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mountain biking
5 days ago

To all you hikers that keep complaining, take a minute to think who maintains the trail.. (DORBA).
Then take another minute to figure out what does that mean. Hikers are more than welcome. but please no matter the park you go to. always stop at the trailhead and READ THE RULES!!!
most trails will ask hikers to go in the oposite direction so you can spot bikers from a distance and move aside.
thank you all for understanding.
have a great day!!

Wow! Great variety of trails with good ups and downs and nice views of the lake. Not all parts are shaded, especially on the southern half, so bring water and a hat. Ample parking too.

very nice!!!!

trail running
8 days ago

Well maintained and good for many activities at all age and skill levels. Nice escape from the traffic and has some decent views of the Dallas skyline.

Flat, smooth, and fast! The rail is designed for flow. Appropriate for all mountain bike skill levels, including youth. Other riders in the area are very friendly and social. Trail is appropriate for other activities also.

trail running
11 days ago

I’ve only run here once during the Rockledge Rumble trail race, but it was my favorite trail run so far. Excellent trail. Loved the mix of terrain and thought it was fairly technical for the area. Definitely recommend it.

I love this trail Sept -May! Once I even happened upon a geo cash by accident. It’s very pretty and it feels very safe I like biking or walking it.

mountain biking
13 days ago

It was great trail

Lots of people on a Saturday. Kid friendly.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Good mix of beginner and intermediate single track with a few hairy advanced spots deeper into this big counterclockwise loop. Easy to choose your distance by turning left at any of the well-marked return trails that will take you back to the trailhead. Lot’s of tall vegetation and “tunnels” this time of year. There were times when I wished I had worn sleeves. But it’s August in Texas! My advice is to hit the trail early in the AM as much of this trail is shaded and pleasant before the sun gets too high. My GPS registered a little over 6.5 miles to the turnaround at Cheyenne Circle. One option for a loop that’s shorter than doubling back on the return trail is to ride back to the trailhead on paved roads by going up Cheyenne to Pocahontas which connects to Cross Timbers. A little more than 3 miles gets you back to the trailhead on 377 and makes for a total of 10 miles which I did in a 1:30. A good alternative when you’re time constrained but want to go deep to reach a couple of the more technical stretches. About those rocks not far from the final turnaround: I passed a guy who blew out his rear derailleur and snapped a chain. Not a great place for a major technical blowout! Happy riding.

Nice hiking trail for 20 min outside dallas. Mostly shaded which was nice. Rocky so I had to put boots on my dog. Can’t complain otherwise! Very little bike traffic although I came out on a weekday during the day.

loved the beachy parts. the off the beaten path trails are the best if you want to be physically challenged, but just moderately. view of the lake is beautiful.

I’ve been on this trail it is kept nice wildlife is amazing to look at while biking or walking or running whatever the case may be but it is just beautiful.

mountain biking
20 days ago

The trail is flat and fast, some areas are still being improved from the nearby construction. Overall, the trail is a good option for locals who are short on time or someone just wanting to get on a new trail. very appropriate for youth mountain biking.

22 days ago

my fiance and I come every single Sunday! he bikes while i hike and it's just beautiful.

road biking
22 days ago

beautiful lake; grew up in the area and still ride 2-3 times a week. it can get busy, but still always enjoyable.

Fantastic trail once you're beyond the Old Alton bridge. Quiet (except for distant traffic noise), fluctuating scenery and terrain, and clean. Terrain gets really hilly and a bit treacherous east of the Village Pkwy bridge, then the trail fades as you go further east. A local resident told me the trail riders stopped maintaining it east of that bridge after the 2015 flood.

26 days ago

The first mile or two is fantastic scenery. It drops off a little on the big loop in the middle where there is nothing but tall flowers/grass blocking views and trapping in heat (Summer). We almost got run over by a bike at this area because there’s no way to see someone else coming around the thin corners. Other than that though, great place for a walk, workout, to get away and enjoy the outdoors.

Went on a hike the trails are not well kept at all. There is a lot of trash and the trails get lost the deeper you go in. If you enjoy bike riding I recommend this one for sure.

Nice area and hike. I am new to hiking but in good shape, and Im so mad I just discovered this place...

trail running
29 days ago

Excellent trail running with some challenges to keep me focused on my pacing up and down hills. Beautiful scenery and able to forget the world as I ran.

Beautiful find in the middle of suburbia. Not a fan of suburbia, so this is a gem to me.

1 month ago

One of my favorite tralis to Ruck so far! lots of great scenery, very well marked and maintained. Great space to clear your head, and next to no trail traffic on a quiet monday.

love this park and the trails...all well maintained!

The hardest part about this hike was the heat. There was nothing challenging otherwise. But it was a great way to spend the day working out.

Great place to trail run! Beautiful scenery and wildlife.

trail running
1 month ago

This is my favorite place (so far) in NTX to trail run! So many challenging elevation changes, the air smells like cedar, it’s scenic, and I love encountering other runners on the trail. Bring real supportive trail running shoes!, even if you’re hiking, this loop is not for the faint of heart. Great bird watching & place to get your heart rate elevated.

trail running
1 month ago

Technical short track with some respectable inclines!

1 month ago

Cool place to chill out in the weekends !!

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