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Gives some good swamp ass but good view

Hi Alltrails.com,
Dogs do not have to be on leash on this trail and most other trails in the WMNF. Leashes are required for dogs in developed recreation areas and interpretive trails. (In a campground, or Guyot campsite for example). I've seen this caveat for other trails on your site and it just isn't true. In fact the forest service dogs and AMC employees with dogs are off leash all over the presidential range in all seasons. Everyone has to act responsibly and manage their pooches however the information at the top of the page is erroneous resulting in occasional conflict for pet owners. Literally hundreds of off-leash dogs travel the Whites in all seasons including the spring during Tuckerman Ravine season.
Please update this information for accuracy so that everyone has the correct information.
Thanks for hosting a great site.
Steven Cooney

An excellent trail that has much to offer especially the views at the summit of Mount Percival. These is a cave close to the summit of Mount Percival which is sure to please young children. You got to take off your backpack and get body position just right to squeeze through. The scenic views on top of Mount Percival is the best that I've seen and I've seen many a trails in my hiking career. We were even treated to a bear sighting in the clearing. I really regretted not packing my zoom lens on my camera along with me. The views of the Squam Lakes region and various other peaks from the summit of Mount Percival is absolutely breathtaking so you definitely want to bring your binocular or zoom lens for your camera.

The ladder down Mount Morgan is challenging as well going down especially for young children and inexperienced hiker. If you got either of those it is better to do the trail clockwise. There is a narrow opening to squeeze through on the Mount Morgan side as well.

Overall this is one of the best trail that I've been on for relatively moderate effort. I will definitely want to return to this trail before the end of the year.

On the question of available water. There is water for the first mile or so of every trail. The highest water I know of is at Liberty Cabin and it's not much. There is a sign pointing toward it behind the cabin. Any water you get on Chocorua needs to be treated. Too many animals and people.

some of the yellow marks on the path r faded so make sure u pay attention so u don't get lost. other than that ,when you get to the top you feel like ur on top of the world!!! 6 hour trip the piper trl..

Does anyone know if there is water on this trail? It’s been dry and i want to take my niece to hike it this morning but didn’t know how much water to pack.

This is a great, challenging hike. The views are amazing.
I would not bring dogs on the loop trail. My dog has done Chicorua & Franconia loop with no trouble. He managed the N Baldface trail to the summit. The descent from the south was treacherous & not well marked. I had to lower him down in several places, without solid footing for myself.
I would definitely do this hike again, just without my dog.

The weather couldn't have been more spectacular and the Caps Ridge Trail was quite crowded. I did this hike knowing it would be a physical and mental challenge for me. I'm not in the greatest shape and I've recently developed a bit of a fear of ledges, but I'm a lifetime hiker -- including a fair bit of experience in the Whites -- and the point was to do something special to commemorate my 50th birthday. (The last time I did this hike, I was 26 years old, wearing a 50 lb external frame pack.) Anyway, the birthday hike exceeded expectations. I found the uphill extremely challenging, but largely because of my not-stellar conditioning and, when I get nervous, I hyperventilate a little. And climbing up the Caps sure made me nervous. Though it took me 4 hours to get there, I made it at long last. My friends are far more athletic but only moderately experienced hikers. They kicked my a** on the way up, but they found the descent much, much more scary and difficult than I found it (though, admittedly, I did have to overcome some panic in two different places). It took about 2.5 hours to get down. With pained knees and ankles, they cursed me much of the way down. Then again that was Saturday. By this morning, it seems the consensus from the group is that they had a great day and, like me, are quite proud of themselves.

A few tips: 1 Only hike this trail in good weather. 2. If you're not into hands and feet scrambles with ledges, or boulder hopping (the last 0.4 cone to summit), don't do this hike. This isn't the typical pretty walk in the woods. 3. Don't assume that you'll be hiking at your normal pace. While I'm sure some do this, i found things took a lot longer than expected. 4. Don't wear very thin trousers if you plan to slide down any rocks on your butt. I completely shredded the entire back of my pants.

Stuck to the ridge trails for the views on this on which proved to be a wise move. Some points on the Nickerson Ledge and Carter Ledge Trails were pretty steep but the payoff in views made them worthwhile. Absolutely loved the Sisters and the views of Chocorua further down the ridge. The trail between the Sisters and Chocorua itself were easy. About a 100 foot ledge scramble to summit Chocorua. Descended via Liberty/Hammond/Weetamoo. Incredible views from both the Sisters and Chocorua. Awesome hike.

You would be crazy to go counter clockwise and please do not bring your dog. My friends and I are not experienced hikers but all in excellent shape (iron man athlete and fitness instructors) and found it challenging- the trail is decently marked but you do have to scale boulders on the way up which can be intimidating if you are not an experienced hiker or afraid of heights.

With that being said the views are absolutely amazing and we were in awe along the ridge, indescribably beautiful. Took us about 6 hours but we took our time and stopped to take lots of pictures (make sure to look behind you on the way up!) Very worth it.

9 days ago

stream @ start was easily crossed. great trail with some nice views. I would not consider this trail easy as it is rated here. I would rate it moderate. if it's wet use caution could be a bit slick. keep an eye out for moose. some nice blueberries to snack on in season.

Challenging and a lot of fun. If you have the same idea of fun as I do.

Views from the tops of Morgan and Percival were gorgeous. The trail up and down to the summits was a well marked forest trail, and everything is a moderate hike with one notable exception-- the last bit to the summit of Percival. We did the loop clockwise so we did this section going down. At the top of Percival you'll see two blazed options-- one that goes down to the right over the open rock face and one to the left through the trees. The options aren't marked if you're heading down (they are in the other direction). To the left is the cliff side (we didn't do this, so I'm not sure what this entails) and the other goes to the cave. The description here says it "features" a cave, however, feature here means that you scramble through a cave (not exactly a cave, but cave-like) with two very small openings on either side in order to follow the trail. The way down to the cave opening is steep and a bit technical. The openings on either side are small enough that you'll need to take your pack off to get through. The day we were there was incredibly hot so the time in the cave was a natural air-conditioning relief.

Lots of fun to run most of the way. Fun ladder and cave obstacles near the top.

I’ve hiked both mountains before separately but the loop is so much better! We went up Morgan through the ladders and came down Percival through the caves. Morgan is deceptively easy to climb, and fun at the top. The connector is a rocky ridge line between the summits but short enough to enjoy. More than once we had to take off our backpacks to get through the caves of Percival cliff face. Although descending this way is fun and challenging for experienced hikers, definitely not recommended for kids or dogs. Heading down the rockfall is tough and you have to keep your head up and stay on the trail, which is hard to follow on points down Percival. All in all, up Morgan and down Percival via the cliffs is probably the way to go. Amazing views as always on top.

21 days ago

Did this loop over the weekend. It was cool (55-60) and damp. No real rain but just wet all day. Both peaks were in the clouds, but incredible views down lower. I went counter-clockwise, because for the first time ever I didn't read my AMC guide or any reviews on here beforehand. It was DANGEROUS descending off South Baldface in not-quite-dry conditions. I am a seasoned hiker, and I was scared, and I'm a little bit ashamed I wasn't more prepared.

However, I would hate to have had my back to the views from the south peak down to the ledges, because they were really the only ones I got all day, and they're just unbelievable along that ridge between south peak and shelter.

My suggestions: Either 1) do the trail clockwise like every rational human on here is suggesting OR 2) Go counter-clockwise for a somewhat easier ascent and then take the Slippery Brook Trail back down off the south knob.

P.S. This trail is listed as dog-friendly. If the only criterion is that dogs are allowed here by law, then yes that's true. However, it would be irresponsible to bring a dog on this hike.

21 days ago

Great hike - went up South and down North as others have suggested. Would not have wanted to come down the rocks on South, definitely some scrambling for me (58 year old 5'5" woman). Views were fantastic still a lot of snow on Washington.

Just got off Mount Jefferson. My “Father’s Day hike” We loved the Caps trail but thought it was a bit tough on the dogs. Foolishly took the castle trail to the link trail. Very difficult with the dogs! One wrong step and you are bear bait. It was hot so we thought the trees would be a better place to be. The Black flys kept reminding us otherwise.
Oh well, all is well that ends well!!
If I never see the link trail again it will be to soon.

Taking the caps ridge trail up was amazing, I did this with a group of 8 on June 9 2018. We went up the caps ridge trail, took castle trail over to the link. The castle trail was very technical. This was my first 4000 footer and I loved it. However, the link trail shouldn't really be considered a trail. Its been a long while since its been maintained. If you're looking for some adventure that feels like you're trekking in the woods not on a trail, this trail is for you. Watch out for the gaping holes in the ground and there is a waterfall area that you have to cross. Not for beginners as it will take too long. With a beginner in the group, the hike lasted 11 hours. Oh BTW, as of June 9 2018, the road up to the trail head wasn't open, so it added on 6 miles of road to the hike (3 miles each way)

1 month ago

beautiful hike. went up trail 50 with my dog. I'm out of shape and this was tough for me but I did it in about 35 mins. The rocks are steep but the view was amazing. coming back down, even though it's down hill, was a little tough. definitely worth the climb!

fun with scrambles, and beautiful summit views.

1 month ago

beautiful challenging trail. wonderful waterfalls. brand new trail signs too. Roy was not lying - we ran into several people who reported many many trees down on the last segment of the great gulf, totally obscuring the trail. highly recommend using the sphinx trail for summit access instead - it worked very nicely.

1 month ago

This is such a great hike and climb. At 5’3, I work for this summit! What a thrill. Took 5 hours with some photo stops and snack. Good pace but not in a rush. A must do if you enjoy a challenge with amazing views.

Somewhat challenging but lots of fun with the steep cliffs, ladders, and tight caves to climb through. Awesome views from top too, especially on Percival.

hiking, not for beginners
nice foggy weather, great views!
road to trail parking was closed so I had to walk out and back another 6miles (11.5m altogether), FYI this road is not gonna open until July 2018

Recorded about 10 miles but couldn’t agree more, challenging and beautiful views.

One of the best trails in NH. Not easy but worth the climb, amazing views at the top. most beautiful in autumn.

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