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The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) spans 2,650 miles, traversing from Mexico to Canada via California, Oregon and Washington. It's open to pedestrians and equestrians. Most thru-hikers go South to North, starting in Campo, California and finishing at Manning Park, British Columbia. The trail encompasses 25 national forests and 7 national parks, crosses over 57 mountain passes, dips into 19 major canyons, and passes by nearly 1000 lakes. In terms of terrain the route passes through desert, forests, and mountains including the Sierra Nevadas and Cascades. Permits are required for some but not all of the PCT. You can read more about how to obtain permits here: https://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/permits/

The Pacific Crest Trail Map

Just did a few miles, out and back, SOBO from Sonora Pass. A stellar section!

Great time on the 75 mile stretch. Views were outstanding. Pretty hard hike, but well worth it.

Did this section from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass. Many epic tenting areas along the way. Would love to do this as a several day hike in the future. As it was, I ran it. The views were incredible and the trail in great shape. The climbs/descents are very reasonable. I think most of them stay around 500ft/mile. The only downside to this is that you will spend 5-8 miles climbing, which seems to take forever. Distances between water can be rather long this time of the year. Most streams were in the lower parts of the valleys. Plan accordingly.

McCall Basin to Camp 20 below Hogback Mtn, via Shoe Lake where we got water. Shoe Lake wonderful. Not too difficult day. Lovely day, nice camp. Room for 6 tents. No water.

Snowgrass Flats to McCall Basin. Tough trail, much of it Alpine with Ricky loose trails and lots of up and down. Took alternate PCT loop to Old Snowy. Spectacular but added a lot of difficulty. Gorgeous views today.

Sheep Lake to camp #14 near Snowgrass Flats. 5.9 miles, minimal elevation change. Beautiful hike.

Nannie Ridge Trail to Sheep Lake 7.8 miles. Steadily uphill first half then fairly flat second half.

just finished this in 4.5 days. put in a 21 mile between deep lake Leham creek camp. hardest day was between ridge lakes and leham. before lakes and views. amazing hikers to talk with

no shade
over grown
1 month ago

Beautiful trail, it was overgrown. The view is breathtaking. Some snakes so be careful.

Trails were beautiful from the Domingo Springs trailhead today but we found if more than 3 horses in the string it stirs up the bees and they attack you. We encountered three separate incidents on the trail with bees.

Tunnel Creek Trail/Steven's pass to Kendall Catwalk Trail/ Snoqualmie pass. Aug. 12th 9:20 am - 16th at 8:30 pm. Trail in great shape, trail head signs could be better. This trail has a lot of ups and downs with great scenery! If you are looking to see wildlife, this is NOT the hike for you. I saw "A" deer. that is 1 deer. nothing else but rodents and lots of hikers. I spent 24 hours at Peggy's Pond. Very beautiful with a bunch of side hikes. trail there is kind of scary at times, but well worth it. went to Mnt. Daniel and walked on what was left of the glacier! way cool. any ways, on Friday, I hiked for 12 hours to meet my ride, 24 miles. that was work. moral of the hike, bring less weight in the pack!

Started at Echo Lake. After getting acclimated to the elevation things went much better. Some long days but well worth the effort. Met very nice people on the trail.

First time ever hiking the pct it was amazing! Did 20 miles will say bring the bug spray!! Mosquito hell!

one of the best stretches of the PCT in the area. some nice flats and also some grades, good for either hiking or running. some nice views too

Extremely strenuous and rewarding! Amazingly, I didn’t get any ticks or poison oak. Once you finish this section you’ll be ready to tackle anything. Camp at kangaroo spring, it’s secluded and gorgeous.

off trail
2 months ago

Great section! Wildflowers everywhere, lush meadows, features great views of sierras. Did this section in mid July 2019 with my dog and there was still an incredible amount of snow covering the trail in some parts. Lots of mosquitos especially between ebbetts and Carson pass.

over grown
2 months ago

Hiked the PCT from Manning Park Resort to the USA border so about 26km return. It was really overgrown where you can't see the trail with lots of roots sticking out. Loads of blow-down as well. It is an easy hike with elevation gain of 600m. Beware bears galore in there.

Did this Hikers07/26- 08/08/2019 from Rainy Pass to Manning Park, Canada. Love this!!!

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