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Lots of fun to follow the wash up, and the Hiker's Staircase and Devil's Hall were amazing sights. Spotted a tarantula and a few deer.

Well-maintained and not very steep. Spectacular views the entire way up. Super windy around a few corners when I hiked it last week - definitely bring a jacket.

Tons of fun and amazing views! I had to wade through the river at the very beginning to get to the incline, and then the canyon itself was so beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous view from the top. Super worth it!

I am an unfit 26 year old who likes to hike occasionally, but otherwise I am inactive. These reviews definitely made me feel ill prepared for this hike, along with the park ranger who advised we not start the hike as late in the afternoon as we did, but we chose not to listen. I’m glad we went ahead!

We started our hike on 10/14 at 2:20pm, reached the summit at 5:07pm, started our trek back down at 5:35pm, and were back at 7:15pm. Lots of stops on the way up, just a couple on the way down. We each took two liters of water. A third probably would have been good to have.

The weather was PERFECT. The wind kept us cool most of the hike. We started in shorts and tank tops. Brought pants and pullovers that we changed into at the summit, but we didn’t need to because it didn’t cool off until after we left the park. It got chilly at times, but the weather was consistent for our hike up and down. The wind wasn’t 50 miles per hour at the summit for us, but barely blowing while we were there. The views were clear, and we could see everything! So amazing!

Passed maybe 25 people who were coming down the mountain on our way up. Passed two people who were going up on our way day. Very peaceful and quiet trail that we had to ourselves most of the hike, so I’m glad we chose that time to go!

It wasn’t as hard as a lot of these reviews make
It seem, but it was hard. Also, our apple devices said we hiked 10 miles total. We did the hikers only trail, not the horse/hiker trail. Something to keep in mind as well. The trail is well marked, so staying on it is easy. There is a lot of loose gravel/rocks, but it didn’t really seem to be an issue. Just wear hiking shoes.

If you’re planning on doing Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains in the same day, like we did, there’s a time change. Guadalupe is an hour behind Carlsbad.

Short easy trail, beautiful rock formations!

Beautiful hike! Bears are sited!

Moderate difficulty but exquisite views. Backpack in for solitude when the day hikers have returned to the basin.

6 days ago

Favorite hike in GMNP. Far less busy than Guadalupe Mountain and pretty good views. The forest near the peak is beautiful. Saw many golden eagles on a late afternoon hike. Hot in summer.

*This rating is the trail up to and back from the Notch.*

I originally planned only to go to the Grotto (which is pretty damn cool, btw), which is a pretty easy hike), and then figured I'd go on up to the Notch since I had a couple extra hours. That part of the hike (above the Grotto) is much more difficult, lots of elevation gain in a short distance, but SO worth it for the view of the south canyon, which is much more breathtaking than that of the north canyon.

My group loved this trail! Be prepared for crazy weather changes! we started off hiking in minimal clothing to bundled up on top and wet! Such an adventure and so much fun!

Hard to rate it well b/c the top part of the mountain was covered in clouds (and cold wind!) all day when I hiked it. So I got no view AND the hike up was pretty miserable b/c of the weather. I can imagine w/o that issue, it would have been a spectacular, five-star hike. The trail is hard b/c of the elevation gain, but the trail is really well-maintained with plenty of switchbacks, so no scrambling necessary! I would love to do the hike again if I could be sure it was going to be a clear day at elevation. (The weather forecast for today was all sunny. NOT.)

Nice view of the river. One of San Antonio’s best spots.

Not bad

2.7 mi in, and 2.7 out. not too hard, just long. veri nice scenery.

on Lost Mine Trail

10 days ago

Gorgeous view

Careful this hike is very hard but very rewarding. The views at the top are spectacular. Barely saw anyone else on the trail when we went. Little shade and we ran out of water near the end of the trip. Make sure you pack sunblock, hat, water, snacks, lunch.

I really enjoyed this hike. I'm pretty new to hiking, but relatively fit. I live at sea level, so the altitude was a bit of challenge too.

The first leg of this hike is the most difficult. The hike up the Pinacles is steep, full of switchbacks, and long enough to make you work for it. That said, there are some stunning vistas of the rest of the Chisos mountains.

Once you complete the first leg, you get to the splinter off for Emory Peak. This was an easier leg, but still challenging, especially towards the end. I was racing a thunderstorm up the mountain, and wish I had a little more time at the top.

The last 50 feet or so was pretty challenging for me. I have a 'healthy' fear of heights, and it took a lot of nerve for me to actually get up on the mountain. The view is something else though.

After you summit, the remainder of the hike is almost all down hill. The short leg of the Colima trail has a bit of climb, but it's not bad.

I did this hike in Early October, and there was quite a bit of cloud cover. I still went through almost 5L of water. Bring lots of water. I was able to complete the loop in a little under 6 hours, but I was really pushing it on the way up.

Climbed it on September 15. Weather was fantastic. It was more difficult than I anticipated, but definitely worth it.

12 days ago

Very interesting hike along the base of the mountain along a washed out river bed. The Devil's hall and the stairs leading to it are quite a sight. Great for those who want a hike without much elevation gain.

Definitely a challenging hike but worth the views at the top! Climb to the very peak if you are brave enough - it’s beautiful! We did this on a rather warm day in September; thankfully it got cooler the further we went up, but the way back we definitely felt the heat. We started at 1030am and we were back around 4 or 430. Total time of actual hiking was about 4 1/2 hours (we are in our 30’s and do CrossFit.. we booked it on the way back..don’t get me wrong though, this was a tough hike!)

You work hard for the summit but it's so worth it. The views from the top are breathtaking. The walk down is a lot easier. Take water.

Outstanding hike, the pictures do not do justice. Myself 22M and my father 54M made this hike Friday night and Saturday morning. The hike up is quite challenging unless you are frequently doing this level of hike. Camping on the mountain is very worth it as it gives you a break between hiking up and down, and starting at 10AM the trail gets heavily trafficked which can be annoying. We summoned at 9am and there was no one else around, it was amazing. Only complaint is that the amount of loose rock on this trail makes for very easy trips and rolled ankles. Happy hiking!

14 days ago

Amazing views. Great trail

14 days ago

Nice trail leading to the canyon but very hot with limited shade.

We hiked up the the peak campground on Friday and set up camp and then continued on to the peak. It was an amazing and strenuous hike. It was hard on my knees. The views were amazing. Saturday morning we took one more trip to the peak and broke camp. The hike down may be harder in a way then going up. Sadly it was a highly trafficked trail on the way down. We must have passed at least 50-60 people going up. It was very annoying. It seemed that we couldn’t walk 5 minutes without having to move aside. Overall it was worth it.

Didn't get to complete the trail due to high level of water, but the canyon was pretty. It was also pretty hot even when going early in the morning.

14 days ago

Great trail with plenty of shade along the way & not as difficult of a scramble to the peak as anticipated. Did this trail first in the morning then completed Lost Mine trail.

14 days ago

Good trail with great views. Also saw a black bear from a distance, but it didn't get close.

Great trail with awesome views along the path!

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