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Our favorite short hike in BBNP. Everyone warns of drive there but we come up Old Ore from the south headed north in small SUV and have never had issues getting to trail head. Color and rock formations are amazing. Did the hike 12 years ago with a baby in my backpack carrier, a 5 year old and 6 year old. Did it again several times since, Easy hike and well worth it. Most people stop at the tinaja but with a little bouldering you can go pretty far further. Watch hand placement as always, we did see a gorgeous blacktail rattlesnake on the cliffs while night hiking here. Make sure to stop at Juan's gravesite on the drive in to pay respects. Just north past the trailhead on Old Ore you can follow a dry creek to a small cemetery with about a dozen gravesites not marked on many maps.

4 days ago

Busy trail with great views.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Good ride with rolling hills. Apparently I went the wrong way, starting on the east side of the park with kinda steep climbs and gradual declines. several spur options. Nice tree cover. It rained last night and is a bit muddy today but not bad. Will return.

Did this a number of years ago and am planning on returning with my kids. An excellent hike if you like the desert and relative peace and solitude. Recommend going in the autumn: winters are cold and summers are too hot. Water it up, pack for the season, and bring your binoculars. You won't regret this one.

This trail has great vistas. Make sure you have enough water, especially in summer months. Some of the distance signs along the trail are certainly incorrect.

11 days ago

Overall about a 3-hour hike. Loved the views, sounds, and cactuses along the way. It’s a bit steep, more towards the end. The top view is totally worth it! Be sure to get there early to get a parking spot.

But y B.B.

on The Lighthouse Trail

13 days ago

Very nice trail. it is 5.8 miles return. At the trail's end, you can climb up to the lighthouse rock formation. The trail has ups and downs, nice scenary. Well marked.

This was fun. The scenery is great! The only downside was the difficult footing in the creek beds. They can be a real slog.

trail running
21 days ago

A wonderful rush where there’s plenty of shade and a few long stretches of sun. Bring plenty of water if you’re going the whole way ! I had a good time jogging through, hope everybody else does as well

This trail is not inside of Caprock Canyons State Park. Be aware. It is part of the park’s system and they oversee it but don’t expect campgrounds and park staff like you get inside the park North of Quitaque. Some have posted in their reviews about hiking the North Rim or various trails but this is separate.

A friend and I hiked the entire trailway (62-ish) miles from Southplains to Esteline. We took our time and did about 15 miles a day with full packs. Camped 3 nights and walked 4 days. It is a great route if you are looking to get away. There are some nice views and wildlife (deer, hogs, raccoons, coyotes is what we saw). If you hike this during warmer months watch for rattlesnakes. Be prepared to cache water ahead of time. There are outhouse-primitive bathrooms along the route every 10 miles or so but there’s no water available other than the couple towns you pass. We drove the route the day before and cached several gallon jugs of water at certain points. The park staff suggested it and good thing we did. It is rough rock that’s hard on feet and shoes so wear something with a sturdy sole. Railroad base is what the staff called it. The route used to be a rail line and there are several information boards along the way telling you about the history and the area. Very fascinating and adds a sense of the land and region as you walk. There were a ton of old railroad bridges you get to walk over. Very cool.

I recommend hiking this in cooler months. We did it in March and it was a shoulder season. It was ok for temps, warmer days removing layers and cold nights adding them back on. It would be VERY hot June through September in this part of Texas. The park staff are helpful if you have questions.

We also bike packed it but that’s a whole different experience. Massive thorns make keeping air in your tires a challenge but with the right tubeless setup it can be done.

The views and hills are between Southplains and Quitaque, most of the remaining route is pretty flat with occasional canyon views after Turkey. A ton of farmland and private property surround the trail so your camping is restricted to on or near the trail itself.

Late post from March 2018. My wife and I backpacked and camped in Laguna Meadows night 1 and TM1(Toll Mountain) for night 2. Glorious hike and views. At this point in my life, I'm very out of shape, and I was fairly exhausted; however I would do it again. 45lb pack with 2.5l of water, and plenty of food.
****Definitely make the drive to the HOT SPRINGS in Big Bend right afterwards. Surprisingly had absolutely zero soreness the next few days.

Hiked this trail in the hottest part of day in the hottest time of year. Other than the heat and need for plenty of water was a pretty easy hike. All in all this was a nice trail with easy terrain. Lots of lizards and annoying bugs (not sure what they were) that would not stop biting me! Was quite disappointed when we hit the “end of trail” post to find you couldn’t even see the landmark from this point. We didn’t carry on due to time of day and water supply but I do intend on going back and finishing the hike to the top of the lighthouse.

A staple of respite from the grind.

The South Rim is incredibly beautiful. It’s a good 2 night camping adventure. Designated primitive sites SE 3, SE 4, SW 1 are some of the best backcountry camping I’ve ever done. Go in the winter, bring cold weather gear, plenty of water. Then go drink beers at the chisos basin lodge.

24 days ago

The trail is rated moderate perhaps because of its 5.7 mile distance but it is more of an easy trail. It is well traveled and the trail itself is wide enough for a car at many places. The exception is the last part to the lighthouse which involves some climbing. But that section is not part of the trail proper. If you don’t mind a bit of climbing it is well worth the effort to get up to the lighthouse. The views from there are great. There are a couple of ways to get up from where there is a metallic bench. At first we took the path toward the left. It ended up being a bit difficult and we turned back. We took the one toward the right which was easier so I would definitely recommend that route.

28 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views every step of the way! We started out around 8am on a July day and had a nice breeze and plenty of shaded spots throughout our hike.

1 month ago

Good trail but I prefer more of the wooded trails that are off the beaten path. I found a few while hiking but I would rather do the whole trail through the trees and not on gravel roads. It was fun and a very basic trail. The trail is about 10 feet wide most of the way until you get out towards the far end of the loop. Only saw lizards and birds nothing really interesting but still had fun.

8.96 miles completed.

1 month ago

The park is really pretty and it wasn’t super crowded so that was nice. This trail is nice and moderate but you gotta make sure you look for the signs Bc they are weirdly placed. Bring lots of water!

Of course it's a great trail, but watch out for rattlesnakes. We passed 2 rattlesnakes on our hike. One was in the middle of the trail and one was toward the side of the trail in the shade. It had just bit a hiker and she was waiting for medical help to arrive. Hike in center of trail (about5-6 feet wide) and be very aware of surroundings.

1 month ago

Great trail to start off Big Bend with for me, nice and easy climb to the summit, great views from the top, I did hike in middle of July with about a 4:30pm start in 98 degree heat, only drank 2 liters of water. Hike was fairly quick but I did spend a lot of time up top with my GoPro. Definitely recommend this for even the beginner hiker.

Neat place to see. Didn’t get to hike too far on the trail due to excessive poison ivy. Will go back in the winter.

1 month ago

I took my two small dogs on this trail this morning. We got out there just right before 8am and by the time we got back to the car it was blazing hot. It took us about 2.5 hours to compete, but we took it slow and took lots of water breaks. Heavily used, mostly a hard dirt packed trail with some rocks and sand. I would say that the only thing that is moderate about this hike is the oppressive heat. I saw people walking in with only a liter of water but make no mistakes that is absolutely not enough water if you’re hiking in the heat of the day. I had two 64 ounce water bladders in my backpack and I drained most of them. Not much shade, so sunscreen and a hat is a must. Beautiful views, with lots of wildlife. We saw a few lizards, a tarantula, and some bluebirds. I would imagine this trail would have been absolutely amazing when all of the water crossings were full. I would recommend this trail to experienced hikers in the summer and to everyone on the cooler months.

1 month ago

Did this loop, including Emory Peak in one day. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone else. This hike is very strenuous, but the views! The view from the south rim is one of the most breath taking views I’ve ever seen. Especially in Texas! For me, it was worth it. But make this a 2 day hike and camp along the way.

Good trail running. Plenty of shade.

Great hike extremely strenuous. If i were to do it again i would camp at the halfway point the first day and then the 2nd i would go to the top. I’m not terribly out of shape and in my 30s and this trail was very hard for me. Someone that was with me in their 20s who is in very good shape also said this trail was very hard for them. I’m not sure what’s going on with these reviews that say it’s not strenuous. They must be Olympian’s or hike every day. Took us 7 hours and we were rushing to get back before dark.My advice is to start at 7am and to take your time.

1 month ago

Steep at times, this is a nice trail with some great views towards the end. People afraid of heights will be ok, they just might not want to stand to close to the edges. Lots of switchbacks, but nothing too serious. Small parking lot, so get there early to get a spot and avoid the crowds. We passed tons of people on our way down.

One of my favorite trails in Texas. You have to drive out into the middle of nowhere to get there, but it is so worth it. Temps were 105-115F, middle of the afternoon in late June--probably not the most"ideal" time for a 7 mile hike, but it really wasn't too bad at all. The trail is excellent in some places and tough to find in others, although they do have many signs which are helpful. Bring lots of water anyway, at least a gallon if you can and I'd wear protective clothing from the sun--it's brutal until 8 on this time of year.

Wildlife..I saw a LOT of buff scat but no animals were to be found on the trails today..Likely because a big herd of them were sitting in the pond up the road. The colors and topography of the canyons here are downright majestic. Suffice to say, I enjoyed my time hiking here (and a major plus--there's hardly anyone here AND the snack shop right up the road is open until 6:30 PM! :) Definitely thankful for this after my hike ended at 6..

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