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great long stretch. however, a good chunk runs through a neighborhood and 90% of this is paved. i personally prefer unpaved, but after a rain this could be a nice option...just dont wear hiking shoes...

Easy walk, watch for snakes when hiking. View of river, falls is fantastic! Getting down in river bed for a close view of rock formations was well worth the effort. Saw an natural spring flowing out of the ground.

3 months ago

3 months ago

My best friend and I came here during the week in the heat of the July summer. We were disappointed we were not able to swim, but the beauty of this place is worth exploring. The drive in from either Austin or Marble falls is peaceful with lots of scenery. The park attendants are friendly and informative.

If you have any health risks, I wouldn’t recommend this hike for you. Also, bring extra water in the hotter months.

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3 months ago

A wonderful rush where there’s plenty of shade and a few long stretches of sun. Bring plenty of water if you’re going the whole way ! I had a good time jogging through, hope everybody else does as well

Worth it! Every inch! The walk and sweat was worth the view I love this park. Wasn’t crowded at all. You will love it ! A must go

Go for the pool, but don’t skip the hike!

Great directions and trail ratings!

Great hike. Short but just enough for an easy Sunday morning hike. Beautiful place!!! The only real challenge is the BIG hill. Get here early, they reach capacity quick and will not let anyone else in. $$entry fee!

So beautiful!! We went the day after thanksgiving and didn’t have a reservation. We waited in a car line for 20 minutes and it was more than worth it! If I could imagine a place where mermaids live, it would be Hamilton pool. So thankful we got to visit!! The hike is super easy and pretty heavily trafficked. I think most people don’t bring water which is a must do when hiking.

Good combination of trails and pavement. Plenty of shade.

really nice view!

You need to get there early! It gets crowded fast.

awesome little trail, with good view at the end!!

Great views of the rocky river canyon with access to the springs and streams of water down below. Continue down from the overlook to the crystal clear waters and impressive views from within the canyon. The kids loved exploring the shallow water and netting minnows.

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6 months ago

Got the opportunity to run Pace Bend trails in XTERRA's 10.5K this weekend. Course went over about 90% single track, enjoyed the switchbacks, and flats. Nice trails great area. Would love to camp and run, here.

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6 months ago

I ran part of this trail for the Poppy Seed Fest 5K. Nice and easy paved trail to run when you want a break from the rough, rocky trails. Kid and pet friendly, but watch for dog poop on the trail.

I know it seems Wierd, but it IS Austin, Travis County, Texas...but you MUST have a reservation.

This is the hike to do when you go to Pedernales Falls State Park. It’s a really quick hike and then you can explore more up or down the river. I explored down the river and it was beautiful! Loved this area!

Most of the pictures attached to this hike are of the falls at the north end of the park. The twin falls is a trickle of water and not a waterfall. There’s an overlook, and you aren’t supposed to walk down to the twin falls. I didn’t think this hike was worth it even with it being a super short hike. Go to the main falls!

Very relaxing trail! Really enjoyed and would recommend to new cyclists.

SUCH an enjoyable day!

My pup loves to swim and the swimming spots were so beautiful and there was clear water. The hike wasn’t too long but it was beautiful!!

More of a bike trail than a hiking trail. Camping isn’t the best

been here 3x ...what amazing place to see. during summer time you have to call or visit the website to reserve as its get busy so to control number of people for safety and preservation of such beautiful place!! I went there in January and you can just go no reservation needed but if you want to swim summer time for sure!

nice view . easy trail for whole family with small kids.

This is a good trail to run for trail runners, when you want a break from sharp rocks, long switchbacks, tree limbs to the face, steep hills, etc. Run next to the concrete parts of the trail (on the grass) when possible to still get the "trail" under your feet.

The two times I've run this trail I've seen relatively few people, mostly hikers and moms with strollers, and I don't think I've seen any dogs. The scenery is nice, mostly trees and bushes and some rocks, scrub and oak-forest looking- but when you get past the section along the road (to the west) the scenery is especially pleasant for about a mile.

And from Booty's Road Park, you can easily get to Lake Georgetown.

9 months ago

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9 months ago

Once you find the park itself, there are a few small rock parking lots, but if you drive further into the park you can park along side the road- just mind the no parking signs. The trail heads are easy to find, as most are not very hidden, and some do have (slightly visible) signs, and I think anywhere you see parking there's a trail head.

The main section of the trail on the north side of the road has a few benches and a few nature-info signs. But directional/trail name signage is completely void. The trails are rather easy to follow, very wide in most places. There are nice views of the river, and some historic buildings- and even a functioning, outhouse-looking restroom. There are a few trails that go into thicker woods, wind a little, rocky and such, but for the most part: If you want a nice leisurely stroll- see some birds, say hi to other hikers/runners, this side is good for that. Also this side is for biking, because...

On the south side of the street, the only signs I saw where "no bikes", at one or two trail heads; and the signs on the barbedwire fence saying "no tresspassing; private property" and stuff like that. This side is for the rockin' and rollin'! Very rocky trails, some scramble parts, large rocks and tree branches and pokey-bushes to contend with. The streams crossings on this side don't have bridges (there's an unspectacular bridge on the north side), the trails aren't very wide. You want that "wilderness" or "rugged" feel, this side is for you. There are lots of intersecting trails, and some that go to nowhere or just disappear into the thick woods/large rocks. But for the most part, follow the path here on All Trails and you'll nto get turned around. But even if you do get turned around, it's a rather small space and pretty much impossible to really get lost, because you got roads on two side and barbed wire fences on two sides, and the main trail/s are pretty noticable- though again, no signage back here period (or benches, restrooms, etc.).

And about that waterfall- either I didn't find it; or else the rather small waterfall I did find doesn't live up to the descriptions given here and on other park/trails websites. Maybe I just need to come after a good rain. All in all, this place has it all- wide easy trails, serene scenery, nature, skinny rugged trails, hill climbs, creek crossings, benches, river views, etc. I did get in ten miles of running, but only after running all the trails at least twice.

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