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Pack something to change into or peel off clothes to get into the water. The mud was difficult to walk in (knee deep for an adult) so we went back since we had 2 kids with us.

off trail
washed out
3 days ago

107 degrees, washed out trail and no payoff at the end.

bridge out
off trail
4 days ago

If you walk North along Terlingua creek there's less muddy crossing and you can hike back to trail over the hills on the canyon side. I didn't know it on the way to the canyon so ended up knee deep in a mud and walked the canyon barefoot, that was fun. Also not sure about that part on a map where it crosses Ria Grande and goes up. There was a lot of water in the river that day, didn't look forward to cross it.

8 days ago

Highly recommend taking off your shoes and trekking through the initial patch of mud barefoot, I almost lost a shoe and it was much harder to keep from getting stuck. Awesome trail with a good set of steps to climb that’ll be sure to have your thighs nice and sore. Beautiful is an understatement.

9 days ago

Plan to be knee deep in mud to get to the actual trail. You must cross the river in knee deep mud. But you can swim and wash the mud off at the end of the trial. Amazing time!

Beautiful trail, I enjoy the everything here.

off trail
12 days ago

This is pretty much a concrete path along the river with beautiful views and picture opportunities. One can see the cliffs on the opposite river bank which houses many swallows. The swallows are nice to watch fly around and be witness to their acrobatics. Cypress trees are only at the last quarter of the trail. To really see large cypress one must take a path that continues along river bank past where the trail turns west towards a camping area. If you continue south along river bank there are rapids with beautiful cypress trees all along the river bank.

13 days ago

This hike is great, I really recommend it! However be prepared. In order to begin the hike you must cross a small creek. It is very muddy and about calf deep of mud so don’t wear pants. Also to cross don’t wear shoes. Don’t go through the water- try the mud pile instead (trust me you sink less). For little ones, I would carry them. A walking stick may also help. At the very end of the trail you can wash off in the river. Again fantastic view and I fully recommend, just don’t be surprised.

There are many trails at this park. Not sure why the listing shows 1.6 miles of loop. There are many well shaded trails that I appreciate because of the Texas Sun. I’ve been walking 5 mile increments daily to hit all the areas of the park because it’s so huge. Not all trails can be used for biking so keep that in mind. Lots of wildlife and creek views.

Definitely one of the beat day hikes at Big Bend NP. It is a great place to swim once you reach the end of the trail. The canyon is very tall and beautiful. I would recommend hiking at a shaded portion of the day, towards the beginning or end of the daylight hours.

20 days ago

Great trail, even with 3 kids in tow.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. There is some climbing at the beginning where it soon levels out to the Rio Grande. You can walk in the water and admire the canyon. Just be aware of the clay bottom! This is a MUST at Big Bend.

26 days ago

this was the highlight of our trip to Big Bend. we walked about 2.5 miles into the canyon, where there was a small cave / overhang, where we enjoyed the shade. Very muddy after about 2 miles. We would sink sometimes up to our knees. Mud became much more manageable when we grabbed a couple of big sticks and using for balance. Not a ton of shade here except for the swimming hole near the trail entrance and the aforementioned cave. I wouldn't recommend going to deep if the temp is > 95 f. Bring plenty of water and sandals for wading and crossing of rocky shallow sections of the river. extremely enjoyable experience with extremely pleasant views of the canyon walls . Saw 1 bat and several flavors of birds.

Easy to moderate trail depending on your pace. Amazing views with beautiful water, bring a swimsuit! Would visit any day!

road biking
1 month ago

Très ombragée

Kid-friendly and very walkable! Lots to see, nice, paved paths, stroller friendly!

Beautiful day for a hike now that SPs are again open for day use. Bruno was ready to go today. Not anything difficult about this trail. It has a lot of shade which will be important come summer. Really enjoy this trail.

Another must do in the area. Easy fun hike going into the canyon. Completed December 2016, January 2019

The park and trail is not closed as it says on this page, but you do need a reservation even to take a lousy hike.

2 months ago

Great trail to hike and bike but most of trail is closed right now

beautiful park

Visited in early Spring, April, when the foliage is a lovely sight of green. Perfect for hiking. The hiking trails allow one to explore nature. There's a bike trail, but it is a paved asphalt and does not bring you to the inner trails where you can explore more in nature. If you are into rough terrain bike trail, this is not the one for you.

My dog and I went during the Houston shutdown. It was lovely. The trail provides excellent shade and there are occasional meadows to sit and rest in. Pollen is awful in March/April if that affects you. Would definitely go back.

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