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13 days ago

Lots of people. Trail not greatly marked. Doesn’t really have an “end” to the trail. Saw rock climbers which was fun. Would recommend.

16 days ago

Trail closed at 3rd tunnel - we did not see any signs that it was closed until we got to that point. Tried from the Hoover dam side the next day and again there were no signs that the trail was closed. We hiked to the first tunnel and found the gates closed so could go no further. Terrible communication from the park service.

It’s a steady uphill climb that’s a good workout. Great quick hike to get the blood flowing. I didn’t think it was “easy” by any means.

Amazing hike! Beautiful view, very peaceful. I went early in the morning and nobody was there, and when I was coming down I only saw three people (on a tuesday). Definitely a tough incline that wasn’t expected but it made it better once you get to the top! :)

Nice hike. I think we took about 90 minutes. We went up 100 and down 200 which I think was the good way to go. There are dry waterfalls on the 100 side to go up, but nothing very difficult.

trail running
26 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike! The trail is a little tough to follow at the start, but then once you’re headed up it’s very easy to follow. Great view from the top of vegas and the lake (and if you look hard you can even see Hoover Dam! Only wish it was a loop instead of an out and back.

mountain biking
27 days ago

this was great! our first effort on our bikes, windy day, lightly traveled- I will look forward to doing this again.
we combined this with additional riding along lake mead.

29 days ago

With all the great hikes in the Vegas area I don't think I would do this one again. It was super easy: wide, flat, mostly straight. But it was quite long and there is no shade except the tunnels, so I'm not sure if kids or elderly could do the whole thing. There are some great views of the lake and the railroad tunnels had bats, but mostly I hiked it so I could get to Hoover Dam without dealing with the chaos of the traffic and parking garage there. Went early in the day in June and had to help an elderly lady suffering from heat exhaustion back to her car and her daughter was going to take her to the hospital. Take plenty of water and keep in mind that if you go to the Dam, it can add at least another mile. Also at certain times of day or year the gates to certain parts can be closed.

horseback riding
29 days ago

Too many joggers, bicycles & dog walkers...would be cool if it was really designated for horses, as we have so few here in Vegas. Nicely maintained though & when its fairly empty its a lot of fun to lope around the mountain. Crossing the street is scary because no one slows down so if you can park and go up its much easier on your horse & you!

Love this trail! One of mine & my dog Annies favorites ✌

My kids enjoy the walk and then the picnic at the park

trail running
1 month ago

Nice flat trail with amazing views on Lake Mead and old railroad tunnels

Really easy hike, more of a walk really. Quite a bit of foot traffic/bikes on this trail. Nice scenic views.

Make sure you keep going until your reach the remnants of a camp (structure and fire ring). Nice views along the way. Bring lots of water.

Nice trail for moderately and well fit hikers. Some of the markings are hard to follow in lower sections but once on trail it’s easy to follow. Nice views of LV and the lake.

not much of a spring was visible. may just be the time of the year but regardless super fun and moderate hike.

1 month ago

I wasn’t too impressed until I got to where the loop begins. Like everyone said, pretty much all gravel on the 100 side and not too much to look at. Once you get to the loop and start to see the Petroglyphs, the hike definitely gets better. Loved coming down the 200 side and seeing the city view. Pretty easy, but enjoyable hike!

Nice hike but we traveled this October and there was no waterfall or pond to see. The trail is poorly marked after the first mile. The area is beautiful to see!

Great workout for your legs and lungs.

Oh Lone Mountain how I used to love you. Lets see where do I start? Its a good workout to walk or jog. Dog owners refuse to pick up their dogs poo even though there’s multiple cans and baggie stations. How about the refusal to leash their dogs so they may break your stride and run up on you. If you’re terrified of pooches or allergic don’t come to this trail. Yep there’s multiple signs asking owners to leash their dogs.

Here’s my favorite part, make sure you double check everything. Had my wallet stolen out of my truck. Good luck.

1 month ago

I have been there for a walk, I can't wait to take my bicycle next time.

A big rock with a running/walking path going around it next to the freeway. no vegetation. not impressed.

amazing trail, mellow ascend with an intense ride down with drops and exposure /Ikes Peak!

2 months ago

I did this with my daughter in law this past March. Lots of history. Really easy trail. Nice and long, pretty much flatland. We had a blast! I highly recommend this trail for families with little ones.

2 months ago

Awesome trail with amazing views !!!
Easy and accessible for everyone.

Great hike!! A steeper incline than we expected but well worth it! Get ready for some strong cardio and intense lower body workout!

2 months ago

Great hike that’s easy enough for beginners but still a nice path for experienced hikers.

First day I hiked it took me 1hr 45min. I took my time and was more interested in sight seeing than a workout.

The second time I went (the route you see here) it took me 1hr 8min but I ran back for the final mile.

I’d say that at a comfortable pace it should take you 90-110min.

There is a lot of loose gravel and most of the route is flat. You’ll climb about 500ft of elevation over the hike.

Around the 3 mile mark the elevation decreases and it’s a nice downhill walk. Be careful at this point since the rocks can move and you can roll an ankle.

There are 4 spots where you have to climb a small boulder. The tallest one is about 10ft high.

Other than that, be sure to bring 24oz of water, at a minimum. That’s all I had but I tend to consume less water than the average person.


Love the trail, I seen a whole diverse crowd go up and down the trail. I and girlfriend had a blast started at 5:30 to catch the sunrise at 6:13am. There seemed to be 3 tiers. The first tier was lovely. Place to rest and meditate also they provide a bench. And then it gets a bit steep. Very manageable. We spent over hours there. Weather starting out was 72 degrees left at 90 degrees. For Vegas that’s beautiful weather. I would recommend this trail to anyone.
anyone with a handicap or going through rehabilitation from surgery it will be a challenge but very manageable.

Great uphill climb, gorgeous views, perfect weather. Hike up 2 miles, go left, canyon about a 1/2 mile. Good resting spot. Go back to divide and hike right for another gorgeous view. FYI We got there at 9. Plenty of parking. When we left at 12:30 people were circling for parking. Will do again!

2 months ago

This hill is almost completely uphill the entire way.
Pros: Very strenuous hike, but worth it to reach the look out point. Views are stunning from there.
Cons: The cave is not really a cave at all, and quite disappointing to be honest.

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