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2 days ago

Hike was great! Snowshoes came in handy shortly into the hike & we had to break trail from North Peak to South Peak. There were definitely areas that could become slick on the way down if there hadn’t been a decent layer of snow cover.

used microspikes and snowshoes. a little steep and tricky on the ledge to Whiteface. Beautiful views!

First 1 1/2 miles the path is a steady incline - not much to view! Once you hit the evergreens, it becomes a nice hike. Not many views until you get to top of Mount Starr - no 360 degree views, but nice! No views from the peak of Waumbek as you remain in the tree line. Recently snowed, so the evergreens were covered in snow and very pretty. Completed the hike in about 4 1/2 hours in microspikes. Most of the hikers we encountered were using snowshoes. If you're doing the 4000's and need a relatively easy day, do Waumbek.

nice trail in winter. snow was well packed 13 jan

My first 4K. Pretty easy hike done in the fall right before first snowfall. Also added the side trail out to the ski area for some photo ops. Steep in the middle but still manageable for a rookie like I was at the time.

Hiked up to the hut at the base of the ravine on 1/06/19, ended up in a mini blizzard but that was the best part, the beauty was breathtaking. Of course we had the right clothing and used spikes for the fresh snow. Lots of people to the hut, but most opted not to go on due to weather conditions, 105 mile winds reported at the top. Even at the hut they were about 30, the air changed right there and the temperature dropped to felt like 20 below. That was far enough for us!

15 days ago

Not my favorite 4,000 footer, but not a bad hike overall. The gate was left open and the road was plowed which is a big plus. Trail was fairly well packed as we started. It snowed the entire hike but it wasn't heavy, maybe 3" of accumulation throughout the 4 hours we were on the trail. The top was great because we encountered a Canadian Jay which was fun to interact with and feed from your hand. The hike down was easy on the knees due to the new snowfall.

I hiked the trail on New Year’s Day. Lots of snow but it was all fairly packed down. The higher you went to the summit of Mt. Jackson, the more the wind picked up and snow hardened. While you don’t need snowshoes since it’s packed down, crampons are definitely needed. Winds at the top were gusting around 30 MPH or more so I got up there for one quick photo and right back down. It was a beautiful hike though and lots of uphill challenge. I didn’t do any of the detours but you could see parts of the water running through the mountain at different spots which was beautiful. I’ll definitely be back in the summer. If you go in winter, bring poles for more stability at the summit as well as goggles. They were a huge help!

Awesome day trekking. The ascent was nothing technical but a constant incline and relentless but the clear view of Mt. Washington was well worth it! We took the blue trail up/down when we got to the junction. Be sure to go straight at the first junction and at the se one one you can pick the blue or yellow trail. The trail was packed enough for just spikes but we did put on snowshoes towards the top mostly to use the televators in the steeper parts as the heel lift made it easier to walk up but many just used spikes. We saw the two little squirrels that come looking for food!

19 days ago

Hiked this trail on 1/4/19 with my dog. Snowshoes or ice cleats were a must, as well as hiking poles with snow baskets. The trail is steep for sure, a real good work-out. With the snow covered the entire trail, there was no rocky areas to tackle, and my dog had no trouble doing the hike (no icy areas on the day of our hike). The view at top is out-of-the-world beautiful.

This hike is the source of my best memories in the White Mountains. It is a brutal hike, but worth the reward of the variety of peaks you can experience. We did it in one day, overnight, after some sunset snacks on the top of Flume, but had the privilege to hike the ridge under the moonlight: no headlamps required. After the ridge, there's some devastating elevation loss and gain through Garfield and South Twin. The Galehead hut saved us as a refueling station and point of refuge from the approaching weather. We finished in the morning, with the 4-mile hike out of Lincoln Woods: a worthy break after the long hike down off of the Bonds. Highly recommend this hike in both one push if you'd like a challenge, or a weekend backpacking trip. Enjoy some of the best the Whites have to offer.

Very nice hike. Pretty easy for this first mile, then gets relentlessly steep for the rest of the hike except for a short, flat section right before the summit. The view from the lookout at the top was surprisingly good, especially considering the relatively short time it took to get there.. Spent about 3:45 minutes on this one with a few long breaks at the summit outlook and the ski slope viewpoint.

We went up on the Tecumseh trail and came down on the ski mountain side under the chair lift. It was pretty windy at the top, and the snow was not fully packed down due to the storm overnight. No view for us due to the clouds, but overall a really fun first winter hike! :)

21 days ago

I didn't have a lot of expectations heading into this hike. The lead in is very easy. With the rain we had in the last week the stream crossings were fun. Ice covered rocks always add to the experience. We did North peak first. And the steepness made it really fun. I honestly wish more hikes were like this. Crampons and an ice axe make it really fun. Great place to practice those skills with less risk if something were to go wrong (not suggesting anyone try practicing self arresting here!) the walk between summits is a neat little snowfield. Good view of the slide in North peak from South peaks summit. Fun quick hike that gets you two 4000 footers. Not bad.

Great hike! Our only problem was, as we just started on mile 10 a nasty storm rolled in and the group decided to head back down. An hour later it was clear again! I guess that’s mount Washington weather! We had a great day of it though and I recommend the hike to anyone.

scenic driving
22 days ago

12/31/18 - Zealand Rd closed right at 302 with no parking, trailhead is inaccessible. Five stars given only because I didn’t want to negatively review the trail.

Great steep trail, wanted to hike down sabbaday but that wasn’t packed down and we only had spikes. Some good opportunities for glissading on the way down at least. Nice views on the ledge to the left of north tp summit as you ascent, and from middle. Surprisingly crowded, esp on middle summit.

Hiked on June 27. Nearly 8 hours with a 45 minute break at summit. Perfect weather, not windy. Note that Tuckerman’s ravine was closed once you got to the lion’s head trail, so that was the only option. On the return, the flies started chasing us and no amount of bug spray could deter them. Challenging, but lovely throughout with many views.

trail running
23 days ago

This was an amazing experience! I will do it again. It took me 9 hours and 30 min to complete North to South, which includes 1.5 hours of rest at the summit of mount Washington.

Hiked 12/29/2018. The parking lot is still open, but it's not a well maintained road up by the trail head. The trail is easy to follow all the way up. Due to the unseasonably warm weather the first third or so of the trail was very muddy. I put my microspikes on once I got to firmer snow, but it's manageable right now to do it without them. Snow shoes are not currently necessary since the path is very compacted where snow is present. Naturally, it gets colder near the summit, but you're never above treeline, so you can find places to rest that are comfortable. No views today since I was in the clouds at the summit. Took me a little over 4 hours to hike, but I'm slower than most hikers. Near the old chimney there are gray jays that will eat from your hand.

Headed out around 8 this morning. The trails were crunchy and new due to the rain. The trails were pretty packed down heading up to Whiteface. Being in the trees blocked the wind that I could hear howling the tops of the trees. A couple spots were iced out but manageable. When heading over to Passaconway the trails became very soft and the snow was deep. I only had my micro spikes which was a poor choice at this point. By the mid point down I passed a few groups on their way up wearing snow shoes. The remainder was packed enough for me to run a bit. The last few miles were slushy but with the warm temps not an issue.

This is one my favorite hikes of all time! It begins in a hardwood forest, continues through and alpine zone, and finishes in a huge boulder field. It is by far the most complete hiking experience I’ve done on the east coast. I suggest starting early, if you plan on completing the entire loop before dark.

Visually it is a stunning trail. Once you get to the alpine zone you can see how the glaciers meticulously carved this landscape, years ago. The boulder field at the top of the mountain is other worldly and really takes some thought to get through. My buddy and I really had an adventure on this hike!

The last thing to consider is the weather. We did this trail in late July and had great weather until... the boulder field! When we reached this zone a storm rushed in bringing thick fog, hail, and a quick 20 degree drop in temperature. Make sure to layer and bring a hat and gloves, even in the summer.

12/27: trail runs right next to the ski slope, so lots of noise from the slope. The trail is pretty flat for the first mile, then a very constant 20% grade for a little over a mile before it flattens out again close to the top. That second mile is hard but short. Views from the top are good, and there are nice views on the way down as well. Lots of people, lots of dogs, and some beautiful brook crossings. Took 2:10 round trip (1:14 to reach the summit), plus a generous break at the top.

27 days ago

Hiked this Christmas Day. Trails are snow covered and packed nicely. The river crossings were a slightly slippery with the frozen rocks but that just gets the heart pumping. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the wind at the summit was minimal. Overall took us about 3 hours with about 25 minutes of picture taking time.

Great views on the top of the Whiteface!! Cold but amazing weather for a mid December hiking. Very exhausting, so much climbing and fun at the same time. We started at 8am and completed around 4:30pm. Going back to the our starting point was extremely tiresome though.( straight downhill !!) So.much.fun!

Easy 4000fter for the winter! Snow is very packed, used microspikes, brought snowshoes but they weren’t necessary! Great views at the summit, not a full 360 but rewarding nonetheless. Took me a little over 3 hours even after stopped for multiple pictures. Take your time to admire the trees with all the frozen snow, it’s a winter wonderland at the summit :)

I loved this loop. I did it solo on a bluebird snowy day Nov 11, 2018. I mainly wore micro spikes but wished I’d had snowshoes between the peaks as the trail was less traveled and the snow a little deeper. I did the loop clockwise and climbing the ledges to the Whiteface summit were fun. Great views. Not much to see from Pass summit but all around great hike.

We did this trail Dec 22, 2018–nice long walk. Many stream crossings but none were too difficult. The trail was decently packed walking on the monorail but some post-holing if you stepped off the rail sinking almost waist-deep. We used spikes and snowshoes. The trail was tough to find just past the yellow wilderness sign with a false trail started by some folks who went up to the left. The trail goes right crossing the stream and follows the stream on the right as you ascend. There are a few yellow blazes on the trees so just have to be vigilant. It is all pretty flat until this point then it gets STEEP. We switched from spikes to snowshoes (awesome with the ascent bar) as we climbed the packed trail. A faint set of prints helped us in some spots where we lost the trail as it bends hard to the left and hugs a ridge line. From there it is just up and up with some long straight and very steep sections until the top. From there it’s a easy walk to the summits and then retrace your steps out. The whole thing took us about 6 hours. It’s a great winter hike with the right gear.

Summited today with snowboards! We didn’t find a good way to the ski trails from the summit so we hiked down a little ways and found an out of service ski lift off through the woods to the right(going down), just off the Mt. Tecumseh trail. We passed through the first ski trail and crossed into a fully operational, fairly busy, moderate trail. Short ride down from there, but totally worth it!

We opted for Whiteface first. Which was good. After some heavy rain 2 days ago the scrambles at Whiteface were Icey. Crampons were necessary and in a couple spots I even used my ice axe for some extra safety. The views are Whiteface near the summit were grest. Views of Chocorua and the Sandwich range. Views of Washington and even Franconia ridge at the summit. Aside from the scrambles these 2 peaks are much like a lot of the 4k footers. Easy lead ups with moderate summits. The trail was well packed snow in most sports even with the heavy rain. The ridge to Passaconaway was more pleasant than expected with some views. Passaconaway summit is anti climactic and in the trees. (you can go on further for a lookout if you please). Great 11 miler in these conditions.

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