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Cute switch backs and great view of Hope ! The trails are starting to ice up a tad but easily done in regular shoes/boots yet.

1 month ago

great for a nice afternoon of easy hiking. Beautiful moss throughout. Stunning waterfal at end of trail. About 10 km return.

1 month ago

More of a walk than a hike but a very beautiful spot! Good for a half hour walk in the middle of a long road trip.

Beautiful walk

how they do that

Quick and easy loop. Peaceful and gorgeous. Would be a nice place for a picnic.

A decent walk. It’s completely flat so if you choose to rent a bike its very doable. However you do have to watch out for yourself as most people are really respectful on the bikes but some people use it as a race track.

Visiting the area everybody told me I had to do this trail. Walking the trail I chose to turn around just after the long tressle (6km). The views was relatively similar the entire way and without elevation gain it makes for a enjoyable but duller hike depending on what your looking for. While I’m glad I went, I wouldn’t do this walk again.

A few good photos ops of the tressles and tunnels along with the view.

Very easy, but I’d say not as fun as some

3 months ago

The view of the waterfall at the end is worth the hike. We had the trail all to ourselves!

Really nice walk with the tunnels and some small waterfalls below

on Skunk Cabbage Trail

3 months ago

good for leg stretching on long trips. should be classified as easy trail.

Best highway rest stop ever. used it to get the kid to stretch their legs and saw some pretty rocks at the same time.

mountain biking
4 months ago

I would recommend taking a bicycle on this trail as it is quite long. Really good long distance running trail too! Pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle as well as the vertical grade is nonexistent (I.e., it’s flat). There were a lot of small children out the day we went, some even with the training wheels on. One of the best trails I’ve ever done. Really unique and quite beautiful. We took a tonne of photos. Rented bikes at the start for 40$ each and completed it in about 2.5 hours.

We went mid-day on a Saturday, so it was pretty busy. If you ride a bike it’s best/safest to let other bicyclists pass from the opposing direction first. You don’t want to be that d*ck creating unnecessary trouble for others. I would recommend trying to do this early or mid-week to avoid the crowd.

Definitely and easy not moderate walk. The loop is still closed so an out and back.

A great walk for the whole family with awesome views.

4 months ago

Great views, very long and flat.

Good walk for all ages.

This was a great walk for all ages. Short and sweet with beautiful views of the river and canyon walls to add to the tunnels.

4 months ago

This trail should not be rated as moderate. It is a very easy trail. Part of the loop is currently closed for construction so we had to do it as an out and back. Good walk for kids.

4 months ago

The view is worth the steep climb. A good mix of terrain and cut backs. The stairs are a bit tall to climb but the view is absolutely stunning!

Great view from the top

The walk was enjoyable and lots of friendly people. we do this walk yearly. highly recommended for a day getaway

5 months ago

Beautiful rocky trail. Family fun trail.

Beautiful view at the top

Petite trail
roadtrip 30 min environ
interessant de voir la variété des plantes et des oiseaux

Its pretty easy, no real steep grade. Did 22 kms in about 4 hours

Went the other day, the gates are locked until the 18th

A ‘lil jump of a fence and you’re in.
Gorgeous walk among the tunnels.
There are some small hikes around as well for the more adventurous. But bring proper footwear as it is very dry already making it kind of slippery.

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