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4 hours ago

Such a good trail! Definitely expect to be climbing, lots of switchbacks, but it’s well maintained and the view was stunning at the top. Stopped by a small picnic table on the way back down to give my pup a short rest and eat a snack. Very dog friendly but i’d recommend your dog be in pretty good shape because it’s all straight uphill with almost no flat spaces to recover on.

20 hours ago

This is a difficult but fun trek up to a beautiful summit. The last bit is a challenge but the 360 degree view is incredible and well worth it. We saw a lot of wild flowers, berries and fungi along the way and made several photo stops as the view is spectacular at several points along the way. Bring water and sunblock, there’s a good portion out from under the trees.

Beautiful views! Very busy trail and lots of tree roots to walk over. Inclines were not bad at all. Get there early because the parking gets full.

Stunning views, pretty steep at times. I started in Seaside and only saw one person for the first four miles. Got pretty crowded the closer I got to Indian Beach. Large portion of trail is very muddy. Definitely wear hiking boots (not shoes) as the mud is ankle deep in many places. So worth the effort.

2 days ago

Beautiful! Not very muddy, and what mud was there was firm. Recommend getting here early though, parking filled up fast! Only 3 other cars in the lot when we arrived at 9am, completely full when we left at around 12:30. Bathrooms are past the trailhead, across the street.

2 days ago

great trail for taking kids and dogs on! View at the end is incredible

awesome, grin a bare the last 2miles. But it's worth it!
Take food and water for lunch at the top

Very steep trail that is more dangerous coming down than going up. Loose rock on the trail rolls easily under your feet. USE TREKKING POLES!

6 days ago

Easy hike with plenty to see and hear. Loved walking through the forest and hearing the ocean waves. Great panoramic views from the highest point, and make sure to head to the end of the Cape Falcon trail to view the secluded black sand beach. We got to the trail head at about 8:45 and only started encountering other hikers on the way back, so go early for more quiet time, as this is a popular route with families. My favorite hike on the coast!

6 days ago

Great hike - be prepared that it's all up hill going out. The ending is worth it though!

This is my second time on the Kings Mountain trail, my husband runs the Elk-Kings route routinely. The beginning of the trail is covered in majestic ferns and the end in wildflowers and views of Mt Hood and Coastal Range. One is deep within the forest almost to the top and this is why we felt it would be safe to take along our very energetic 5 year old. To our surprise he made it to the summit within 2.5h with lots of breaks and a picnic on the way up (and down). The trail itself has a lot of scree so he held onto us for those sections. He did fantastic scrambling. He was equipped with proper shoes and a vest. For a strong single kid with two parents to mind them this is certainly feasible.

8 days ago

Great hike but very rainy day. Was not prepared and did not bring trekking poles. We got to within half a mile of the summit and turned back when the wind kicked up and light hailing started. Will return soon to finish and possibly do the elk loop. On the way down I felt we didn’t need trekking poles tho they would have made it safer. Even with very wet conditions and proper shoes, our footing was solid. Got passed several times on the way down by gazelle like trail runners.


Signs at the trail head still say closed. The area that “closed” the trail is a dried washed out creek. Easily crossed considering the the rest of the hike takes good footing with loose rock. Also passed the park workers replacing the bridge. Second time hiking this, always love the burn towards the top. Bug spray would be helpful :)

13 days ago

Very easy and fun hike! Great view at the end to sit, watch the ocean, and eat and rest. The view is awesome! Also visit the beach after and put your feet in the water to cool off!

Steep but rewarding hike. Get there early on a weekend to avoid the crowds. I wish I would have brought trekking poles; there are many areas with loose gravel going up.

I can't wait to go again! I made it to Indian Beach which was about 6.5 miles in. Yes muddy in areas yet so well worth it.

Most fun hike I’ve ever done! Loved all the scrabble bits.

Would recommend bringing looots of water (you’ll need it) and some good shoes and poles to make the descent less terrible.

The ground is very crumbly in some areas, but nothing to be too concerned about as long as you’re careful and attentive, even if you’re wearing crappy tennis shoes like I was.

Nice easy hike. Beautiful beach

There are several unwritten side trails from the Neahkahnie headland. From the parking area on Hwy 101, descend toward Short Sands and look for a side trail on the left, about 200 yards from the parking. Welcome to the Neahkahnie Punchbowl! From here there are numerous side trails all over the headland. I like the one that traverses uphill to a heavily wooded cliff with outstanding ocean views, but watch your step. These trails continue across the headland to more views on the south side before looping back to the parking area. There are additional scramble trails that start further up the highway by climbing over a wall and descending toward the surf, but be very careful as these are not maintained and can be very thick with overgrowth.

This is a great trail, done it many times over the past 50 years, even with grandparents who were in their '70's!

on Cape Falcon Trail

20 days ago

Great trail. Very well maintained. Easy hike. This trail has everything: beautiful walk through the forest with old spruce trees, amazing views of the coast, a small secluded waterfall, and a spectacular panorama view of Cape Falcon at the end.

This hike should not to be attempted without hiking poles and very good shoes. I consider myself a fairly avid hiker, and this was one of the more challenging hikes I've done - not because of elevation and distance but trail conditions. I'm not particularly interested in risky situations, but I'm glad to add this hike to my list of completed. Each step needs to be carefully calculated so as not to slide down the crazy steep, loosely laid trail. I highly recommend going counter-clockwise unless you wish for greatly increased difficulty and danger. Don't do this hike at all if you are not sure-footed and confident of your skills. Even if you are, use good judgment as you encounter the challenging, crumbly trail conditions. There are a few spots where an unexpected slip could be fatal. As others have said, bring tons of water. I brought three liters and drank almost everything. I ran nearly all the way down from Kings Mountain as the descent isn't nearly as crazy steep as the Elk Mountain side. Surprisingly it can be far safer and more stable to run because your feet are no longer pressing vertically with your body's weight, and your center of mass is constantly "falling" as you go down, so you don't really slip as much. I don't recommend doing that though unless you have quick reaction skills. Years of jetty rock jumping, river rock hopping and soccer ball juggling as a kid have given me that "footy" confidence. Makes me feel a bit like a ninja or jedi, and that can be fun. Know how to stop when you are running - either with baby steps or grabbing/kicking trees for a full stop - especially when you turn corners or encounter other hikers.

21 days ago

A lovely hike, with a big view payoff at the end. Relatively easy, with moderate ups and downs, but there are lots of tree roots to step through on the path so anyone with a tendency to fall needs to take care. Parking lot fills up by 11, so get there early!

22 days ago

My favorite hike on the beautiful Oregon coast

Only challenging in a few spots and absolutely beautiful throughout the trip!

I was vacationing in Seaside and wanted to get in a good workout. The 12+ miles was amazing... as im training for the upcoming hunting season. I would recomend waterproof hiking boots...it was muddy and seemed like rainforest conditions at times. Bring some swim trunks and you can hit up Indian beach...it was a beautful sunny day when I got over there.

Trail was very overgrown when we did it a few weeks ago. There was a crew working on it so maybe it's better now. The views were nice but quite frankly this was one of my least favorite hikes I've done this year. In my opinion there are way cooler things to see in the area. If you are just looking for a wooded walk with a few views along the way maybe you'd really enjoy it, just not my thing.

I cant say how much I loved this trail! a flat and easy couple of miles to the ocean and then bam! a breathtaking ocean view. you can explore the ocean cliffs and cove for hours. a bit steep going down to the beach, but it wasn't a problem for us (we are both able-bodied adults). the path around the cliffs is totally flat though. we found a driftwood castle to eat lunch in, and were greeted by sea otters coming in with the tide! this place was seriously magical.

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