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Hiked on 1/15/19: smooth road to TH, minimal parking, no fee to park, no bathrooms but Cascade Locks is close by. Well-marked trail with easy incline. Beautiful forest although the Eagle Creek Fire definitely left it’s charred mark. Pass under a few ugly power lines and logging road. The falls are beautiful! Nice easy hike for families.

I hike this trail twice as a kid with girl scout camp. So beautiful! Time to go again

Google took us to a weird side road so the hike was quicker but was still beautiful!

Didn’t make it to the falls, vehicle was not sufficiently equipped for snow. The road leading to the falls is paved and narrow, and currently has a decent layer of ice and snow. Vehicles without snow tires or chains should proceed with extreme caution.

This was a great hike. It was very windy but nice and sunny!

Very interesting how the water flows out of the rocks.

Defaulted to this trail after seeing how rutted the road to Silver Star/Ed's Loop is.

I was on this trail Saturday 1/5/19 and came across what appeared to be large cat scat (essentially a very large hair ball) that was very fresh. There were also older piles along the way. I'm not well versed on identifying scat but it was enough for me to turn back. Please be careful.

This was a great hike, would do it again on a cooler day, the lack of tree canopy makes it too warm on a hot day.

The trail is nicely paved and wide enough for the bikers to pass us comfortably. lovely views of the Columbia River. highly recommend going to the Mosier Tunnels. Total cost for parking is $5. Good trail to walk/hike/bike!

Absolutely Beautiful Ending and well worth the time to get there.... Recommended as a good Beginner Trail

Needed to stretch our legs and the afternoon hike fit the bill. Great views out and back.

Easy to find. Simple hike to cool waterfall.

Today was a lovely hike. The undergrowth and birds have returned. There were very few other people on the trail which also made it lovely.

Started at Bonnevile trailhead on 12/31/18 at 5:30am. Bathrooms were locked due to the government shutdown and you need to have a northwest forrest pass, national parks pass or there is a fee deposit box at this site to park here. my alltrails app was glitching this day so i took a wrong turn onto the bridge of the gods trail and had to backtrack to the trail junction for gillet lake (the right way). There is no info at this junction for table mountain. Beautiful forrest and as you near table mountain there are several trails that intersect with no information so its helpful to have a map or pre recorded track. I went up the westward trail, it is very steep on this side, (don't let the signs below fool you. Both acensions are equally hard.) Once you get out of the treeline you are hiking/climbing up rocky, steep and at times bushy terrain with sheer drop offs on one or both sides. There was also snow and ice there, but not bad enough at the time I went to need microspikes, but do carry them if you are going to make a go of this in the winter(westward trail is 1.7 miles,but feels so long in the moment!). Hiked around the west side of the butte and the forrest up top to get views from the top on all sides (there is about a couple feet of snow in non forrested areas and a foot of snow maybe in the forrest. Breathtaking views from the top. Descended down heartbreak equally difficult took me about 3 hours to get down 1 mile of pure nasty

21 days ago

It was a gorgeous winter day with absolutely no wind & the Columbia mirrored the beautiful blue skies! Our faces were very chilly with the sun on our backs, but we got toasty when we faced the sun. This sweet little trail meanders all along the top of the plateau & offers several icy little ponds. The views were outrageous! I’d love to return in the spring to see the wildflowers in bloom.

21 days ago

Went beginning of Jan when it was in the mid 40s. Not too muddy and no micro spikes needed.

Had some great views but the last 1.2 miles is just road. If you turn around at the waterfall to do an out and back it’d probably be something like 10 miles. Didn’t encounter cars on the road though which was good.

Beautiful trail along the scenic Columbia Gorge. It was a bit cold in January...but a beautiful crisp clear day.

Inadvertently hiked this trail via Dry Creek Rd which ended up being a ten minute hike LOL. The road in is all rocks. The trail is muddy, but more of a squishy muddy im assuming due to all the foliage in the ground on top of the dirt.

Falls were beautiful.

We went on Christmas day and was surprised to see a good number of folks out there. It is part of the larger Hamilton Mountain Trail. Basically all uphill to the falls (and probably continues in that vain up to summit which we didn't do). The trail was mostly dry until you reach the creek and falls, then it's really squishy mud. The waterfalls (there 3 distinct ones) and Pool of Winds are really worth the trek. The Pool especially was interesting. It was really whirling around.

Christmas Day 2018. Started from the toll park in Cascade Locks. Not too challenging, well marked path. Out and back ended up being about 5 miles. The falls were beautiful.

First one on the trail and in the parking lot at 7:05am on 12/24/18. Hiked 8.9 miles counterclockwise from Herman Creek to Gorton Creek to Nick Eaton trail and back to Herman Creek. ( I had a pre recorded map, very helpful to have.)

I tried this trail a couple of years ago before I got into shape and I could not finish it, it was brutal and I was, barely move sore for days after. I've been hiking practically every weekend this year and I finally was able to finish this trail!!!

I did this trail counterclockwise, starting with Gorton creek was long (when you get close to the top the snow begins and much of the flat trail on Nick Eaton is covered in snow, it was not icy, so no microspikes needed 12/24/18.), with lots of switchbacks and a creek crossing and on the way down on Nick Eaton trail was brutal, my toes were smashed against the tips of my boots with every step, there are steep switchbacks on the tail end for me of this hike. My feet were so sore when I got to the Herman Creek, Pct trail, otherwise I would have gone down to check out the Herman Creek Bridge (next time!). Finished the hike at 1pm and was hiking for around 6hrs. Most of the trail is really steep so be prepared! When I got back to my car there were 4 other cars in the lot. The parking lot holds 10 cars. You must have a NW forrest pass or pay $5 day use fee. There is a pay box here. The campground when I came here is closed. The bathroom is vaulted toilet and was clean when I got there in the am, but on the smelly side when I left in the PM. I saw 6 people on the trail and all were on my descent, so after 11:30am or so. All of this trail above the power line road was affected by the eagle creek fire.

We drove around where it was supposed to be, but did not see any signs :-( ended up hiking a small portion of the PCT instead. Clearer signage would definitely be helpful.

trail running
1 month ago

It's true that you're close to the highway, but if you elect to start at Fisher Hill to avoid Highway 142, you'll miss a beautiful spot of the canyon just south of the bridges. As a trail runner, I'm always leery about rails to trails, having done a few Deschutes River runs where the rocky bed from laying down rails is full of possible ankle twisting rocks. But this trail was smoother and I enjoyed the silence the canyon provided. If you want to get away from it all, this is not the trail for you. If you want an easy hike or bike or run with the beauty of the river and golden hills with ancient lava canyons, this is the one for you.

Entire trail is either charred or burnt from the Eagle creek fire... but the trail is still awesome and the veiws are incredible!.. about 1/2" snow at the top as of today

Can be extremely windy but has fantastic views with little effort required.

Gorgeous falls with very little effort to see from the viewing deck. Google maps directions were accurate to the trail/parking. It was nice the road was paved the whole way. There's spray painted words and arrows on the road pointing to the trail. Also be sure to look up when on the road, as there's a small sign nailed to a tree above the trail with "Trail no. 137" on it.

1 month ago

Saw a family of raccoons, over 5 on the side of the road right before the downgrade on the 206 east, pretty cool. Right as I entered the campground I saw a deer crossing the road. Hiked the Pinnacles trail this am 12/17/18. Started at 7am, 39 degrees out I believe. Easy trail, not alot of elevation and ends at a gate that is closed and chained shut with barbed wire fencing on both sides. Didn't see a soul on the trail, but as I was making my way back I heard a gunshot. Heard some coyotes or dogs howling on the way back as well. Finished the trail at 12pm. Drove up the 84 east from Vancouver and pouring down rain with blinding splashes from semis and white out fog near hood river, the dalles and again when I got off the 84. The weather at the state park was gorgeous, but as I was leaving the clouds were rolling in. There are vaulted toilets at the trailhead here and they are cleaned daily. there are also heated bathrooms and showers at the day use area. You can shower here for $2.00 if you are using the day use area. I hiked 10.8 miles.

1 month ago

Was able to get out mid-December on a day with very little wind and ~50deg temps. Lots of good views looking east up the gorge. Also a nice variety of terrain minus the paved home stretch. Not to mention very accessible.

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