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8 hours ago

This was a beautiful hike! We only went as far as the cliffs but the trail goes further on.

Great hike with beautiful scenic views. The stairs are the only real challenge.

2 days ago

This was a great trail for taking my 4 yr. old and 8 yr. old kids.

Loved this trail! Highly recommend for everyone :)

Great climb! Beautiful views. You will get wet though, have to cross a few rapids on the trail.

4 days ago

We took our 3 dogs through the “harder” hike and it was beautiful. However the Ridge Overlook we didn’t see an overlook at all. Gorgeous views and not rough at all! 2 overlooks we’re closed temporarily so I’ll definitely be going back to see the those at some point. Took us about an hour to go through the whole thing, but our dogs walked ya so faster than it would’ve been without him. Also very clean!

Easy hike for a fabulous view!

Great hike up and down to the falls. Super crowded. Way too many people for my taste, not to mention the abundance of empty water bottles, cigarette butts, and the occasional diaper thrown in for good measure. Just a matter of time before the state shuts it down.

loved the view from sunset rock.

Great trail with lots of variety ie. Waterfalls, streams, big rocks, beautiful overlooks.

Awesome, the stairs to the falls was tough.

Enjoyed going after strong rain. Powerful falls. Would prefer a little longer hike.

13 days ago

very nice tail and views

I went after several inches of rain. The amount of water was amazing! There are areas where the railing is missing along the trail. Repairs still need to be made to areas that have been closed for a few years.

14 days ago

beautiful trail with lots of mini waterfalls along the way. trail can be tricky in some parts, due to rocks & roots. the waterfall at the top is gorgeous!

Trail wasn’t too busy, until we got close to the waterfall. Once we reached the stream, it was much more crowded. But very much worth our time!

21 days ago

Great trail to see so many of the beautiful wonders of the Cumberland Plateau and the surrounding areas. Nice day hike but an even better overnight experience.

22 days ago

Beautiful views on top!!! Told 2 be on lookout for rattlesnakes didn’t see any thankfully !!!

Great water fall, little bit rough getting just because of the tree roots. Very beautiful!!

23 days ago

I agree with a previous reviewer. An easily moderate trail for sure and I say more than easy only because of the stairs. Only recommendation I would give is to wait until beginning to mid October whenever the leaves start to turn and the trees aren’t grown up as much for the many overlooks. Overall I loved this trail and I didn’t even trek down to the falls.

Beautiful swimming hole. Perfect for a hot summer day.

27 days ago

Need to plan next time to stay here and maybe stay in one of the yurts. Only got to do the loop and one of the falls - Cherokee. So need to go back and do the other trails and falls.

28 days ago

My 58yr old heavy set mother hiked to the overlook with no problem. I hiked to the base of the waterfall with my 2yr old niece and went swimming. The hike down was fairly easy, just watch your footing with tree roots and loose rocks. To cross the river we went up river to where it was only 2 feet to cross. You follow the river to get to the base. There are life jackets of all sizes for anyone to wear at the base. Amazing idea for people who can’t swim or have trouble. I put my niece in the children’s one and we swam for about 20min. I’d rate the hike down as a 1.5 and the hike up a 2.3 there’s some stairs and like 3 switch backs. The hike to the overlook is really easy that would be a 1. Overall an AMAZING hike! If you have bad ankles or knees it would be doable but would take you some time. If you are a moderate hiker this is a breeze.

Very easy hike to the overlook. The trail down to the base of the Falls was closed due to flood unfortunately, but other than that is was an awesome little hike. I hiked this with my 2yr old niece and 58yr old heavy set mother. She was able to due this hike fairly easily. Only part she had to go slow was the staircase which is about 40 stairs. Without going down to the base the whole loop is less than a mile.

29 days ago

Love this trail! Amazing views up top and stunning waterfalls below!

29 days ago

Pleasant hike for everyone!

30 days ago

Very easy to get to the overlook, but be prepared for climbing and water passes throughout to get to the base of the falls. Extremely crowded, but beautiful!

30 days ago

The hike was great. Definitely come early to get parking since it’s limited. I would also rate it a moderate hike. Good hike for families to bring kids. The falls was beautiful. Saw two salamanders when I got it the falls.

1 month ago

I loved this hike! There’s a parking lot on the right side
Of the road by the CT sign. There’s a single wooden portapotty there also if you need. The trailhead is on the left. Go to Indian Rockhouse and end up at Snoopers. It’s a fantastic hike and that view never gets old! Best sunrise in Chatta❤️

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