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16 hours ago

This is a wonderful hike. It gets pretty steep so just be sure this is the right hike for you!

Excellent hike! Best type of hike - circular, non-repeating, with wonderful destinations at the midpoint. Also, a lot of cross-crossing trails to climb me back and explore.

It was a clear day and the view from the top was incredible.

I live in Ventura and have been doing arroyo with my son(4 years old) but in my mind it's more of a dog park attraction than it is prized for it's trails. have been running up some switchback in Ojai too but mugu is a great next level uphill run. perfect little pre work 3 mile dash that goes just fine with some morning weights at the gym after for that leftover fuel. great views, obviously busy on weekend, but probably just fine when those weekend warriors are back at work. enjoy.

15 days ago

Definitely a moderate, but hiking boots and poles aren’t required. I made it just fine in my normal running shoes I usually hike in. Views the entire way were incredible!

We did it! What a work out! The views are amazing!

Great views and decent workout, but nothing bad. Leave time for soaking in the views at the top!

22 days ago

Absolutely beautiful little trail. Driving to the trailhead itself offered gorgeous views of the mountains, canyons, and distant oceans.

The river beds were all dried up, but there is some flowing water when you get down to the grotto. The trail itself is pretty easy, but more towards the moderate side considering some of the loose rock on the somewhat steep inclines down into the canyon.

Although I was wearing long sleeves and pants, I did find a tick on my dog and one burrowing in my side when I got home, so please check yourselves if you do this hike.

Too many people

Had a great time! Made a quick edit of the hike.

25 days ago

Beautiful views. Easy hike. You really can’t beat the ocean views. Plenty of places to stop at a picnic bench. Trails are clearly marked. I’d give this trail 6 stars if possible. Worth way more than the 4$ parking fee.

Great trail with amazing view most especially at the peak. Definitely one of my favorite trails.

Beautiful view from the bench at the top!

30 days ago

Fun trail , would say it’s a little more then easy but isn’t moderate. Great work out .

1 month ago

Great hike it’s a must do, I have done it 2x and enjoyed it both x, beware there alot of people and if you have a pole’s it’s a must have!

1 month ago

Beautiful views.

cool trail Little Rock climbing towards the grotto which made it even more fun, didn't come across any kinds of wild life unfortunately

1 month ago

Gorgeous views, well worth the shaky legs

1 month ago

Great steep climb! Great Views

Great views, clean trail.

This trail is beautiful. Last year the waterfalls were running strong. There are a lot of options on this trail to hike at different levels. We enjoyed it very much

Beautiful views of the inbound fog today. Prepare yourself for a serious workout!

Very easy and going anti-clockwise, the first half is the most interesting. Good views of Simi and beyond.
No real shade so plan accordingly.

Needed very map directions for second waterfall .

Good trail but seeing where the second waterfall is. Any advice ?

No lake anywhere in site. Pretty boring, you just walk along tract homes

rock climbing
1 month ago

Once we got the the end of the trail, people seemed disappointed all the water was dried up and turned around. A friend and decided to keep going and you can go way back up behind the waterfall. Just be careful there are some nasty spills if you have to question it don’t do it.

Great trail, many options and switch backs. We choose to head down towards the ocean, beautiful views of coast. Perfect trail for beginners or family outings. Can’t beat location!

1 month ago

What a great hike! Gorgeous ocean views. Trail is well marked, nearly impossible to get lost. Parking is easy. No shade.

1 month ago

Too many people not enough parking. Park on PHC. Seriously, so many people on this hike! You hike through a neighborhood before you get to the trailhead. The people driving in the neighborhood seem to resent the hikers (they drive fast and honk horns). When we get on the trail there is a bunch of horse droppings, like a lot. we got to the first falls but the only water that was there was stagnant and stinky. We climbed up a very sketchy trail that was falling apart with each step. Very loose dirt. BE CAREFUL! The second fall had a little more water but still nothing to write home about. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this hike to anyone. Head to Angeles National Forest.

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