led to a rocky area with a fantastic view. This is an easy hike to do with dogs. There are bag stations. The trail isn’t very rocky.

1 month ago

Amazing 360 view on top of the rock. Make certain you scale the crevasse between the rock to get to the very top. Truly breathtaking views.

Moderate hike climbing 1k feet over 2 miles with a steep stretch the last .25 mile of the trail. Good for everyone jut go prepared with water, protein and maybe a good walking stick.

2 hours in and 1 hour out and that was with lots of stops along the way.

Amazing hike.

Very nice hike.

Nice trail. Great views of Estes Park and RMNP. Some steep parts but nothing really more than steep steps. Hermit Park is a very nice area and the trail is well marked and well maintained. check on the fee before you go in.

Great easy to moderate hike. Make sure to go all the way to the top for the full experience.

We got to the trailhead at 8AM and were the first car there. As we started the hike we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow to complement the golden aspens. We encountered a grouse along the trail, a large trout in the pool beneath the smaller waterfall, and a confused squirrel who ran around my legs as he tried to find his way across the trail. I agree with the previous post that the last 1/4 mile is difficult, but finding the trail at the sloped rock was a bigger challenge. We followed a couple false leads before stumbling across the way to the main event. The Bridal Veil Falls was beautiful, even in October. I can only imagine it in the Spring. One last comment- doing this hike in the summer sun would be brutal.

Fun trail with beautiful fall colors. I'd rate it easy until the last 1/4 mile when you have to climb some steep areas and walk across steeply sloped rock. it can be hard to find the trail toward the end. There is a nice mini waterfall right before you get to the steep part.

Great hike with beautiful views. We went around 9am on a Saturday and there were minimal people on the trail.

Beautiful! It’s definitely not an easy hike but so worth it.

1 month ago

Gf & I are 26. We went with another couple after a week of moving here. Awesome trail, not to strenuous. Made it to the top in just under an hour after taking a couple 30-60sec rests. View at the top was amazing. Worth the hike 100% would go back and recommend to others.

Pack a ton of water. When you think you’ve packed enough, throw in another bottle. Beautiful views from lookout. 100% worth the hike.

Fabulous hike!!

Absolutely beautiful hike! Easy end of moderate, the most challenging portion being near the terminus of the trail as you get close to the falls and are required to scramble over some large rocks and a somewhat slick slope of rock. Relatively light traffic (saw about 10-15 people over the course of coming and going), but we started our hike about noon on a Monday. We didn't see much wildlife, only a lone crow near the falls and an elk hoof print next to the stream. This hike had it all, open plain with view of the mountains and changing foliage and densely wooded areas with the sound of running water. The hike took about 4 hours with a good long stop at the falls and plenty of stopping for pictures.

9/24 We did Emerald and then Haiyaha. 5.7 miles in less than 4 hours. Less than 2l water per person. It was very windy and a little sleet. The views were fantastic and it was worth braving the weather. There is some uphill to Haiyaha, but amazing scrambling and lots of fun boulders to climb.

Highly recommend this as a first hike! Offers meadows, woods, and water all in one trip. Got to the lot about 745 on a Friday and there were a few spots left. When you get to the waterfall you can cross over and climb higher but it’s not for the faint of heart.

1 month ago

Went on Saturday morning, Sept 22, 2018. Arrived at lot around 8AM. There were about 3 cars there already. When leaving, the lot was full with people driving around looking for a place to park. I counted 16 cars total in the full lot. So there is NOT much parking at all.

I did not complete the hike since I only planned on a 2 hour hike total. Wife was waiting in car. I made it almost to the creek at the 1.3 mile point before heading back. I was alone and didn't want to risk falling. The trail was really challenging because of the loose rock on the steep slopes. I tread very carefully to keep from falling. I still managed to fall on the way back and had another near fall. Nothing broken, no harm done. My plastic water bottle in my hiking belt took the brunt of the fall. Without the water bottle, I would have hit my hip on the trail. That's another good reason to carry water!

I did not see any other hikers on this trail. There were lots of people going to Bridal Veil Falls. If I had it to do over again I would go to Bridal Veil Falls instead of this one.

Be sure to use a hiking pole and watch for loose rocks.

FYI I am a 70 year old male using my wife's account.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery, be ready for kinda steep hiking. I’m from Houston, Texas and had to take some breathers going up hill but that was only for part of the hike. The rest was a price of cake and enjoyable. Just take your time. :)

We did this hike on a Saturday about a week and a half ago. We got to the trailhead around 8:10am and there were plenty of parking spots still, but by the time we left (around 12 or so) there weren't any spots. There is no other place to park other than the pull off parallel spots on the side of the road near the trailhead since the areas surrounding this trail are private property, so I would recommend getting there early. My app said the trail was 6.71mi total, and it took us a little over 2.5 hours. There isn't too much uphill, so it's a nice and pleasant hike. We did see fresh looking bear poop on the trail, but didn't run into any issues. As many of the reviews below mention, once you get to the waterfall you can go over to the left side of it and easily climb up to the top. Well worth it as the views are beautiful, although I am a little biased because my fiancée proposed to me up there!

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