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Great views for not a lot of effort. It's all uphill but at a manageable gradient and distance. It's a popular hike so consider getting there early to find parking

Pretty steep with lot of switchbacks but it's cool to be on the top of Texas! Took us about 6 hours. Can be very windy on the top!

8 days ago

Very nice easy hike with great views at the end. I used this as a break the next day after Emory Peak and then hit South Rim. Very nice.

This was alot of fun and a bit challenging.

Not difficult until the end, where the creek crossings can be difficult due to slippery rocks. Great hike.

10 days ago

Great hike only seen one other hiker (12/2/18), covered the loop in 5hrs taking only short breaks (rushed it cause getting late start, allow more time!) observed mule deer, Javelina, birds, and amazing views. I definitely recommend it if you want to avoid the crowds of Guadalupe Peak.
Be safe and blessings!

Nice views. Took me 2.5 hours up, but I go at a fast pace when I'm by myself and without an overnight pack.

Amazing view. My friend and I did it in about 5 1/2 hours without any training whatsoever, so it’s doable. Very windy though.

One of Texas’ great hikes. Not as difficult as listed, moderate and can be completed in 4-5 hours

me and my friend camped at big bend for 5 days then on the way back came here just for the purpose of reaching the highest elevation in texas. we were running short on time and were able to go up to the top and back in only 3 hours.

This is a great day-hike trail. If you don't want to finish it in one day, then you can stay at the peak campground. The park says it is strenous. But it is great for kids too. It is also very windy in winter.

Beautiful views and ecology not typical to the rest of Texas await you on this well-maintained trail. Due to weather/terrain typical of mountain hikes, this hike can be brutal, so take this one seriously.

The entire trail took about three hours with a few breaks. Parking is very limited around busy times so we ended up having to park about a mile away and walk to the trailhead which isn't a big deal. We saw a bear about half a mile into the trail snacking on something. He didn't seemed to be bothered by people at all. the view from the top is great and is a comparable height to emory peak without having to hike all day long.

23 days ago

Great views from the peak. Can be shroaded in early morning mist first thing.

Did the peak in mid October got pinned down at the top by High Winds and freezing rain! Be sure to get an early start and make it back to camp before dark! We barely made it back down before dark but a very beautiful climb!

This hike was amazing. Gorgeous views, but dont get fooled by the 7.5 mile round trip it's a lot longer than that just one way due to all the switchbacks you traverse. So some trail training is a must before attempt to tackle this trail. When you get to the top it's all worth the effort.

1 month ago

Wonderful hike! Just enough water to make the crossings interesting and challenging.

1 month ago

Very nice trail. It is well maintained and beautifully constructed. The views at the top are magnificent!

What a thrill to stand at the highest point in Texas! This was my birthday hike, fortunately delayed from August as the temperature was perfect in early November at mid 60s F. According to my GPS, this trail is closer to 9 miles, most of which is quite steep and rocky. The wind was strong and consistent throughout. There are few signs, but only one place near the summit had us tracing the trail visually from above us to find our way. Take extra water - my daughter drank 3 liters and ran out a mile from the trailhead on the descent. Start early to finish before dark as the days are shorter, and bring a headlamp/flashlight in case you don’t. Poles are a big bonus on the way down. Expect a challenging and very rewarding hike!

Memorable hike.

Trip from Houston
Drove from Houston - hiked next day - drove back. Overnight each way. DO NOT TAKE Pecos Highway, 285 or HWY 62 - large potholes and 100 miles of oil drilling trucks, fields, etc.
Stayyed at Super 8 in Sonora - very nicely refurbished and inexpensive.

60 year old ok shape male. Left before dawn at 6:40. Hike for me took about 8 hours plus an hour on top. Glad we left in the morning before it got hot. Had hiking poles - a must if you are not 20-30 something. Had plenty of water and the foul weather gear but the day was beautiful. Day before they had 50 mph winds.

We were going to hike up to the wilderness campsites - but the campsites were full. But we got the last site at the campgrounds at the base - bring ear plugs.
So glad we did not take the 35 pound pack up 2000 feet to the wilderness campsites especially since we would have had a late start.

Brought Nikon D-90 and got some great pics. Picnic on top great.

What is amazing is the perspective - for instance, you will look down on El Capitan and the mini mountains look like dots. So I at once see the immensity of God’s creation and realize how small I am - even yet for one moment when I was the tallest person in Texas. Have fun.

1 month ago

Beautiful and not that difficult trail. I finished in 5 hours. The views are great! Lightly trafficked is an understatement, there was nobody on the trail.

Good trail that is easy to follow. Finished RT right around 4 hours. All levels can do this trail but time will vary. It’s steep in a lot of places and your legs will feel it. It was very windy during certain sections and at the very top.

A view well earned. Trail is is difficult with lots of loose rocks. Start early. Slow and steady will get you there.

Hiked on 10/29/18. Fall foliage is at near peak color and absolutely gorgeous!

Go at dusk. The sunset is majestic. Hiking back in the dark is good fun!

Great hike. The initial switchbacks were challenging, but overall the hike was enjoyable. It took me 5 hours total including a break at the top. The weather was cool and the fog created some great scenes. Unfortunately, the clouds obscured the view at the summit, but there were views along the way.

... One of my all time favorite hikes. There is a lot of variety on this trail, especially if you pay attention to small details.

1 month ago

Loved the view of fall colors throughout the hike!

Very good hike. Stream running enough to make getting to end both wet and enjoyable.

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