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The trail is moderate in sections but strenuous to Blood Mountain down to Neels Gap. From Neels Gap.up thru UNICOI to Plum Orchard Gap same type of terrain,but is all WORTH IT.

Muddy trail but real nice views

We camped near a waterfall and hiked to other falls, nice area with several trails

This is a pretty cool hike.

GA-ME 3/4/17-7/5/17

We had a great time making this a two day trip and camping. Only negative experience was since a recent rain a lot of the trail was swampy.. but that is my only complaint! had a great time.. even in 36 degree wet weather! thanks! I would have a map for a couple areas, we hit a couple different trails to see things.

What an amazing adventure! We had a small group. Amicalola to Unicoi Gap during Hurricane Micheal. Loved ever hard minute of it. Can’t wait to get back out.

It was a great trip!
we went South to start, did river crossing 1st and 2nd day, hiked falls spur 2nd day without packs, climbed 1400 ft 3rd day. North end from spur to parking lot going east, I didn't like that part. But I'm not in the best of shape, that s*** straight up folks! Trails were mostly easy to see at river crossing, just gotta look for blue (mostly-some white) blazes across the river.

Rewarding views around every turn! I started on the southern loop on day 2 but it was an exhausting series of switchbacks so I went back and explored the northern section again. Has everything! Towering bluffs, gurgling creek, plenty of camping spots, 200’ cliff/waterfall (if running). Even a creepy old cabin. Lots of hikers and horses on the northern section but it didn’t feel crowded. Peaceful, serene. I’d go every weekend if I could. Trail was poorly marked in several crucial areas. Expect to cross the river several times.

3 months ago

We just hiked this on 10/10/18 . I can tell you that the trails are not clearly marked. the trail head does t even tell you your at conasauga river trail. it's just a big sign with a blurry map and you walk dow a road a little with a little wooden sign that just says trail. almost missed it. once you get to the river it is beautiful down there. but it's very hard to tell which way to go. we went left oops. haha wrong way came back after a pretty good distant walk. went right this time. found the trail most of the way think we crossed the river 5 times. before we couldn't see a trail anymore so we gave up found a camping spot and camped for the night. that was the night of hurricane Michael. well we woke up and the rover did rise quite a bit and was flowing fast so we decided to pack up and head back. Just wish the trails where clearly marked in some way. even with just marking tape . other then that we will be back to do it again!!!

3 months ago

Awesome hike! Started at the chestnut lead trailhead and hiked down to the river trail. The river crossings are a lot of fun but make sure you have sturdy shoes and two hiking poles. There are multiple crossings! And as a FYI the hike back up the chestnut lead trail is a killer - basically straight uphill for two miles. But overall an amazing hike!

Great loop trail, all in tree canopy with some cool rhododendron tunnels. The falls are small but all in all a fun loop.

We started at Hightower Gap and finished our day at Woody Gap. Our route started out pretty intense, Sassafras Mountain is no joke but it really nice.

This trail has it all without busting your hump.
The only thing missing is a big expansive view hence not (busting your hump) but it certainly gives you everything else. Jacks river is a clean and healthy river with lots of shallow swimming holes. Rhododendrons abound alongside wild azaleas under large trees of every kind.
Very nice campsites with fire rings.
There are trees down from a recent storm.
We didn’t see anyone during the week and only a few over the weekend.
A Great leisure trail for hikers of all kind.

AMAZING trail! My husband and I did this and loved it. It was tiny bit challenging but not bad at all. The terrain was diverse and the falls were amazing. I loved every moment.

4 months ago

This is a fantastic hike. We only had time to go about 2 miles in. We saw birds, deer, squirrels and chipmunks. We took our 7 year old and she was fine for this portion of the trail. I would consider this a technical hike due to the rocky terrain and the horse crap. Over all this was a great hike with great views.

Just finished this solo. 4 day 3 night. Amazing trail. Well marked with minimal deadfall. I did counterclockwise up Beaty’s to Skyline then West to Jack’s creek South. Didn’t summit anything as the weather was schizophrenic. Rained and hailed 80% of the time, so, plenty of water. Woke to ice covered everything on day 3. Lots of thunder and lightning shows. Had a coyote play hide and seek for a couple of miles on day one.
Will return.

It was a short hike from the parking area to the suspension bridge. Once there it was very scenic with lots of open forest with a fire ring or two. It was easy access to the Taccoa River where dogs can get a drink and swim. After crossing the bridge we the hiked up to the mountain top. There are no views up there but it was a nice work out with beautiful summer foliage.

Easy hike. You need to take the side trails for most of the waterfalls and balds. A lot of day hikers. Many camping sites but only saw one other set of campers that day/night

It’s a trail by a river and miles of it, it’s alright.

This place is tranquil and glorious. The hike is quiet and let’s you get into nature without the loud packs of people and airplanes over head. If you’re trying to get out of town and hike your heart out this is the place. The falls are beautiful. Don’t miss this!

bear encounter

Good shady trail. Good amount of flowing water at various points along the trail. The falls are great and a nice cool break before finishing up the hike.

5 months ago

peaceful and very well maintained trail.

Heavily shaded. Took about 1.5 hrs counterclockwise.
Stopped to read trail markers and enjoy ranger falls.

Good, quick loop. The falls are worth the trip and the diversity of trees along the way made for a pretty enjoyable time. We went right at the loop junction, and we were glad that we did. Either way, this is a good loop.

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