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An amazing trail to lose yourself but not really ever get lost. The trails are marked very well, the walk is pleasantly follows beside the creek with cold fresh water to cool off in, it’s not deep but it gets the job done.
We hiked to the double lake and back. Restrooms and water fountains were provided. Along with trash cans.
You can swim in lake.
It’s out in the middle of no where, which is exactly what I like. You should try this one. Wear long pants. ✌

Did this trail today and I had such a good experience. Got lost once or twice due to some unclear markings but I managed. I was however the only one there. Very peaceful!

Very nice trail and very clean.

Very nicely kept park. Lots of little trails that branch off the paved paths. A good bit of it is in full sun, so bring a water.... nice quiet afternoon walk.

1 month ago

Its a bit warm in July but you also see no-one on the trails and there is a nice breeze. The trails are maintained so its an easy walk.

A must see when visiting The Big Bend !!

Very easy and nice trail. Ends right at a little beach and you can walk out into the river. I highly recommend it

2 months ago

Relatively easy hike, coming up to the canyon is pretty awe inspiring to see the huge looming walls. The hike into the canyon is pretty cool but its along a well established path on the side. You don't have to wade through any water unless you want to at the very end of the trail.

2 months ago

Great trail even young kids can easily walk and hike. I’ve always seen gators on it every time I walk it.

Initial portion of the hike is highly inclined. Be careful not attempt to much parkour in risk of tiring yourself out. Echos in the Canyon are superb, try sneezing!!

Lots of fun! Steeper than I thought but easy to do with stairs. The end is very rewarding as you get to go in the river.

Not a technically difficult hike, but easy is a relative term. There is an incline. It's paved concrete with some steps. Nice overlook at the top.

While the scenery is awesome, the trail was filled with mosquitos. And we are not just talking a normal amount. We were in the middle of a nat cloud type swarm of them that you could not escape. Mosquitos bites everywhere. No amount of spray controlled the. Lots of mud right now. Be prepared. 7 mile hike was easily completed.

Very peaceful and clean. Love it.

They paved the main trail. Ruined the whole place with that crap. Never coming back to my once favorite running trails. No longer trails btw when you pave them.
What a huge let down.

Amazing views. My favorite part of the hike was the nice beach in the shade. Cool boulders along the way too.

4 months ago

Absolutely breathtaking. The drive up to Santa Elena canyon is amazing and once you park and start walking towards the canyon, your jaw just drops at the sheer majesty of it. Definitely a Big Bend must see/do hike.

Great hike, okay view.

Just a beautiful view of the Rio Grande river flowing through the canyon. One of my favorite parts of Big Bend NP.

my first time and i love it...

This was a fun hike for the kids. Lots of big rocks to climb over. Started to get a little warm in the afternoon sun but that is to be expected

Beautiful hike! The whole family loved this one.

Perfect hike to start our time in Big Bend with. Upon reaching the end we went barefoot and walked up the river until we reached the first bend in the canyon. That probably added another mile to our hike. River was shallow (no deeper than 3 feet) and slow but did become rocky the further we pushed. Definitely be aware of weather conditions and be careful wading if you choose to go barefoot. Views in the river and around the bend are awesome, and really made the trail worthwhile!

love this hike ...short with so much to see

Really surprised at the end. The rock formations out shown the water hole in the rocks. Stunning and intriguing.

An easy walk which goes into the canyon, following the Rio Grande river. Some great views at the start of the walk. A nice change of scenery from the other, mostly dry desert walks.

We walked in Dec. 2017. Very worthwhile walk. Great look at the canyon.

Easy hike/walk. Trails were not clearly marked and this app did not show all the trails the park map did.

Beautiful and easy trail.

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