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I love it it was the most beautiful thing, but there were leaves eating at my ankles

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, however...late October is not an ideal time. Too many nasty serpents.

Hiked in late April and loved it. Underrated East Texas beauty. Hiked north to south on a Friday morning through Sunday morning. North portion is definitely the highlight. There is a bridge washout in the north part, so be ready to get your feet wet. Not a super glamorous trail, but we enjoyed it greatly. Hit me at @scooteronomy on Twitter or Instagram if you want any details on my experience.

A great hike. Wear long pants. We went through a lot of stickers. Well marked other than yuh get to one place and it seems the trail ends but you have to walk through some brush. Keep going, the lake and park is a good spot to snack and rest before heading back. They do have a swimming area. Very peaceful trail. That’s what we love. ✌

A short boardwalk through the coastal marsh, the trail is easy and great for kids. I visited in winter, the mosquitos were not a problem and no gators. Kids loved seeing the blue crabs cruising along the clear waters of the lagoon. Great for birdwatching.

Spent the day at the beach then we hiked the trail. Just watch out for Gators.

This was a nice trail in a beautiful part of East Texas. The trail itself was an easy, enjoyable hike. It wasn't the best maintained trail I've ever been on. There was a major bridge that was washed out with little options to route around it. Many of the other small bridges were in disrepair too. But the scenery was great and it was very lightly trafficked. There are established campsites at each end of the 20 mile hike. In between there are only primitive sites if you can find a site at all, but I actually enjoyed the fact that it was very rustic. I did a half hike of 10 miles heading south from Neches Bluff.

7 months ago

Bridges still washed out but with a little determination you can get around it. Everything I look for in a trail, woods, clear markers, and a little challenge! I only went about 3 Miles into this one so far but will definitely be back to do more.

Nice little boardwalk with lots of wildlife, including various birds, blue crab, gators, snakes, etc. It’s also a short walk to the beach, which is a plus.

Make sure to call ahead. All of the trails were still closed from Harvey. when I went last week.

Great waterfront scenery. The trails were level and clear in most places, though quite muddy in others.

This was my first trail to do by myself with just my dog. I started at Neches and camped at Walnut Creek, then trekked back. Super easy to follow and absolutely beautiful. I went during spring break so I came across quite a few people. Caching water was easy once I found the trail crossing. One big bridge is out so be ready for that. All of the others were sturdy. Definitely hiking this one again but bringing people so I can hike on thru!

Randomly stopped in Galveston along my road trip and found this little state park. Park is well taken care of with wide trails that are mown, bridges across water, and raised platforms for watching. Lots of birds of various species.

Only managed to make it 1.5 miles before encountering a long (50-yard) bridge that was washed out; had to turn back. Boars have really churned up the area.

Rating is based on comparable trails for this area. Southeast Texas is mostly flat, and swampy, and very heavily wooded, and so is most of the trail. The North end of the trail, by Neches, has the only real hills and probably the prettiest part of the hike. I took a boy scout troop here and everyone enjoyed it. Its very easy to follow, with blazes the entire length. There are a number of bridges with the majority of them being pretty sketch so I would skip where possible as they are very slick. One on the North section crosses a river and is completely washed away so you have to find a shallow spot to cross. The trail is best travelled in the winter due to the bugs. Its pretty swampy and on a warm day the mosquitos will be out. We did it in February and even had some. Also, from what I can tell its a well traveled trail. There were at least 2 other large groups there when we were there. Ratcliff lake is a very pretty campground so a great place to stay over the night before. The Neches campground is free and you get what you pay for. There is a shelter at the halfway point about a half mile past FS511, going North. Due to the number of people, plan on it already being used. The area directly around it has really high grass and is pretty buggy. My recommendation, stash water at FS511, then camp just North of there off the trail, Its a nice area on a slight hill. Or keep heading North about .5 miles past the shelter, the forest is pretty clear and lots of space. I drove most of the road up there FS511 (both crossings) & FS526 are easily passable in just about any car. The gps route is not completely accurate where it cuts west and goes across 517, and the map at this point doesn't show a road that is there. The trail parallels this logging road for a .5 mile or so, you can see it on the satellite view. Also, we never did see FS517, so not sure it still exists or not. The area was recently burned so it was probably hidden, but doesn't appear to be a road that can be used anymore. Probably due this trail again in a year or so. Also, lots of ponds along the route so if you take a small rod there is probably some fish there.

I took my dog out on the trails, it was nice and well kept. There were lots of birds and we saw an opossum. I was hoping to see a gator but no luck today. The kayaking looks like it would be great here, can’t wait to come back and give it a try. Definitely worth checking out but it’s mostly a prairie habitat and not too exciting. If you like birds and peaceful walking trails it’s perfect.

Great trail for a winter hike. Beautiful open old-growth pine stands. Nice shelter with a fire pit about halfway if you choose to make it an overnight trip. No elevation change or big vistas, but good for East Texas woods. Fairly well kept trail with many bridged creeks. One washed out bridge and a lengthy section of boardwalk that has been destroyed by fallen trees. Quite a bit of wetlands and mud in the central section (it just rained before our hike). Probably a cold weather hike, wouldnt want to do it in the summer with all the mosquitos and ticks.

11 months ago

Long boardwalk over water that is surprisingly open. Saw lots of birds including coots, ibis, egrets, herons, and a pelican. Also saw a few blue crabs underwater (the water is clear enough you can see them!). You can hear the ocean for the entire distance. Though short by hiking standards, this is one of the better hikes in extreme southeast Texas.

trail running
Thursday, November 23, 2017

Beautiful trail and plenty of mileage for a long run. Soft footing with pine needles and leaves and sandy soil. Lots of exposed roots to keep your attention. Major river crossings had working bridges but minor creek bed crossings had poorly maintained bridges but no big deal as they were easily crossed. Peaceful and quiet little gem.

We tackled this trail in the summer. There were alot of ticks and small (harmless) spider webs that morning that we experienced. However, the trail is easy hiking allowing you to observe thick pine forest, old railway tram tracks, creeks and ponds all in the heart of deep East Texas. Loved it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Great walk but not much of a trail though. Basically a hike up and down the beach. Very pleasant.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nice easy hike. Wide trails, marked well. If you plan on being out for a while bring water, there is not a lot of shade here. The day I went some of the trails were flooded and I could not hike them. Good spot for kayaking in the bay.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Just finished a quick hike and overnight stay with my wife. We hiked about 6 miles in, then a mile back to a little lake where we camped for the night. Mosquitoes are horrid as always, but that's the price you pay in East Texas especially two weeks after a hurricane. The part of the trail we took was marked very clearly, not well kept but clear enough. The little lake is a great place to camp, however don't swim in it. We just wet our feet and the silt from the bed was stuck to us permanently. It was a little daunting at places carrying a 50# pack but still doable and a lot of fun. We will be back and start at the lake end and see how far we get.

not a trail to take alone..saw several poisonous snakes... alligator and hogs. trail is overgrown in the summer and dangerous to hike. Recommend spring time hiking!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Not worth it in the summer. I did the first 7 or so miles of this trail northbound and after the 6.5-ish miles of lovely wooded trail, I hit a poorly marked field of small growth pines and it was all downhill from there, with poor markings and what you can barely call a "trail" meandering along private farms through dense pricker forests. I thought someone was playing a joke on me. I got all cut up and had to turn around somewhere in the "winderness" section. Made the mistake of sitting at some point and got covered in minuscule deer ticks. Total # of ticks I got on that hike was about 100, not an exaggeration. The negative experience outweighed the lovely first 6.5 miles. If attempting the whole trail in the summer, don't. Maybe the growth is less in other seasons and it is an actual trail not a pricker nightmare.

Thoroughly enjoyed the village creek trail today. It starts with a great bunch of picnic tables nestled under the forest canopy and meanders along the creek! You can even swim at the end of this trail. Lots of benches skinny the way, and even a covered area close to the end of trail! I'll be back to explore the other trails another time as the rain set in! Nice paths. Clean. Minor wash outs in some areas. Overall a welcoming little hidden treasure of south east Texas!

Great place to hike and fish!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Bridges need repairing. Trail is well marked with blazes, but no mileage markers and little trail maintenance. Other than that, this trail was a pretty good workout. I hiked from Trailhead #14 to Trailhead #15, turned around and hiked back to Trailhead #14.

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