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A moderate to hard trek for the avid hiker. The waterfalls along the way distract you from the incline. The view above the alpine line is phenomenal, but it was VERY cold & windy. There was a good bit of ice on the trail towards the top as well. I look forward to repeating this hike in warmer weather.

Great views at the peak, you will certainly work to get there. Come prepared as the peak can be a good 30-40 degrees colder due to wind. Sometimes there is ice and snow near the top of the trail so proceed with caution.There are several waterfalls on the way up.

Not too shabby. Tiny bit of rain going up. Pretty windy at points, some snow and ice but doable. Continued on to Franklin (very windy), and then down Edmonds and back on the road.

See my review for the loop that includes Little Jackson Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, and the Pond. Jackson Mountain itself has no views at the top, I was told by a hiker we met at the top of Little Jackson (which has spectacular views).

A lot of rocky ground. If raining can be hazardous.
Good 360 view at the top.

8 days ago

This is a wonderful trail! Up Piper, down Hammond and Weetamoo in 6h (with a nice break at the top.) 360-degree views with fading blazes once above tree line (but a few well-placed cairns helped us navigate, plus this app.) No real scrambling per se, but the open rock when wet requires some caution. Saw our first ice of the season today, and snow on the distant summit of Mount Washington!

Really nice hike with great views. Major bonus that its dog-friendly. After doing this “moderate” hike, I’ll never do a “hard” one :) it was challenging! Steep and rocky, but the 360 view from the top made it all worth it.

Amazing hike!!! Last mile is very steep but totally worth it- dog loved it!

Excellent trail - wonderful 360 view from top.
With lunch break just under 4 h return.

our family of 5 started at 10am this past saturday and ended just after 4. what a great hike. though the summit was in the clouds and chilly, the hike up had great views and though challenging in spots, everyone had a great time . mt. chocura may not be one of the higher peaks, but it certainly stands up to them for its long. range views and variety of terrain/conditions. can't wait to go again

Great views during climb and at the top (360 views until the fog rolled in). Fall colors were out in full force and amazing! Trail conditions were good but could see how this would be trickier in wet conditions.

Great trail conditions nice views until clouds cover

Absolutely gorgeous. It was a very rewarding hike at the peak with a large rocky area and a panoramic view of the entire surrounding ranges. It was a pretty tough hike in all honesty, but I also wore regular sneakers which complicated things lol. We completed it in about 4 and a half hours and will definitely do it again - highly recommend to others for a good half-day activity! Perfect for fall foliage! :)

Challenging, rewarding, beautiful. Great forest setting. Well marked. Definitely tricky if there’s lots of wet rocks. I found boots to be a good choice and wish I had brought my trekking pole. Was very populated today. The last stretch is the hardest but it’s worth it.

Just finished this and am quite tired. Definitely was not expecting it to be as difficult as it was. Still, I would highly recommend this trail for the amazing scenery and 360 degree view at the top. Also seemed to be a good amount of traffic so there’s always a good amount of people at the summit or on the trail before 4 pm.

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year olds.

I really enjoyed this hike which isn't always the case. My 10 year old and I plan on coming back in the winter. Neither child struggled although we did notice the elevation gain.

16 days ago

Great hike. I'm not a fan of flat rock, and these were slick in spots. Otherwise, would've been 5 stars. Crowded after 12:00 on weekends.

This is a stunning hike but make sure you've come properly prepared. It can be 70°- 80° at the trailhead and 40° at the summit. Hypothermia is a serious possibility if you are drenched in sweat and don't have the right clothing at the summit.

This trail is mostly stairs which can be extremely taxing.

There are several waterfalls and overlooks but it might be too cloudy to see anything.

Great day hike with killer views of the Presidentials from Jackson and over Crawford Notch from Webster. Including the trip to Elephant Head and to Webster’s summit will bring this trail closer to 7 miles, not the 5.2 listed here.

Great hike, well marked, ample parking, not too difficult. World-class views at the summit

Lovely hike with mostly steady uphill, rocky path. Well marked and well worth the effort. like all White Mountain trails, sturdy boots are recommended, but doable with light hikers

Such a fun hike! Easy going up and pretty well marked but can get a little difficult at the top with the loose rocks. Took us a little over four hours but I also took my time going down due to a sprained ankle on another mountain a few weeks ago. View is so worth it!!

Awesome hike! Definitely harder then your typical moderate rated trail. Amazing views at the top ❤️

My favorite 4000ft so far. Dog friendly too

Very nice hike. First part seems quite easy while the second one is definitely moderate to hard. Beautiful 360 view on top makes it well worth of it. Highly recommended!

Great hike! Slow incline last mile becomes Steep but nice switchbacks. A scramble at the end but very manageable. Great views at the summit.
Senior hiker!!

Did this hike last fall. It was a good challenge, and was fairly scenic in a few spots. If you go in the spring you may get to see some waterfalls along the way. The trail was pretty quiet, too, which was nice.

Great hike, great views at the top!

My boyfriend and I did this hike yesterday, and it is DEFINITELY a HARD terrain but it is unbelievably worth it. There are about 3 waterfalls on the way up! And the view at the top is remarkable. If you’re contemplating this hike, saddle up and do it

1 month ago


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