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Please not your map is not accurate for the end of the trail. It is almost unbelievable but for 4 or more miles at the end you have to walk on a busy paved roads. Hikers should be warned of this as it is dangerous. It is embarrassing this is a part of the Colorado Trial

12 days ago

Hiked this trail on 6/9. Still a bit of snow between 11,000’ and timberline on the Breckenridge side but passable. Good workout and great scenery.

Lots of sun, lots of bikers and tons of bugs. Bikers courteous, bugs were not! Scenery just meh compared to other trails. I hiked in 4.5 miles then turned around, swatting at buzzers all around me the entire time. Little devils were relentless. Weren’t mosquitos. More like bees or horseflies.

trail running
18 days ago

Did trail run from Kenosha pass to the high ridge line about 1 mi before Georgia Pass. Great views of the peaks above Breckenridge. This is an excellent stretch for trail running - low traffic on this Sunday and nice steady elevation gain up to Georgia Pass. A little snow on trail above 11k but nothing to slow you down much.

Did the last 5 1/2 miles of the segment as an out and back on 6/2. Tons of wildflowers in bloom right now. Much of this part of the trail is shaded, so it’s nice to do on hotter days. Nice, quiet section of the trail, only saw a small handful of other people.

My Favorite section by far. Great campsites along the way.. the gem is at about 4 miles in from the trailhead. Streams were low so a bit tough to refill water. Epic views, with a good workout. Only downside was you go by quite a few car camping spots.

24 days ago

Hot and Dry.. pack lots of water because there is none till the fire house. Shade is rare... sunblock for sure. Real nice views though.

Really beautiful trail. Unfortunately it is still covered in snow and mud at the moment, so we had to turn back 2 miles in.

SOLO hike with my dog. 12.2 miles, 1900 ft. elevation gain and it was awesome! We hit the trail at 8am and took our time. We were all alone on the mountain. This is a slow and steady hike. Though the elevation gain is 1900 ft. it doesn't feel like it until you make the turn at 8.3 and go up Redskin Creek Trail and even then it was quite gentle. The trail is very well marked; there is no way to get lost! Poles are not necessary if you're a seasoned hiker. This segment is loved by mountain bikers and it's really torn up in places; it's as wide as a boulevard! The intermittent streams were not running. There was one stream at 5.1, the Tramway Creek, which had enough water to use to resupply if needed. There is also a lot of shade on this hike and trees galore! I would definitely hike this segment again but I doubt I'll ever have another totally alone day on this mountain again!

they say the burn area is not a place to see..It is beautiful as it recovers.

Great pack training hike for distance and steady incline. walking along the river is always nice

trail running
1 month ago

Fun trail run.. ran from start of Waterton Canyon to a few miles above Lenny’s rest out and back. The lower canyon up to the dam is nice and gradual - great for any easy hike or ride with the Family. Some great elevation on the single track above the Dam. Unfortunately views today were restricted with low cloud cover above the dam.

Hiked the first four miles of this segment from the Platte River trailhead. Wasn't too hot, and there wasn't hardly another soul on the trail. Staggering views of the wildfire scar. No ice, no snow, no mud, but lots of crunchy gravel.

In summer.......it’s like going through the bowels of hell! Burn scar for most of the trail with no shade or cover! Definitely bring a wide brimmed hat and carry water. Fill up at the fire station! Beautiful vistas but brutal to get to.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Super fast leaving the Pass. Burning brakes for 2 hours heading South is exhausting. Loose gravel, very dry and major descents. Not a place to "just try out". Plan, pack and plan to be exhausted. Minimal water in late summer.

2 months ago

Great introduction to hiking in the Rockies without any technical or strenuous sections.

2 months ago

What was supposed to be a one nighter, turned into a day hike with our full packs! The trail is in good condition, we were met with some sections on the north side of hills that were icy, and one section well above Lenny’s Rest that requires microspikes to pass. Some sections of mud as well. Ran into more mountain bikers than anything and a couple of trail runners. We were met with perfect weather.

As of March 17, most of the trail is snow and ice free but there were a few sections that required spikes. We witnessed a few mountain bikers that were turned around at around mile 10 or 11 due to a long icy section in the trail.

Overall pretty hike. We stayed at the camping area near Bear Creek and had a beautiful, clear night with 25 degree temps. Bear creek was fairly silty so a filter would be helpful. I was using UV and had to strain the water.

The 10 miles from the dam to the South Platte River trailhead should have a rating of 4 but the crowds in Waterton Canyon tend to hurt the overall Segment 1 trail ratings.

mountain biking
5 months ago

gorgeous! bikepacking from Kenosha pass, camped in Grants pass and rolled out the next morning to Copper mtn. Plenty of water in this segment on the CT.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Brutal in summer. No water. hike/bike way early to beat the heat. just passed through on bikepacking trip. wide open views for miles.

trail running
6 months ago

Initial climb is a series of switch-backs, after first mile you hit the remnants of a forrest fire and you're in exposed terrain. After another mile (so at MM 2+) you hit the ridge line and are back in beautiful forrest.

Ran the trail in December '17 so started out cold/cool then warmed-up. Trail in great shape -- limited water rut, well marked, zero snow and no ice.

7 months ago

Great trail! Had a 35lb pack and hiked in for a night off-trail. Hiked in on September 30. There were only a handful of hikers and many mountain bikers. All of the bikers were great and courteous. No complaints at all.

Aspens are at their peak and starting to drop their leaves. Walked from Highway 285 trailhead in 1.5 miles and back. Easy incline and amazing views. The trail is very busy with hikers, families, photographers, bikers and dogs.

This stretch is unaffected by the burn and features some truly amazing rock formations. Relatively easy hike, so bring the whole family, or take advantage of Little Scraggy’s cliffside for some scrambling adventures.

What I really like about this stretch is stacked granite rock formations all along the way, both in the distance and immediately alongside the trail. It's very cool to see the variety as you go, and there are plenty of water stops and camping spots all the way through. Mountain biking is allowed here so heads up!

Water. Water. Water. Bring plenty. This section of the trail has no water sources except for the beginning at the South Platte and then again (if you are hiking through) at the end at the Firehouse/Station. This trail takes you through a large section of the forest that recently was burned in a forest fire. But the undergrowth is coming back and it's still a scenic route all along the way. Because much of the trail is exposed (not a lot of cover from the trees) bring plenty of sunscreen, and of course your rain gear!

The initial 6-7 miles of this segment is heavily populated with bikers, day hikers, and mountain bikers. But once you get past the dam, up to Lenny's Bench and then beyond, you really get the feel of being in the mountains. Mountain biking is allowed on the trail so you have to share the trail and be aware. Overall it gets quite scenic once you get up in elevation and about 10-11 miles in.

This was a good trail. Easy to follow and beautiful view from the top.

11 months ago

Wow. Perfect hike... I went to molas pass at road and turned around. Incredibly beautiful, there was even snow on ground!!!! Interesting hike different terrains would definitely recommend it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

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