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It is a good day hike (doable for beginners) and I will rate it on a moderate side of difficult as some sections get steep...especially after the fork when you go towards Mt Jackson. Views from the top of Mt Jackson are spectacular as you see 4 other peaks (Pierce, Eisenhower, Monroe and Washington) in presidential range. Also towards west you can see Tom, Field and Willey. Beyond that you can see Twins mountains and Mt Lafayette in the very far. Mt. Webster's views are equally spectacular though not 360 deg. There is nice waterfall while coming down from Mt Webster to rest and enjoy. Do not forget to take small detours to Elephant' head and Bugle Cliff. View are well worth it.

Awesome hike, made the trek with my 9 year son, 7 year old daughter, teen niece, and 64 year old mother and it was an all around crowd pleaser. We all found it challenging, yet very rewarding as the views were spectacular. Looking forward to do the hike thru to the North Moat Mountain.

Great hike overall. My girlfriend and I messed up and accidentally ended up on the Garfield trail and had to turn around and go all the way back up the mountain. This turned our hike into a 16.4 mile hike that lasted over 10.5 hours. Luckily we were able to get water at the Greenleaf hut on the old bridle path. The wind at the top was intense and the sky would clear up and then cloud over repeatedly. When the clouds cleared, the views were stunning. Just be careful that if you plan on going down the old bridle trail that you don’t make the same mistake we did (the ranger said it’s quite common and was very miserable and painful)

Try and go on a day you'll be likely to have views from the ridge. I went out to do the whole Franconia Ridge loop, but there was zero visibility up top, so I decided to go back down the way I came. It was tough both ways. I'd recommend hiking poles. Use caution going down, it's easy to slip on the wet rocks.

7 days ago

Incredible views at the top.
It should be mentioned at the beginning of each review.
Not an easy hike.... uphill from the start. Not to steep, doable, and will get your heart pumping.
Couple if their 50s. Took us 4:45 with a 15 minutes break in top.

Very FUN!!

View was amazing however I don’t think I’d rate this as moderate !! Challenging ...steep ...scaling large boulders at least 1/3 of the way up ...

I very much enjoyed this trail- one of the best of the area. The varied path grades and quality keep the hike interesting and moderately challenging. The payoff was excellent- a breezy summit with excellent views. I would happily do this hike again and again.

9 days ago

This hike was awesome! It was very very difficult given the 60% humidity but, I could see a normal day being rated moderate. Took us about 4 hours with 4 pretty long breaks going up. It starts off very easy like everyone said and then gets progressively steeper. I never felt like I was really scrambling up rocks though and I often feel that way in the whites. The view up top is totally worth it so keep pushing past all the nice overlooks and areas that feel like false peaks. You get a full 360!! Would absolutely do again.

love this app. it keeps you on the trails.

Hiked with my family. Kids 12 & 8 and Dad 63. It was a tough hike. The first mile was a pretty easy smooth path. The rest of the way was pretty steep and rocky. It took us 3h 45m to reach the summit, 1h 50 min to come down. “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE”
Views were amazing!!! Well worth it
Great day enjoying each others company!

Started out at 10 am on a 75 degree day. we were glad for the coolness of the forest as this was only our second 4000 footer. the scramble up to Jackson is a bit hairy, but definately worth the effort. the 360 views were incredible. We decided to hit Webster summit and I will say definately need your hiking boots as its a rocky, root strewn trail. We're not seasoned hikers so it took us all of 7.5 hours with a 30 min. lunch and a couple breaks.

21 days ago

Hot summer day but beautiful stream crossings and views. Dipped my handkerchief in the water to cool off every once in awhile. Moderate hike for sure, highly recommend. Went up Jackson and down Webster.

Great hike!

Great hike VIA Edmonds path.

Hiked with my wife and 5 boys (16, 14, 12, 10, and 6). We all were able to handle this hike. The first mile was mild. The last portion was fairly steep. The good part is that along the trail there are no steep drop-offs. All the ledges are very mild so we didn't feel there was any danger at the summit of the South Moat. I haven't had a good hike in 2 years and this was the perfect challenge for me. We spent plenty of time at the top and did "out and back" to the south summit in just under 5 hours. The six year old hiked the entire trail. The blueberries were plentiful this time of year and were an added bonus.

As others have said, the first mile is nice and gentle, but the last half is a bit of a work out. Heavily traveled, which is good because trail markers are scant in some stretches. Slow and steady. The summit views are well worth the effort.

Loved this hike! Incredible views. Nothing too steep. A bit buggy at the top - be careful of the bees. Great view of Mt. Washington - wish we had more time to hike on over.

Incredibly difficult. Didn’t think I was going to make it a few times. A lot of climbing up rocks and such. But the views were so incredibly worth it!! I would do it again. When I recover. Lol

One of my favs!

Took this trail with my family with the youngest kid at 12 years old.
Bit challenging for someone out of shape like us (me) but worth every minute and drop of sweat. Took us about 4h with few short "water brake". I would do it again without hesitation.

Only did the section up to Cloudland Falls. It was a bit intricate but so gratifying once we got to the falls.

One of my favorite trails. I enjoyed the mixed terrain and beautiful views from the top.

Without a doubt this is a great hike. I just did it for the third time in my life at 72 years old. Sadly, it will be my last time as I no longer posess the agility and balance to safely handle the rocky and sometimes wet downhill sections.I still have the stamina for the uphill sections and I still have a love for the spectacular views from the ridge. This is a must-do hike for anyone who appreciates hikes, climbs and spectacular views. Just don't wait until you are 72 to do it.

My favorite hike so far. Breathtaking waterfalls that you actually hike through, across, and up. The parts of the trail after the river-adjacent section gets difficult. Bring plenty of water and some food.

Did this on Sat. June 30 with a group of 3 other persons between 40 and 50 years a bit out of shape. Beautiful weather but the trail was pretty wet for yesterday fell a heavy rain. Took us from 10AM to 5PM from the starting point on the road up to Mount Jackson and back (didn’t make the loop with Mount Webster). At the fork, take 30’ to see the big and beautiful waterfall! Nice views but pretty extenuating for our lazy group. Many unleashed dogs on the trail and some of them not the friendly kind! Lovely experience after all and really glad we gathered the strength to go to the end of it! For your ankles ‘s sake, don’t go on this trail without boots because muddy and very slippery after/during rain!

My wife and I did this trail with our teenage sons. We are all pretty fit (running, cycling, playing sport) but we found this trail to be challenging. The first half is pleasant and pretty easy. Then some time after the little bridge, you climb relentlessly up very steep and very rocky paths for 400 to 500m. The views are spectacular. Take plenty of water and allow almost as long for the descent as the ascent.

Overall took me about four hours to go up and come back down again, with about 30 minutes at the top. Gets pretty steep at some points, especially near the top. I found this trail to be difficult, but I don't hike as often as I would like to. Bring big spray!

This was a great hike! We brought our 7 yo daughter with us and she made it to the top with no complaining (we did bribe her with a trip to Zebs after). Trails are clearly marked and the view would have been amazing but we hiked on a cloudy day after it rained so we didn’t get to see much. The mosquitos below the tree line were out in full force so bring bug spray! The trip took us 5 hours with stopping for snacks, lunch and a rest break at the top. The rocks can be slippery when wet so if you go after it rains take your time and watch your footing. I would hike this again!


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