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Awesome hike, took 2:30 getting to the peak for an 8 am sunrise. Most challenging part was the cold and windy conditions going up, but that dissipated after sunrise. Definitely felt the elevation the first half mile but got acclimated to it after that. Like others have said, very windy at the top. Quick and easy coming down. 5 hours round trip was tiring but easily doable. Sunrise from the peak is absolutely amazing!

5 days ago

The views along the way are good. I went around sunset and it was really nice to see the sun setting along the mountains. The last half of the trail is very Rocky and unfriendly though and easy to get lost so keep your hiking boots ready.

Spectacular hike! Beautiful views from the beginning. The first mile is tough, pretty steep but its a good trail and well maintained. Top half was real windy, 30+mph so come prepared. Unbelievable views at the top make every step worth it. 5:11 up and down for our ave fit group. Highly recommend!

A lot of hikes on here are rated as hard and a lot of times are more medium in my opinion. This one however is a hard hike. My wife and I both had our backpacking packs on 30-45lbs and both agreed even without our packs if we were just day hiking it, it still would have been a good workout. I highly recommend this hike! The views are incredible and the top is worth the struggle it takes to get there.!

If you camp up at Guadalupe peak campsite it’s around 8000ft it is poorly marked. So when you hit the trail marker that says camp site to the right of the main trail you need to follow what almost looks like a small game trail over the next ridge and then you will find the sites. I’d say it’s probably .1/8th mile from the main trail.

As we came down after camping the winds were around 50-60 mph gusts and hard to stay standing at times. We had winter gear and wind breakers otherwise it would have been pretty brutal up there.

Coming down we ran into people with hardly any water, wearing sandals, or very little clothes. Just make sure you check the weather and are prepared. I’m pretty sure a number of those people probably had to turn back before making the summit. Hopefully this helps. If you take the right gear this hike is amazing!!

10 days ago

Great 2 day hike. Start off at Cedar Breaks and hike about 15mi to Walnut Creek primitive camp site. There are a lot of good spots to pitch your tent and you can head down to a small beach to cool off in the water! After that it’s about 11 more miles around the lake. Really enjoy this spot, decent views, good people, a diamond in the rough if you’re looking to get some good mileage in.

This trail is an amazing contrast to the trek up the mountain. I went in November and the colors were outstanding.

Great trail with spectacular views. I did it at age 60. Get out there.

Great views with wild life deer and aoudad

17 days ago

Due to recent rains, the trail was a little wet but passable. We only did the first loop as we wanted to see what it was like before more rain came. definitely, want to come back and work up to the whole six miles. Very peaceful even that close to a road.

17 days ago

The is a great trail for experienced hikers. There were some 3 to 5 foot ups and downs. There was some water on the trail, but we were able to get around it. Very moderately trafficked. We did see some people on horses. It would also be good for bikes. We loved it and will definitely be back.

1 month ago

Awesome place to hike and camp along the way! We went with a hammock and had a blast!

mountain biking
1 month ago


View was breathtaking ❤️

Excellent hike. Outstanding scenery and would rate as moderate.

Tough hike but it's definitely worth it once you make it to the top

Great trail. Extremely strenuous but totally worth it when you make it to the top. We completed it in 5 hours.

Fantastic trail and a really great campsite near the top. Would definitely go again.

It’s a pretty and pretty easy hike. The second half is follow the wash and make your own path. Just before the Hall there is a amphitheater like formation. Keep going just a bit longer.

Great trail with nice view

1 month ago

Good 2 day backpacking trip. The trail is very well kept and maintained. The trail itself is very nice and a fun, challenging hike. The south shore is much more scenic, rugged, and remote feeling. That being said, this is not a remote trail, and there are houses visible from many parts of the trail - several with their back fences adjacent to the trail - and almost always road noise.

Hiked to the summit on Thursday 1/25/18. No snow or ice on the trail but if there is I would be prepared to turn back at dicey spots and definitely come with trekking poles, proper footwear, and many layers for this amazing hike. Hat and gloves for sure right now for when the wind picks up.

Took the trail heading out to Devils Hall which adds mileage but gets you warmed up on some flat grade prior to the elevation gain. The other route sends you straight up but is shorter. I think it added at least a mile to my journey.
Call it 9.5 miles I reached the top and back down in a smidge over four hours but trucked it the whole way down and up and spent 15 at the top.

Sign the summit book and be ready to work. This hike is exactly what it says it is...3,000 foot elevation to the highest point in Texas. You earn the view by putting in the work.

A must for any seasoned in shape day hiker visiting GMNP.

Definitely a hard hike, not for kids under 13, make sure you bring plenty of water and food. About 2.5 hours to the peak, and one hour fifty min out. We hustled and were tired. Well worth it though! There is a couple windy areas at this time, gusts up to 35, but press on.

Great Hike, starts out hard, levels out, and finishes hard. GREAT hike for the state of Texas. I've done this one twice, once in the summer and once in the winter. Both were great

Fun hike, our group got to the peak for sunrise. Pretty unrelenting elevation changes, but that is to be expected with a gain of 2857 feet. Well maintained trail with some exposed sections. I did not feel unsafe, however I would be wary of bringing children up there. We also lucked out with the weather, as when we went there were no icy patches.

well maintaned campsite and trail. excellent views with a pretty tough trail and amazing view at the end. would do again

2 months ago

Completed the loop this weekend. What a great trail. I really enjoyed the numerous camp options available, great views, and well marked trail. The only part we got mildly confuse on was after mile 24 when you start your way up to the dam. Would love to hike it again in the fall or spring. I do t think I would attempt this full loop trail in the summer. Enjoy

Love the trails here! Very pretty and peaceful! only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you've never hiked these trails before they can get a little confusing as to where you should go. now if things like that don't bother you than you'll love it!

Ran (mostly fast walked actually - very rocky) 1:20 up and 1:00 down. Great views, lots of interesting terrain & several ecosystems.

While the hike itself was strenuous at the end, it was not as difficult as others have reported. I had a fabulous weather day. 6 hours round trip.

12/30/2017!!! Great way to finish the year. A super fun challenge with amazing views!!

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