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This is quite an easy walk. Definitely can wear regular sneakers. Bring lots of water. There are a few nice views, and Jones Spring is a beautiful little stopping point. Really glad we did this in cooler weather; the trail is mostly unshaded, so I will avoid this in the summer! The first 2 miles or so are an old road, and as such quite wide and gravelly. This is more walking than hiking. We used Strava to capture as well: 7.9 miles!

Nice trail. Enjoyed the waterfall.

nature trips
6 days ago

Finally made it here! We were so captivated by the pool views, we didn't get to do the mile hike. Next time!

This trail is extremely nice! Well kept and very flat for those of us that don’t like difficult hikes. Recently, there was a controlled burn in this area (as of Nov 2018) and this definitely impacted the appearance of the trail. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it looks a lot less green! Great trail for dogs and we saw horse tracks, so people are using the trail! Came across many others that were appearing to enjoy this area of the park as well.

11 days ago

I expected more out of this one. I hiked this trail in July while visiting Austin. The old homestead buildings were interesting. but the falls were underwhelming. They were nearly dry when I visited, and there was litter everywhere, especially around the swimming hole. I'm sad to say that the human footprint kind of ruined this experience for me.

Really easy hike for kids and when you get to the end of the loop, you can climb down onto some amazing rock formations and even to the beach. It’s great for exploring. If you go down to this area, you’ll need to help and keep an eye on kids. There are places where you could easily slip. I also almost stepped on a snake in the rocks. Whew!
If the weather is nice, you could spend hours here.

My favorite trail around the area. Not very long, but always quiet and peaceful. There is are some nice narrow trails through trees, and also wide open fields with amazing views. Free to hike too- enjoy!

Great track, pretty quiet and lots of fun little spots to explore.

I hike/run at Pedernales State Park regularly to stay in backpacking shape and for overall conditioning. I noticed some people giving one star for the Wolf Mountain Trail because it is basically a dirt road without much shade. I intentionally stay off this trail as much as possible for the same reason. However, one star is too harsh for Wolf Mountain Trail in my opinion. Use the paper map or this app and try out the other trails like Juniper Ridge and Madrone if you want woods and shade. It’s not difficult to make your own loop using the map and avoid wolf mountain. These trails are more technical and beautiful at the same time.

today, trail was a bit muddy from last night's rain. well worth the time.

1 month ago

Great hike, nice elevation changes, beautiful scenery and well marked (which is a luxury in Austin). Highly recommend for a moderate and fun trail.

1 month ago

A nice, easy trail. Mainly flat. We went right after 2 weeks worth of rainfall so the waterfall was flowing very nicely! The trail is paved the whole way. Overall, a refreshing hike!

This place is gorgeous. Some of the trails get overgrown a bit, but none of them are too tough. Several trails cross the water. So, if it’s been raining, expect to get wet. Will definitely be heading back.

1 month ago

Kristen and I came here on a Sunday morning after much rain. Creek was way up and beautiful and powerful. Great limestone flat areas and mini canyons with 8 ft deep water. Lots of dogs enjoying it.
Trail on both sides of creek was wet and narrow and confusing with so many offshoots.
The actual biull creek trail head is at beginning of parking lot. Thisntrail goes up a hill and gets away from flooding and confusion of creek side trails.
Lots of pretty yellow flowers.

1 month ago

Perfect for hiking with my one year old on my back. Great scenery, clean trails easy with a small challenge:) we enjoyed a small snack after the hike by the offices.

My first time on this trail was mid-October. The trail is mainly covered by trees which naturally created some wet areas to get around (but it was worth getting around them!) The trail ran alongside a river that had a lot of runoff- at the time. There were even rockwalls with trickling water dripping from the top.
Along the way were split trails. I took the path closest to the river, mainly taking lefts. After the first waterfall -about a mile(ish) or more in- the trail opened to a meadow of sunflowers. A little ways up, came another waterfall; much wider than the first. Lots of people swimming and playing in the sunshine. There were even kayakers paddling by at one point.
I was running and met up with a biker at the waterfall. I ended up passing them on the way back towards the end. It was well traveled and narrow. But the run way great! Enjoyed it and will most likely use it for another beautiful day!

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful trail for about 90%. Some ugly power lines sections, some ok looking power line sections, some views of huge rock cut for development on far side of valley. No real view at top but a bell to ring to mark the occasion!

Biggest downside is it is a poorly marked trail with many off shoot trails. And where there are signs, they aren’t easy to understand. For example the first sign shows left, straight and right posted at an intersection that goes only left and right. Additionally there is lols of off trail MTB cut offs to add confusion.

Still a very nice and challenging trail. Single track that can be hiked, biked and run. Map looks straight line but the scale hides all the switchbacks!

2 months ago

Nice peaceful trail with scenic view, waterfall and creek. No pets allowed.

2 months ago

We went in December and it was cold but with recent rains the falls were just beautiful!!

2 months ago

This was a good solid hike. I would definitely recommend. This is a hike that is more about the journey than destination. Although you hike to the top of a hill, there wasn’t really a view.

Pros: good grade variation, wasn’t crowded (I only saw two people on a Monday morning), lots of wildflowers, a couple streams, and trails maintained fairly well.

Cons: construction crew noise pollution & lots of power lines.

Overall a great hike. Will be going back.

Good parking in Mopac frontage at trailhead. There are no restrooms on the trail. Fairly easy with some rough rocky beginnings. Trail follows the creek. We passed 3 waterfall areas. Lots of water in the creek. Trail was well shaded. For a longer walk, continue on trail beyond Sculpture Falls.

2 months ago

If you're looking for a long, challenging and lost in the woods trail, look no further. I went in there thinking it would take me 30 min, boy was I in for a surprise. It took me 2 hours and a half to complete the trail, and I walk kinda fast.
STICK TO YOUR RIGHT! You'll come at several forks, but if you stick to your right you'll be fine. An amazing trail, highly recommended.

Awsome view of 360 bridge and river.

Nice trail was pretty easy in my opinion vs moderate but a few small areas where it got Ricky/uneven.

Best part about this for us was that with the dogs it was pretty shaded-no water for now that we saw as we turned at about the 1.5 mike mark.

Great trail with plenty of shady areas! Family friendly even my 69 year old mom who sits behind a desk all day felt good afterwards.
The elevations are an easy ascent. We will definitely go back!

3 months ago

This is a fun, challenging trail to hike or bike. Lots of variety too - wooded, shaded, rocky, exposed, hilltops & ridges, etc. Many junctions to hop trails and explore different sections of the greenbelt.

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