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Thanksgiving Comb Ridge Map

Short and easy to get to! Go in the mid morning for best light.

21 days ago

We hiked a total of 9 miles round trip. House on Fire was beautiful. The hiking is easy, pretty much flat, however, the trail is occasionally hard to follow near the end. It truly feels like a sacred place (I’m not religious)
especially when you think of those who lived here and what their lives may have been.

on Butler Wash Ruins

2 months ago

Surprising that there aren't more reviews for this short hike, as I am sure it is very heavily trafficked. The trailhead is very well marked off of Hwy 95 -- there are signs for the turnoff .2 miles in advance from either direction. The trailhead has lots of parking and a toilet. This is a brief hike without much elevation gain, which brings you to a fenced off viewpoint where you can see the impressive ruins across the canyon. There are some interpretive signs for the flora along the way that were reasonably interesting.

2 months ago

Easy walk to a great view.

Short, sweet, and totally worth venturing off the beaten path for! Watch out for pictographs along the canyon!

Such a rewarding hike. It took us a minute to realize where we needed to park, and then again where to enter. You go down a steep hill by the bridge. The hike was easy enough, even carrying roughly 30 lb. packs. We were hoping to hike as far back the trail as we could, but one of our members fell ill and we only made it slightly pass House On Fire. That right there was breath taking. We got there at the perfect time and were able to find some of the hand prints on the walls as well. We set up camp for the night against the rocks in some trees and cactus. A few of us day hiked back to see the other ruins. I don't think we made it as far as we could possibly go, but once you start climbing on the slick rocks, it gets harder to find the path further back. I would love to go back and see just how far we can go eventually, but it's not on any of my immediate trip plans as of now.

4 months ago

I have been there but I am now told that tribal leaders no longer allow access even though you take county roads. It might only be the ruin itself. Be safe make sure in advance

This is a great easy hike to some amazing ruins. Beautiful hike through the canyon.

I would say it’s more like 3 miles but so worth it! Kids loved looking in the ruins and I loved the history!

Just off hwy 95 and first intersection of Butler wash. Its a 10 minute stop, poorly marked. The tracks were minor but tracks are always interesting.

5 months ago

I had a little trouble finding the right turn off to it, but it was an easy hike and big reward in the quality of ruins.

Few more pictographs past the campground.

Several Pictographs, stayed at the campground, which was ok.

Short flat easy hike back to the ruin along a creek bed. Partially shaded along the way which is a plus in the hot summer sun. The ruin is picturesque but not real large. It is worth the visit.

5 months ago

A five for high quality pictographs. Nice canyon views. short hike, easily accessible.

So delightful indeed! easy hike with the treat of the house on fire ruins.

Beautiful and unusual detailed rock art! Short hike but not well mapped. Keep to the left when dropping over from the trailhead level and stay on the rock ledge. Do not be tempted to drop down to the silt terrace level. Keep left and the panel will be about 50 yards further.

This hike is very easy but so enjoyable. The footing is like walking in a dry creek bed and about a mile up the trail is house on fire. The walk itself is serene, quiet, a calm hum. The trail is flanked by yellow juniper, ponderosa pine, sage and manzanita. It’s mellow enough that your exhausted irritated teenage daughter will manage without too much complaining. I LOVED this hike!

Cool. Just have to look around a bit for the tracks.

9 months ago

Wonderful, a must do! Amazing panel and cliff dwellings

Great panel. Very short hike. Wall Art in excellent condition.

easy, steady amazing

10 months ago

Please explore explore explore this side of the combs is FULL of sites

10 months ago

easy walk great panels great start to your day.

11 months ago

The road to the trailhead was better than expected... some of the road was graded rock and other area gravel or dirt on bedrock. We drove in in a Volvo station wagon... lower profile cars can be difficult. Be careful with the bushes on the side of the road that can scratch your car! I tried to upload pictures here, but it’s not rendering. Check my profile. The ruins are amazing!

The AllTrails map is good. One blog suggested to go up the slick rock and climb into the ravine. Not sure how to do that. We initially tried that - which is not the AllTrails map, then turned around..

Note, after finishing the hike I’ve read a few blogs. The blogs say there’s another ruin in the cliff above the one on the ground...we missed that (maybe one can see this better if walking up the slick rock hill?). Those blogs say there’s also hand tools, Mano, petroglyphs and corn cobs in or near the site. We missed seeing any of those in the ruin. Maybe they’ve been moved? The pictures of the ruins in some of those blogs from 2013 or so looks a little different than what we saw. Maybe they are restoring? But the ruins all look like they have only window entrances .... no doors....

Note it is on BLM Land. There was a sign in station but we didn’t see a pay station.

Easy hike and great photo ops of several ruins. Hiked mid December, dry, sunny and daytime temps in the low 50s. Little or no people, awesome.

Fun! We were able to find three ruins in 3 miles (one way) but I’m sure there are more! Just keep looking up.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A great hike with kids. It was a little muddy with a lot of clay, but maybe nothing to worry about unless it's monsoon season.

Somewhat easy trail up Mule Canyon, following a small creek or wash (depending on when you go) Great photo op, can go farther down the canyon to other ruins if your wish & have the time

Monday, July 28, 2014

beautiful area to spend many days in. There are a few easy top rope climbs at the mouth and a big petroglyph panel near the mouth. the canyon is awesome and has many great archeological sites.

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