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My family(9yo6yo) did this trail. There were a few times we questioned if we were on the right track but this app was wonderful! I showed others on the trail and they were downloading it for their next hike. The looks were gorgeous and the falls were so beautiful! The kids brought their hunting boots and played in the falls. They loved rock climbing

Great views!!

This was a fantastic trail. Many waterfalls and beautiful places to see. The owners of the property were very accommodating and helpful. Their 2 dogs followed us for the entire 8 mile hike. They were so friendly and were a blast to have along. Would definitely recommend hiking this trail.

Love this place.

Beautiful short hike in the middle of Vestavia. Delightful!

Trail was not marked and was pretty much non existent. We hiked for 2 miles and was not able to follow any kind of trail or find the waterfalls. We turned back because we were running out of light. I wouldn't recommend trying this trail unless you had a lot of time and don't mind walking through moderate brush on steep terrain.

First time there with grandsons, we enjoyed ourselves. We look forward to going back.

Paved trails with a smattering of nature trails make this a perfect family destination. Very well kept. Not hard enough for hiking.

SUCH a pretty terrain. I’d never take a small child to this one because of all of the bluffs but I’d definitely go back

12 days ago

Beautiful trail. I would recommend continuing along the "unimproved" trail to the base of the falls.

Hiked the shorter swinging bridge trail then went off the trail around the Dam. The fall colors were amazing, even saw a bald eagle flying around. Arkabutla is a hidden gem in DeSoto/Tate County!

This trail is AWESOME! Lots of different areas to see. Some trails were steep and difficult but that's what we loved. Beautiful place. The owners are so friendly accommodating. The trail does have bathrooms and water stations but it still makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. We will be going back.

I really enjoyed this trail. Fall colors were beautiful. Sinkholes were amazing. I am from So Cal so this was very different from what I see here. We also stopped to see Jackson Cave. Very enjoyable I would do it again.

Lovely trail! Short and easy enough for anyone, though one small section of the boardwalk is currently under repair, it is still passable with care. The trees in fall colors are beautiful.

We went originally in January and was partially frozen and absolutely beautiful! Went again today, October 29th and the fall colors are just starting to come alive. Really enjoyed exploring

24 days ago

Decent trail through the woods. Not just a whole lot to look at. About half way we lost the trail. Had to climb up a super steep area to follow all trails app and stay on the right path. It’s not marked well at all during that one spot where the trail almost seems gone. Waterfall was pretty. I’m sure much prettier when it has rained.

Pretty solid trail with a lot of sights along the way. Very rustic and even offers a lot of primitive trails. Just be careful, the primitive trails offer little to no cell phone service.

Some sections allow horses. Definitely bring trout bug spray for the skeeters. It’s a nice peaceful trail close enough to civilization if you need it.

Nice trail. No crowds Baker Bluff and Jackson Falls are both scenic.

1 month ago

great little hike 1/4 mile, with an old gristmill from 1857.

1 month ago

Chose this trail because it had no pictures and only one review. So glad I did. I followed the loop counterclockwise. Eventually the trail descended slightly through a canyon — slippery when wet. At the bottom you’ll see water to the left and large rock formations to the right. Follow the trail inland until there are more rock formations of even greater magnificence off to the left. The falls are straight ahead shortly thereafter.

I’m not so sure this trail really is a loop like the map shows. After resting and enjoying the sound of the falls I attempted to continue the loop and ended up just drudging SW through incommodiously fallen trees until I rejoined the straightaway portion of the trail. Would’ve been better off turning around at the falls and exiting the way I entered. Not sure who is more tired, me or my dog.

I’m so happy this place exists. After moving to very flat Louisiana from Maryland I miss being in a forest with hilly terrain. These trails fulfill all my hiking desires. Lots of variations: steep hills, flat trails, shade, sun, walks along the creek beds, even several areas with steps for those who want the solidarity of a staircase to climb rather than the hoof it on the land next to it. And of course, waterfalls abound. We saw at least four of them, and I think there are more. I saw lots of dogs on this trail as well, especially along the creek beds, and they looked like the happiest dogs on the planet. Worth the drive, I only wish it were closer to New Orleans!

0.7 miles to bottom of falls, all downhill. good payoff

1 month ago

The information and pictures posted here are incorrect. Many of the pictures are from the Shoal Creek Trail. According to the park maps there is no Waterfall Trail.

I hiked the trail today . Lots of boulders,rock formations and outcroppings. The last third of the trail goes along the creek. Really good surprise for the area .

Nice trail. Very private. My wife and I really enjoyed it. A gps helped us as 1 part of the trail looked like it split off but was a wash out. We found our way back by looking over gps. If it doesnt look like a trail, its not.

This trail is well a maintained and paved with great variety. Lots of fun.

My Husband and I hiked this yesterday! The trail is mostly along the river with a few trees down. We got a little off path on the way there but found our way back. There are no signs. There are many caves along the way, which are cool. The waterfall was beautiful, and there was a fire pit with lots of places to explore! We had the place to ourselves, too. Would definitely reccomend and do again!

1 month ago

Pretty but they really need to consider cutting their prices to hike in half...took 1 hour to complete and that is with all of us taking our time. I

Thanks for the Memories

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