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27 minutes ago

We hiked just to the Agua Fria River. Beautiful scenery. No shade till the river. My 9 year old granddaughter kept up with us. Next time I’ll venture passed the river.

1/17/19 Are very beautiful and engaging hike with well maintained trails.
Parking- as you drive in on the left is some parking for a dozen cars, continue straight past the stables and large parking area on right.
Fee- $3 per person. This is a conservation park and is very well marked and maintained.
This hike had a little of everything...sun, shade, benches to rest, great views, creek crossings (2x4 bolted together for makeshift path) a little incline effort, a mine, hieroglyphics, 30+ feet tall cactus. This is great hiking trail to take guests from out of town. Enjoyed every bit of it.

1 day ago

Great hard hike - second time up and it and it takes about six hours and three liters of water in January. Tried it in September last year when it was about 90 and ran out of water before the final climb. Lots of water this year in the creek and a bit in one of the washes.

1 day ago

I did the loop clockwise with detours to the lookout trail and Tom's Thumb. about 16 miles. Tremendous views. coming down the east trail after the thumb is pretty gnarly. A lot of loose gravel on the narrow and steep switchbacks. Pretty hard on the knees and I'm 26 years old and 175 pounds. Overall the best hike I've been on.

Spectacular hike from start to finish. I went on a Thursday morning so parking wasn’t an issue but I can imagine weekends fill up fast. Take your time and read all of the memorials.

I absolutely recommend this trail!! I went today for my first time. It was challenging, I definitely broke a sweat! Not too crowded. Incredible views. The trail was sometimes tough to follow heading up, but I am sure next time won’t be as hard since I know which way to go now.

I will most definitely be back. The top of this mountain was so serene, and again, the views were beautiful. The challenge was so worth it.

This hike is a beautiful tribute to these 19 men. Very moving experience!

This trail was absolutely amazing! Drove straight from the airport to this trail! Extremely stunning views! Did not take long to complete.

5 stars for what it is: a steep 1 mile climb (21% average grade vs Camelback which is 22%, for reference).
I chose this over the more popular hike because the 1% challenge difference isn't worth the challenge of dealing with throngs of people and limited parking. I saw a handful of people and all were quite friendly, which to me means they're all regular hikers and added to the pleasure of this trail.
You have to park a quarter mile before the trailhead and pass some houses to get to the start. You're never out of view of houses actually, but that's because this trail is in an urban area. Some people lower their rating because of this but... It's in an urban area. Besides, the houses are pretty cool.
You can hear music from one of the restaurants in town all the way to the summit. If you like southern rock and country you'll enjoy it. BTW, there are several biker hangouts in town ... so you will also hear a lot of loud bikes. Definitely not a "backcountry" experience. Haha
Lots of wildflowers, a few coyotes, sharp jagged rocks and 360° views made it a good short workout hike. pics on Instagram @cliknstik

Pretty hike! Unlike another trail I was on the last time I visited, it’s got good elevation changes to make it interesting and some really lovely views. The summits are both doable (in one of the duplicate listings for the summits on AllTrails, they’re listed as hard. They’re not hard.)

I always end up registering more mileage than AllTrails lists. I think it had 6.9 miles when I got back to my car. Beware of loose rock. There’s plenty. My poor boots and their wearing soles can attest to that.

If you want a short warmup, park down at Cave Creek Rd. Otherwise if you park in the neighborhood closer to the trailhead proper, the grind begins immediately and doesn't relent until 2/3 to the summit. Lots of sharp rocks & irregular stepping spots, recommend good ankle support. Fantastic view from the summit justifies the burn.

11 days ago

Nice hike with great views of the lake.

The trail isn’t too difficult at all. There were some extremely wet/slushy spots that made some parts rather slippery. The waterfall itself was nice, and the water was still a decent temperature to swim. Scenery is nice, but again, nothing out of this world. Wouldn’t rate this hard like AllTrails has it, but it is a decent hike. Happy to have done it, wouldn’t be one that I did twice.

Beautiful views

on Spur Cross Trail

13 days ago

Great hike with awesome views. So many cool things to see like old foundations of cabins. Pond with Lilly pads, wildlife, old pool foundation from the 1950s. Good workout and so much fun while crossing the creek multiple times. Depending on how far you choose to go you will even make it into the Tonto National Forest. Be aware there is a $3 per person fee if you park and go to start this trail.

13 days ago

I would rate this easy vs moderate. Stunning views and lightly trafficked on an early January morning. This trail is not very rocky for the majority of the distance and would make a great spot for trail running. However, on a wet morning, it was extremely muddy and difficult to traverse along with a couple stream crossings. Seemingly good signage; however, somehow still got off trail and ended up quite a distance in the wrong direction?! Several benches to stop and appreciate the scenery. Two parking lots at the park, 3$ entrance fee, and an available port-a-potty.

14 days ago

Good, fairly challenging hike with great views. Reminds me of Piestewa Peak but with a more gradual incline rather than stair-stepping. That being said, the trail basically goes straight up the mountain. The trail markers are few and far between, and there are many alternative “paths” one might get lost on if not paying close attention, but most seem to end up in the same place. One star off because of the rich pseudo-cowboys whose houses line the trail and mar the mountain.

worth the view

A great trail, up to the saddle - at which point it becomes a search for the correct route. Be prepared for a couple of false summits and a glorious view from the top. If you hit it early enough in the summer (4 am), you'll have the whole mountain to yourself on the ascent. Round trip can be run with a bit of effort in under 3 hours, but it's nice to give yourself enough time to enjoy the views and allow for at least 5.

Moderate hike (few steep sections, a lot of easy or flat sections, and some moderate inclines). Smooth trail attractive to mountain bikers. Didnt seem to be crowded at all, and those we did cross were very friendly. Easy to stay on the trail with trail markers. It is a beautiful hike and we will definitely do it again. By the way, we did the hike as it is shown on the map and it was 5.4 miles. I read some other reviews stating it was 3.x miles but it's not.

16 days ago

Took this hike the morning after it snowed. Crampons weren’t necessary, but trail can be slick. Definitely dress appropriately (layers and boots) as the temperature drops on the way up and the wind can be quite brutal.

The trailhead says it’s ~2.5 miles up making it about 5 miles out and back, but my Fitbit read 7.4 from the parking lot to the top and back. We may have gone past the actual “lookout” point though and up to the antennas/radio post at the very top of the peak.

A meditative place. Great views. You exit the world here. I find my focus to be the trail and the views. Spur and Dragonfly are my favorite. Less crowded. Tortuga is not marked so aka primitive. Unless you are tracking distances...

17 days ago

Went to Spur Cross today, intending to do Elephant Mountain, but didn't make it. Just Spur Cross and Tortuga. Tortuga, of course, is marked Primitive Trail, Use At Your Own Risk, but not too bad. Too cold for rattlesnakes! Easy hike of about 4 1/2 miles, but quite scenic. Even saw a deer! Cave Creek hiking is great

Because you can't park right at trail start the hike will be longer than 2.2 miles. Sharp rocks and cactus along trail, maybe not great for curious or non-sure footed little kids. First time my child was 5 and he did great, didnt make it to top but loved it. Beautiful views. Dogs allowed.

18 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences! Love the hike. Very hard as I was not in such good shape.
I loved the 360 degree views this place has to offer. It was cold in the morning and evening... but as we got to the top the sun shined on us and kept us warm... Not to mention the activity.
Highly recommended to train prior as much as possible and be prepared for the high elevation effect!

Really enjoyed this trail and the scenery. It is very quiet and peaceful on the backside of the mountain opposite where you park. Plenty of great photo ops. Hikers, runners and mountain bikes all share the trail that can be a little tight in some areas.

Great trail

20 days ago

What a beautiful day! It had snowed the night before, so the trail was a bit hard to follow for the last miles-and-a-half. The summit of the mesa offers great views of the Cave Creek drainage. I saw several animal tracks along the way (coyote, deer, and bobcat).

Beautiful scenery a great appreciation for what these men and women do!!!

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