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My wife and I did this hike in 3 days for our first backcountry camping trip. While we did a copious amount of planning and research for the Yellowstone portion of our trip later that week, we most assuredly did not for Grand Teton, and took whatever walk-in permit the park had available. Needless to say, we were not prepared for how demanding this hike would be.

We started our journey from String Lake and made our way up Paintbrush Divide, where we found an incredible campsite on a ledge overlooking Leigh Lake to spend our first night.

All was well, until on day 2 I was hit with a bout of altitude sickness. Moving a few feet per minute, it was the most miserable 4 miles of hiking I've ever experienced—rounding every corner and seeing more incline was a constant blow to my psyche. Once we reached the top, however, it was all worth it, as the views were breathtaking. As soon as we started heading down the backside into Cascade Canyon, I immediately felt like myself again. We stopped at the pristine Lake Solitude to fill up and made our way down the trail a bit to set up camp for the night.

Day 3 was a slow descent back towards Jenny Lake, where we were ecstatic to see the first signs of the parking lot, barely able to contain our excitement at the thought of taking off our hiking boots and dropping our packs.

TL;DR This was an absolutely stunning hike—we just weren't prepared for the physical toll it would take.

This is a wonderful hike, with the elevation change you need to catch sweeping views of Teton Valley, Taggart, and Bradley lakes. As you climb higher the switch backs are pretty tiring, but the effort is worth it as you enter Garnet Canyon and the peaks rise around you. Climbing over the boulder field is fun, but if you're not looking to extend your trek, picnic at the little creek and enjoy the view! It took me, my mom, and sister about 6 hours with a lengthy lunch break, and we got an amazing, if small, glimpse into what the Tetons have to offer.

This was an intense but truly awesome hike. I was among a group of 10 friends and we hiked the whole route on the same day (July 19, 2017). The amount of snow the Tetons got this past winter (approx. 65 total feet), made it a bit hairy on the last slope as you approach the saddle which is the highest part of the hike. Once over the top, you can look down and see Lake Solitude, which was surprisingly still frozen! You can also see Table mountain, and of course The Grand! Because of snow on the way down, we had to climb down a boulder field at one point, but once you make it down into the canyon the views of the Tetons are beautiful and it's pretty much a nice gradual grade out. Look for moose when you start seeing the tall weeds next to the river. If you are short on water there are lots of places to fill up. We began filling up on the back side of the saddle as we descended into the canyon. Water was clear and ice cold! Trekking poles are a must in my opinion, and bring bear spray as our group spotted one in the forest on the way up. And don't forget trail etiquette: hikers on the way up have the right of way. Just politely stand off to the side and allow them to pass.

Lots of adventure will be heading your way on this trail, from bears and moose, to sketchy snow crossings and boulders tumbling down at you on the Solitude Lake side of paintbrush divide....expect the unexpected! and get it done!

Did this as a day hike in 10 hours. Wear shoes that are good for snow or have an ice ax. Views were spectacular. Saw one bear, another couple said they saw two bears in paintbrush canyon that I met at lake solitude. Great as an overnight or one long day.

Did a 3 day trip with an overnight at Upper Paintbrush and Alaska Basin, definitely the best hike we did in the US. It's long, about 35 miles and heavy, especially steep trail and heavy (smokey) air conditions but it was all worth it. You can start at string lake but we took a boat to the beginning of cascade canyon and a boat back.

Great hike!

Great hike! My party crossed the pass on 7/26/17. Most of the path on the way to 10,700 was snow covered. highly suggest to cross in the morning when there is no rain. Check out the weather daily.

My husband did a summit climb of Grand Teton three years ago, and since we were back in the area, he wanted to show me some of the trail he took for that climb. We actually went a little further than the waterfall, across the boulders and into what he called the Meadows. The weather was cloudy and cool; we got rained on a time or two. I made it just fine on the trail, but the boulder climb was challenging for me (as a clumsy person). We also encountered two bears near the beginning of the trail, a young grizzly and a black bear, who were too intent on eating blueberries to pay any attention to us. We chose to slip around them, both because all the other people on the trail were doing it and because we had bear spray. Great way to spend a day, and I'm happy my husband got to reminisce about his summit experience.

That shit was hard. We really needed crampons and ice axes at top of paintbrush but hey, we didn't fall off and lived to tell the tale

One of my favorite hikes to this day! Completed last August. Started about 8:30 AM and finished around 4:30 PM with a lunch break at Lake Solitude. The incline is slow and steady and only becomes noticeable as you are approaching paintbrush divide (from either direction). There was an afternoon storm, so come prepared with a pack-able rain jacket/pants. We were the only ones not soaked. It only added to the adventure. Everything about this hike is incredible. Would do it again in a heart beat.

It was about 8.5 miles to the waterfall and back. There's snow on the trail from there on up, but without gear, that's where we stopped. Tons of people we're going further though; way more experienced people!

I did this on June 30th 2017 and in the lower Paintbrush canyon campsite the snow begins and the trail was not to find until after lake solitude. It was super icy on the pass and an ice axe would be helpful. started at 07:30 on string lake, 11:30 at iced Holy Lake, 13:30 at Paintbrush divide, 14:30 at icy Lake solide and 17:15 back at string lake Parking area. Was a very hard 10hrs and dangerous trail because of the icy conditions. Bring crampons and at least sticks to be on the safe side. The awesome view is worth it.

Can someone who has done this hike in June 2017 let us know the snow conditions on the route? Do I need more than crampons? I have only done this wonderful hike in August and want to be prepared as I hope to do it on July 3. Thanks --Jim

Not hard, but very beautiful

This trail was recommended by the park rangers for the snowy conditions at end of May. (first I wanted a two night backpack of the Grand Teton loop).
And it was pretty amazing, did winter camping at Holy Lake, practiced with crampons and ice axe (safety) and learned that the best way up on snow is straight. At the divide, used the route to get up the unnamed mountain on the RHS - well worth it, glorious views including a front seat for viewingGrand Teton.
Going straight down Paintbrush divide - required braking with an ice axe for ~200ft elevation but quickened the slow snow route by a lot.
After that, pretty straighforward down. I also very liked a point in Cascade canyon where the river gets wide and you can have an island for yourself.
Was much more crowded in the Cascade canyon side, there was also a moose.

Day1: Jenny Lake trailhead 3pm. Winter camping at Holy Lake campground @8pm (permit required).
Day2: 7am starting, 10am reaching the divide (much slower going up in slow with a backpack), enjoying views, 12am going down and getting back about 3pm.
It's doable in a day with snow, but would reserve at least 12h for it.

We just hiked this beautiful trail on Thursday May 18th. after a few days of snow we were skeptical about how far we could make it up the trail but ended up getting about a mile from the end of the trail before we turned back. the snowy switchbacks were a bit sketchy and we kept slipping. we didnt have yak tracks or poles otherwise we may have made it further. absolutely gorgeous views and a great peaceful hike in the Tetons!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Great hike. Nice steady elevation gain and great views along the way. My wife was still slated from hiking the day prior and almost had us turn around at the canyon junction. Glad we didn't because the views in the canyon are worth every step you take. Especially in late October with snow capping the mountains. Find the trailhead at Lupine Meadows.

Favorite hike of my life so far! Absolutely beautiful. We started at String Lake TH, went through lower and upper Paintbrush Canyon to Holly Lake. After that it's about 2-2.5 miles to the divide. Sketchy at the end of July with snow patches but we knew it was doable without an ice axe. Check the trail condition! Stunning views the whole way. Hard hike to Holly Lake. We camped in lower paintbrush, which is definitely underrated! Saw a moose there.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Spectacular views. Wowed. Overwhelmed. Grateful. Absolutely worth the effort!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I couldn't find much of anything about this hike so I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised when it was all said and done. I would suggest making it a loop going up the Taylor Mountain trail outside of Driggs to the top of Taylor Mountain, connecting onto the Coal Creek Trail, and returning via the Moose Creek Trail. The hike up Taylor mountain is steep uphill with some great high mountain meadows and virtually no-one else. This part of the hike gets a 10 for solitude. I did not see another person until we were descending Taylor Mountain at 3.5 hours in. As you are getting somewhat close to the top of Taylor Mountain the trail disappears in a meadow. Just traverse the meadow going roughly NE towards a scree and boulder pile. As you approach the boulder pile you will see the trail to your right ascending into the trees. The view from Taylor Mountain is great, it's steep down from there to coal creek and down coal creek for the most part. When you connect on to Moose Creek you have to cross it and it was half way to my knee in early September. Bring something to cross the creek with and it will be no problem. You can make some good time going down Moose Creek back to the Trail head. There are better views on hikes but you can't beat the solitude so it gets 5 stars for me and I'll definitely be doing this again.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some of the best views of the Tetons! The climb isn't too bad, we finished the trail in just under 9 hours same day. If I get to come back, I would love to camp here too!

We took paintbrush canyon all the way to the paintbrush divide. We camped in lower paintbrush camping zone because the upper was full- which I'm glad happened because the view from our campsite (the last one in the lower camping zone where it says 2 sites and it's the higher up one on the rock faces you have to hike up a bit to get to) was gorgeous with views of Leigh and Jackson lake. It took us a while to get to the divide and once you do, the trail gets a little sketchy with all loose rock and a little bit of on all fours climbing and just one snow field. (No need for ice axes in August) but it is well worth it once you get to the top because of the views of the cathedral group (The Grand, Mt. Owen and Mt. Teewinot) it is a difficult hike with a 4,000 vertical ft climb, so not for beginners. But it is WELL worth the struggle.

Monday, August 22, 2016

One of the best single day hikes I've done. I would recommend beginning at the Leigh Lake trailhead and going up Paintbrush Canyon then down Cascade Canyon. You'll see three lakes (Holly, Solitude, & Jenny). The paintbrush divide (8 miles in) was my personal favorite spot along with inspiration point (18 miles in). The first 8 miles is all climbing with the steepest climbing as you reach Paintbrush divide. You cross a snow bank and have a small scramble around a corner of the switchback as you reach the top. That was enough excitement for me but then you reach the top and it's definitely worth it. It's all downhill from there with the most demanding downhill as you descend to Lake Solitude. Once past Lake Solitude the trail is more gradual downhill and you can really make some time cruising down Cascade Canyon. My Garmin clocked in at just over 8 hours with my moving time being just over 7 hours. I started at 10:30 and finished at 6:30 but I would recommend starting earlier. I saw no wildlife except two trail runners who I thought were crazy for running this trail. I will try and do this every summer, it was amazing!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

One of my favorite hikes ever! (And I have hiked all through the Hawaiian islands) The entire hike is amazing. Highly recommended!!!!

Hiked this on my 45th birthday last year...the first part of the trail was very scenic, 2nd part not so much, as it looked to be damaged by fire, kind of barren. Hiked through a lot of snow/mud, but it was still early season for area. Great workout, great experience, great hike.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Great trail, well marked. Camped 2 nights at Lupine Meadows and climbed the Middle and South Tetons. Absolutely beautiful.

I utilized this trail as a connector to Inspiration Point and Hidden falls; Mainly to avoid the large crowds for as much as possible near Jenny Lake. Also, I had heard trail was marked as "most likely to see a bear." It worked great! I loved this trail, mainly for the wildlife! We saw three black bears while on the trails and lots of little creatures (Falcons, Marmots, etc). The views were great as well!

I did Paintbrush Canyon to Holy lake. Great hike!

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