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2 days ago

What an amazing hike,
Theres a huge Creek and such geometrical forms on the trail,
It was the perfect weather and great sunrise to watch

Took us a little while to find the trailhead because we accidentally passed it and were looking past the campgrounds. The trailhead is right next to the first place you can get a wilderness pass. There's a second spot by the campgrounds which we made the mistake of going to. The trail was beautiful, just hard enough but not too hard and the view was amazing. Very busy trail though, lots of people to pass and let pass.

Beautiful waterfall! The hike wasn’t too bad, but at the end it does get steep and I had to slide down so wear shoes with good traction.

7 days ago

Loved it!

Great views!

12 days ago

It was a wonderful 5.5 mile hike up to Mary’s Peak, another mile will take you up to the highest peak. The trail was clear, switchbacking, and cool under the trees. There was a bit of a haze due to Oregon fires, so we couldn’t see the mountain range. The crickets were fun to watch.

14 days ago

I’m not sure if the map of this trail needs to be edited, or at least re-designated, but as of today (08/06/2018), this trail describes a simple gravel road. I took pictures to show that the directions lead to a somewhat larger than average turnout at the head of this road. There is no trailhead marker, nor any designated signs along the road. The gravel is a little coarse, so it is possible to hike, but not very comfortable. It is also a steady incline most of the way up until you turn around and head back—and the turn-around point is little more than an odd fork in the road. It is plenty shaded, and it might be somewhat scenic if you come earlier in the season; but most of the wildflowers were past bloom when I went, and there wasn’t much else to look at. The road does seem to follow alongside the creek most of the way, but there’s only one point of easy, direct access, and that point is very early in the trail, at what might be called a campsite only very generously.

16 days ago

I'm sure this is a great hike, but I never found it. Took Goodman Rd set the odometer and around 3.2 miles in was at a fork and I didn't see any markings for anything. That, in combination with no cell signal and an already sketchy road getting worse made me turn around unfortunately.

Very surprised there wasn't at least some sort of sign around there, unless I just completely missed it which is possible.

The views are great. The hike wasn’t actually as hard as we thought until the very end. Definitely a hike to do in the early morning as the end is in full song.

Fun hike beautiful vistas!!

We hiked the dune trail to Three Mike Lake, taking the longer loop at the beginning. Because of the Sandy Plover we didn’t walk on the beach portion with the pup. Hike ended up being about 7.8 miles. There was thick sand throughout the portion from the main trail to the lake. Went off trail towards the end and through some dune valleys and peaks before scrambling up a dune to reach the rim overlooking the lake. Could hear the ocean, very peaceful, there was no one else out there.

25 days ago

This place is GORGEOUS! We will definitely be going back. We were warned about the bad roads Google maps wants to take us, so here are the directions we found that were much better. From Eugene, drive 33 miles west on Hwy 126. Between milepost 26 and 27 turn at the Whittaker Creek Rec area sign. After 1.6 miles turn right and cross a bridge. Drive 1.5 miles and fork left onto Dunn Ridge Road and continue 7 miles to a T-shaped junction which marks the end of pavement. Turn left onto Knowles Creek Rd for 2.7 miles and then turn right onto paved Road 23 for another 1.6 miles. Finally turn right onto paved Rd 919 for 2.8 miles to the trail head parking area on your right.

27 days ago

So beautiful! Trail was a bit narrow in spots but once you get to the top it's so worth the hike! The view was a bit hazy. We think it was because of the fires but we still had a amazing view. I would do it again!

28 days ago

Agree with other recent review. There are signs when pulling in saying to lock your car and must admit did see what seemed to be sketchy characters in the area.
Ok hike. Good for a workout.

oh ya I

Quite a drive! wasn't awesome in a Toyota Corolla. Definitely follow the Forest Service directions to actually find it. Beautiful! I've been there twice.

the mapping for this trail is severely incorrect and my daughter and I ended up on a BLM logging trail, and very disappointing. if you attempt to locate, please stop before you hit the BLM roads.

30 days ago

The views are amazing!

Awesome trail! 3rd time we’ve hiked it...normally we go in the fall but decided to try it today. We did find one very small snowfield which our dog enjoyed. Additionally we found several varieties of wild flowers in bloom which was a nice treat. The views were spectacular....Mt Bachelor all the way to Mt Hood! One of our favorite hikes in all of Central Oregon and highly recommend it if you only have time for one hike.

What a gem! Coming down the trail was a bit tricky and slippery due to loose dirt/rock, but overall a great time. One of the foot bridges are broken, but easily passable. We took a left at the at the path intersection and found the lower falls.

Stunning views and lots of butterflies! Bring water and bug spray

Did this hike yesterday, a Wednesday. There was a lot of cars at the trailhead but they seemed to mostly be at the lake. We only passed three groups the entire hike! The view at the very top is well worth the climb, but go expecting a fairly consistent uphill walk for at least 2 miles out of the 3 up. Beautiful views, wildlife and flowers- but wear bug spray! We got eaten alive!

Great loop hike

trail running
1 month ago

Watch your stuff- high crime area. I love Mt. Pisgah, but after my car got broken into & I lost stuff it makes it a less fun place.
It’s also become a college kid hangout these days for some reason- they swim in the polluted river here!

Such a beautiful hike! Start early and beat the crowd and the heat.

One of my favorites

Completed this today with three kids and two dogs. The trail is straight forward and offers great views throughout the Three Creeks Lake region, the greater Sisters area, and up to 11 peaks. Today we saw into Washington and at the rim point had everything from Bachelor to Adams. The trail is dusty and exposed so better in morning or later afternoon. Bring lots of water and if you have dogs be sure they are leashed at the top due to the trail going right next to a 500+ foot cliff face. The hike affords great views and are awarded all the time. Once at the top of the ridge, it is flat until the final pitch up to the point. In the end, be sure to cool your feet in Three Creeks Lake. This time of year shows lots of alpine lupin, butterflies, and blue skies.

Beautiful views! Go early as it gets hot and the butterflies come out...like really come out!!

pretty easy until it starts to go straight down. kind of a goat trail at that point. moderate danger level. Very beautiful. great pics!

1 month ago

Gorgeous views all the way up, and definitely a good workout.

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