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1 hour ago

In 1870's, Tiburcio Vásquez, one of California's most notorious bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. Although Vasquez came from an accomplished family, he chose the outlaw path and dreamed of reclaiming California from the "Yankees". One of his criminal acts involved the heist of 500 lbs. of silver from a Death Valley mine owner. The stolen silver was never recovered and legend has it, the silver is still hidden somewhere in Vasquez Rocks! His name has since been associated with this geologic wonder. However, in 1873 his life of crime hit its lowest point. Vasquez and his gang robbed a store in Tres Pinos (just east of the Salinas area), which claimed the lives of three innocent bystanders. After evading a posse (and a $1000 reward) he spent the next two years eluding law enforcement as he worked his way south into the Los Angeles area. In May 1874, Vasquez was captured in West Hollywood and in late May, he was moved by steamship to San Francisco where he would eventually stand trial in San Jose. And in January 1975 a jury trial for the three murders did not take long, four days followed by two hours of deliberation. Vásquez calmly met his fate (death by hanging) in San Jose on March 19, 1875. He was 39 years old.

Finally, if you want to see where Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi (1931), Apache, starring Burt Lancaster (1954), Blazing Saddles (1974) Star Trek (TV and film), Power Rangers, The Flintstones (1994), Planet of The Apes (2001) and countless other films and TV shows were filmed (and hunt for missing silver), go to Vasquez Rocks! You can hike and climb where all your favorite characters lived, died, and battled.

4 hours ago

Even during a weekday this can be a very busy trail. Its wide and well maintained and you can hear snippets of conversions from hikers concerning various aspects of the Hollywood scene.

21 hours ago

Have been doing this hike a lot and I love it. You can make it a loop if you park more towards the bottom and walk up the road to the trail entrance. Very nice views of Burbank and the Valley when you get up top. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can split off to the Vital Link trail. At the times I have gone usually late in the day there are very few people on the trail so you can get away from humanity for a bit. Love it!

You gotta make it to the Wisdom Tree! Bit of a tough incline but it’s worth it. And if you press on to the Hollywood sign the you can get right behind it and take some great photos. Love the American flag at the top too. God bless Hollywood and the US of A!

22 hours ago

My go to trail. Perfect easy to moderate 3 mile loop. Water stop half way through. Nice bathrooms now at the start and a big free parking lot though it sometimes gets full and you have to park on Laurel Canyon. Beautiful views of the Valley and the canyon. I love it! Have hiked this at least 100 times in the past few years.

22 hours ago

Historical Eagle Rock… the rock that for obvious reasons gave the northeastern neighborhood of Los Angeles its name. Almost supernaturally, as the sun sets in the late afternoon, “The Eagle” appears to take flight from the west side of the rock. This trail has some expansive views of the area, mostly freeways and industry accentuated with an occasional cactus flower.

The Barker Dam Trail is a great introduction into the wonderful world of Joshua Tree. Seasonally there may be water at the dam and the ancient Cahuilla petroglyphs are always a treat. And if it's an exceptionally good day, there might be bighorn sheep cautiously crossing the trail!

Well worth the stop and very scenic.

1 day ago

This is a nice invigorating hike as you follow wide and well maintained trails. There are great views of the Southwest Museum and the Los Angeles City skyline as you hike along to be surprised by a treat at the pinnacle of the hike... Peanut Lake!

We've done this hike many times during different seasons. Great short hike to the dam. We went in March, there was a small amount of water, LOTS of mosquitoes. We went early in the morning and we saw plenty of frogs as well.

Pleasant walk along the beach. Perfect for all ages.

I just hiked this on 9th December 2018. Lots of spaces in the lot, I arrived at 6:15 am. Beautiful hike! Definitely harder in knee deep snow past the saddle. Micro spikes and trekking poles were very helpful as some parts were ice. Beautiful view! It took about 4.5 hours up! Check out my insta pics of it! ig: @yvonne_rebecca

Walked it with our three-year-old on foot and 1-year-old in a stroller. Had to stroller-carry at points, but it was manageable. Water at the dam was low and stagnant, but my wife got some great pictures of the rocks reflecting in the pool. Beautiful walk through the Joshua Trees at sunset.

not my favorite very busy. not a huge fan of walking on streets.

did this one a few weeks back it was lovely. not too crowded.


You’ll enjoy this hike if you like hikes that are completely overcrowded, not in nature, behind peoples houses, stepping over hundreds of dog shits that didnt get picked up, annoying / crying kids, no elevation gain, people playing music from their phones and mini speakers, watching people slowly struggle over a creek 2 inches deep holding their babies or small dogs lol, etc.

Avoid at all costs

Great hike. Lots of snow. Make sure you at least have micro spikes as the snow turns into ice. We did not come down the DBB as few hikers warned us about it. We came down thru the ice house the same way we went up.

Very cool hike. Pretty hard to stay on the trail mapped out here, but wandering around and getting off path is part of the fun! Take time to climb around on the rocks and stop by the interpretive center to learn about the geology and natural history of the area, Tiburcio Vasquez and all the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here. It's a fun area to explore and I definitely feel like I could come back here multiple times and not get bored.

Brought our small terrier and he had no problem keeping up and hopping around on some of the rocks with us. we didn't take him up the major rock formations, though, so that might not be the safest for dogs.

Creds. AllTrails Pro - amazed people hike with out Pro version. Pro version bulletproof for not getting lost. Extremely easy to get lost on this trail without Pro version. Only $30 annually and no internet required. There is no internet service when you enter the Angeles National Forest. Yes trying to make a point.

10.4 mi, 1,699’ El Gain, 4:45 minutes travel time.

Adventure Pass required. $5 one time or $29 annually (the one I have)

Parked 8:am Saturday 8 Dec 2018. Gorgeous day with significant flowing river %85 of trail from rain 2 days ago. Expect to cross river 3 to 4 times getting wet up to knees (I’m 5’8).

Definitely doing this hike again!

9 days ago

A nice hike, not too hard, yet challenging enough to give you a good cardio workout. I did this trail with my almost 7 year old son, and we started up the South side loop and went to the tower, chilled out, and decided not to take the loop and come back down the north side of the loop, only because my young son was tired, and I didn't want to push him. That part of the loop is next on our trail up together.

There is some shade, but not a lot. Parking is easy, there's plenty of room, and the hike is not crowded at all, and we went on a Sunday. Ya, there were people, but not too much. It is nice, you're dealing with nature, somewhat but if you're looking for an all out nature hike, this isn't it. If you want a nice cardio, and get a good workout, try this out. You'll like it.

Really fun hike! Has lots of great scenery and it's definitely a place I am going to go back to since we never got to finish it. I recommend for anyone to keep on checking your app/map to make sure you are going on the right path, it can get very confusing at times since a lot of the recent rain has washed away quiet a bit of the trail and the main big trail is blocked off from rock slides.

It was a very fun hike with beautiful views of the river and surrounding mountains. You do have to cross the river a couple of time which might result in you getting wet. The bridge is really nice and you’re allowed to walk on it and underneath, they also offer bungee jumping for $120 if you’re feeling spontaneous

If you’re looking for a quick easy hike, this is it. There’s an actual dam and the landscape is beautiful.

Great trail with magnificent ocean view but there is no shade at all. There is $15 parking fee when you park Moro Canyon Trail as All Trail shows.
Drive to Crystal Cove Trail to avoid paying fee. It’s free there.

Super short and easy hike well worth the stop. We went at dusk and enjoyed beautiful lighting by sunset and an uncrowded trail. Nice informative placards and a cool unexpected petroglyph stop along the way as well. The dam itself is pretty cool and seeing water and lush trees in the middle of the desert was pretty awesome.

Beutiful hike, very fun. Most of it is shade, there is a lot of water so bring boots. You do need a day pass ($5).

Very crowded!! People let their dogs take a shit and they don’t pick up.

12 days ago

Go early to avoid the crowds! This was a great solo hike on a Sunday morning. I took a beat at the waterfall to do some writing, which was lovely until a chubby kid took his shirt off, started yell-singing the milkshake song and then jumped in the water. Which he somehow didn’t expect to be cold. You can try to get out of LA, but you’ll never truly escape :)

Great intermediate hike. Recent rains made the trail a little hard to follow sometimes because of wash out and falling rocks / debris in a couple places. Tip of staying on main trail going in, keep the cliff to your right and stay as close to it as you can. Bungee jumping at the end!

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