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We figured (3 of is) that it is closer to a 7 me round trip, but absolutely beautiful and worth the hike!

Easy hike with kids and great scenery everywhere. Loved this spot.

Breathtaking hike. Saw several moose and 2 bears. Be sure to dedicate an entire day to this hike, took us 8 hours.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. My family and I thought this was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever been on with awe inspiring scenery and views. Unfortunately, we were forced to turn back at the top due to too much snow. We were unable to get to Mirror lake. We will definitely hike this trail again.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. Like that of previous reviews, this is a 10 mile out and back hike. This hike is also more on the difficult side as well. We ran into a number of people that were struggling on this trail that felt it was far harder than the moderate app rating. Personally, my family and I thought it was a beautiful hike with a lot of beautiful scenery. We will definitely hike this trail again if I’m ever in the neighborhood again.

2 months ago

Unbelievable. Best trail we were able to hike during our 10 day trip. Absolutely incredible views.

Arrived at Jenny Lake right at 8am to take the ferry, saved several hours of daylight to avoid the loop trail around the lake. I would say almost a necessity to knock out the whole hike in a single day.

Saw about 5 moose along the way.

Must do if you are in the Tetons and are looking to hike.

I love this hike a lot.

One of our absolute favorites. We have gone in the summer, spring, and fall. It's gorgeous in the spring/summer with all the flowers

Strenuous hike with a well-earned reward of two lakes and beautiful scenery at the top. We had a real surprise at Surprise Lake when a mama black bear and her two cubs joined us at the lake for their afternoon drink!

5 months ago

Water was freezing!

I'm not experienced hiker at all, that's why I chose moderate hike. It was amazing, but not so easy, I would put hard rank to this hike, because climbing through the rocks was not funny for me and my girlfriend at all:)) but no matter what never give up and the view was breathtaking!!! Just be ready to climb rocks. The last few meters of home was the most difficult but as I said it's all worth it! The view like in Switzerland, that's for sure! I did hike at the beginning of August!

I just wanted to clarify for people this is actually a 10 mile hike. The description is extremely misleading. The 5 miles are not a loop and you will be ascending a steep grade for most the hike. The cave lies near the top of mountain and you will climb another mountain and work your way around the canyon. In addition, the drive to the end of Darby Canyon road involves 4 miles of gravel road that will be slow going to reach the trailhead. Make sure you are prepared and take suitable precaution. I have hiked many areas in the west and i would rate this as a moderate to difficult hike. It it definitely worth doing.

This hike was worth the challenge of getting to the top to see surprise and amphitheater lake. We started this hike out planning to go off trail to view Delta Lake, but it was snowing and making it up the boulder fields was almost impossible and too dangerous. We decided to hike up almost 3 more miles to surprise and amphitheater lake and we are glad we did. Before we went on this hike we read that black bears were known to be spotted very close to the trail. We encountered one adult black bear and then one cub an hour later who came right up to my dad. Make sure to bring some bear spray!

6 months ago

Definitely worth the trek! The final stretch up from Cascade Canyon is definitely snowy right now but the gorgeous lake makes slightly soggy shoes more than worth it :)

my friend and I hiked this on 9/23 which was the beginning of snowfall. There were plenty of parking at the trailhead at around 9:40AM. Once we started to get on the unmaintained trail, we started to see snow on the grounds. There was lots of snow as you go higher on the boulders. It took us almost 4 hours to get to the lake because it was hard to follow footsteps since there was fresh snow in most areas but just go all the way to the end until you hear water..that's the water coming down from Delta. We went through the trees instead of the boulders because we didn't see the "second field of boulders " until later. Since there was so much snow, it was hard to gauge if there are cracks in between boulders so we did fall into cracks many many times. Trekking poles and gaiters are highly recommended to help with this. we only hungout for 15 minutes or so at the lake as it was snowing a lot and our feet were soaked. The snow did go up to thigh high at some points. We slipped a lot on our way down...but it took us about 2 hours going down. Unfortunately, the Tetons were covered by the clouds and lake was frozen but it was still very MAGICAL! will definitely have to come back when it isn't snowing

22 Sep it was getting snowy to the point where I turned back because I wasn't properly equipped. Looks like there was more snow last night so snowy for the 23rd. Lots of berries on the slopes so watch out for bears and make sure to carry spray and bells.

loved it! did this trail up to the cabin in Aug, it was an amazing day!

We started the trail with no snow and by the time we made it to the cave there was about 4 inches. Such a beautiful hike and the cave is awesome! The last tenth of a mile is the toughest part but not bad; I would consider the rest of the trail to be easy.

Beauty that photos can't capture. Significant traffic, not challenging enough for my preference. Pretty lax. Suitable for very young and the seniors I saw. Family friendly for sure. Great hike.

Spent a few days in the area. Trekked 30+ miles between this and Leigh lake. Busier than expected. Found more the solitude I sought near the trail ends. Peaceful, gorgeous, but not a great view of Tetons here. Better at Leigh lake.

I went on this hike twice in my life while in a church camp. Sadly I've never been to the caves, but the hike is still worth making, it has gorgeous scenery, including some breathtakingly bright, colorful wildflower patches (depending on when you go of course) and the waterfall at the end is nice as well.
Only complain I have is that I remember it being a lot less steep than it actually was

It was my first time in Grand Teton NP and this was definitely the highlight. A hard hike with the elevation and switchbacks but absolutely worth it. Great views on the way up and the lakes were spectacular. Plenty of snow in mid-July at the top and the lake was still half covered in ice. The scenery surrounding Amphitheater was awe inspiring. An afternoon storm rolled in on the way down and we got hit with rain, hail and some lightning but still had fun.

7 months ago

Insanely beautiful hike. Not much traffic, especially if you go in the early fall months. The trail is really well maintained, and the forks are marked, so getting lost isn't a possibility. There are a decent amount of moose at the top of the canyon where the trail levels out before the second half of the uphill climb, so keep your eyes out.

7 months ago

Not a huge hiker, get winded pretty fast. But this hike wasn't bad at all. Boulder fields are easy to get through too. Worst part was the elevation gain right after the second boulder field up to the lake. I definitely recommend this hike, it's breathing and overall not a long hike up and back.

Awesome hike ! Worth the time and pain!

Hard hike but very pretty!

7 months ago

This was a hard hike but well with it! The lake is gorgeous. The turn off is pretty easy to miss so you have to keep your eyes out.

Really beautiful trail. The hike up wasn't too bad, but it was steeper than I was expecting. The climb into the windcave was really steep. Also, don't wear Chacos on this hike. There are a good amount of rocks on the trail, and I caught the front of my sandals caught multiple times

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