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This loop totaled out at 5.7 miles rather than 4.7. We took the Morgan trail up and followed the loop clockwise to the Percival trail.

Coming down the Percival trail is steep and very rocky, and might be better described as a Harder trail for some folks.

Overall, a great hike with some great payoff views of Squam Lake and the surrounding mountains, but not one to sneeze at.

3 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. Hiked this with family which included 2 kids. It was a challenging short hike that rewarded us with the most incredible views! Highly recommend!

7 days ago

Quick easy hike with amazing views. I'd recommend this trail for sure. We lucked out and got there before a large group of people, so we had the summit to ourselves for a few minutes.

I hiked it 25 years ago and it started to storm. It was a very strenuous hike but very rewarding at the same time. Once we got to the top the clouds came in and we had to descend fast . Never be on a mountain during storms! However a blue sky can change fast and you will least expect it.

We hiked up Tuckermans and heeded the detours and returned via the same route. What an accomplishment climbing rock over rock! The best part of the day were the views and the 88 ye old woman hiking up with her 3 sons. We met her just as we started out descent! Amazing day with friends

My family had a great time on this hike. On our way through the cave section of Percival, we retrieved about twenty water bottles of varying types from one crevice. Apparently people are either accidentally or purposely dropping bottles just outside the cave proper. Please keep a good grip on your bottles.

Mount Jefferson is tough for newbies. I hiked Mount Jefferson, then walked over to Mount Adam's via the Gulfside Trail and had lunch, then back to Jefferson, round the Cornice Trail and then back down Cap's Ridge to the trail base parking lot. That was too much and took me almost 11 hours and I broke my glasses. Don't do that.

But Jefferson all by itself via Cap's Ridge is still a challenge for those new to the Whites. Have good boots and plenty of food and water. There is some rock scrambling needed, but not too overwhelming.

Went up Tuckermans and down Huntington this past Monday (07/30)... definitely a challenge descending Huntington's, but can be done. Take your time going down Huntington's and avoid it if it's wet. Had a few spots where the blazes were hard to find. Going up Tuckermans be was straight forward. The detour gets your heart pumping pretty fast and was pretty muddy and potentially slippery in spots.

15 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in the area. Great views! The ascent to south baldface has lots of ledges, I personally would not attempt it in wet weather. We took our time and went for a swim and it took us about 7 hours

18 days ago

Great hike with great views! And it was awesome to dive into the emerald pool at the end of the hike!

This was as difficult a hike as I have done in a while. Airline is much more steep and straight than Valley Way. Packs were lighter because we were staying at Madison Hut; lucky us. This hike was totally worth it though. The views once you get to Durand Ridge were phenomenal! If you want a challenge, go Airline on the way up.

19 days ago

Pretty steep hike, but it's quick and you are rewarded with great views!

Great trail. Challenging but not hard if you are in shape/athletic. There is some pretty steep faces that are essentially rock climbing more than hiking

Stunningly beautiful hike. Gorgeous forest trails(Weetamoo Trail was especially nice). My threesome hiked the day after 2 days of heavy rains which we thought would be a much bigger problem. Some of the granite face was slippery but over all not as soggy as expected. Will agree with some other reviewers, trail markings can be sporadic. Summit was unfortunately crowded, which I understand considering the awesome 360° views. If you take the Carter Ridge trail as your ascent plan on less then 1mph. ~Get lost!.....go hiking

Good trail just wasn’t well marked at times. If you are patient it’s worth the challenge

This is one of our favorite trails on Mt. Washington.

Love love love this hike!! The views from the top are amazing and the scrambles were a lot of fun! Definitely will do this again in the future and would highly recommend! :)

Well marked until you reach upper elevations, so look carefully for the faded yellow blaze marks and the cairns.
Challenging hike, but worth it. the views are spectacular!

23 days ago

Really crowded, but overall a good time!

A wonderful hike. We completed it in 6 hours at a leisurely pace in rainy weather. Went up via Nickerson Ledge Trail then Carter Ledge Trail which leads to a large granite opening with views and blueberries (in late July). It’s a wonderful spot for lunch. The Middle Sister Trail was along an open granite ridge with great views to both sides. We didn’t do the spur to the summit of Mt Chocorua but descended down Piper Trail. In the rain it was very slippery on the open granite faces. We had a few falls. The top half of this hike also involves scrambling up and down steep rock strewn narrow trails which are streams in the rain. The lower section of Piper Trail crosses a stream which is a nice area to hangout.

25 days ago

I’ve done chocorua loop 9 times in varying weather and season. It’s an incredibly dependable day hike that I’ve taken many out of towners on. It’s just hard enough to make people realize the difficulty of a real hike but also well marked and well maintained to be dependably easy to access.

Very intense trail. The beginning was closed off due to a bridge being repaired. Once on the trail the crowds of people vanished and the scenery was amazing. Following a stream most of the time. The boulders were alot of fun and a local told me to go straight up the left side instead of following the trail. This worked out perfectly. The cliff climb was the best part. This was the closest to rock climbing ive ever done. Highly recommend the trail.

Mt. Chocorua is a tough 9 mile hike to a rewarding peak with great views of the tallest mountains in New Hampshire! The terrain is challenging and takes 3+ hours to the top if you push yourself with little stops along the way! Pack some snacks and perhaps a lunch with lots of water for hydration and energy. We went on a beautiful clear day mid July and it was totally worth it! In my opinion best views of the Appalachian Mts! Stick to the path and plan ahead as there’s several trails that go different ways. Doo it :)

SUPER fun hike. the loop is more like 5.5 miles, as you have to take a connector trail (Morse trail) at the bottom to get back to the mt Morgan parking lot. the ladders and caves offered some really fun technical climbing. nothing outrageous, however, and there were bypasses for all obstacles

Did this hike on Saturday, and decided to make a loop out of it going up Airline to the summit, then down Star Lake to the hut, then down Valley Way. Highly recommend as Airline provides wonderful views and is steeper, and Valley Way stays in the trees and is less rugged. This loop was a total of 8.5 miles. It took me a while to complete, largely because I did not have poles, which would be very helpful for a hike like this as the last mile or so up to Adams (and back down) is awkwardly rocky and can be difficult to maneuver. The summit was too populated for my taste (plus it is not flat so everyone’s awkwardly trying to stand on the rocks) but the trails were often quiet for long stretches. The view of Washington from the summit is my favorite I have ever seen.

did this Saturday and it was a first pretty hard but so worth it once you got to the top.

A great strenuous hike with a lot of fun rock scrambles. The view from the peak is wonderful.

Beautiful hike, get above treeline very quick and most of hike is on large rocks. Came down off gulfside trail for less steep descent. One of most scenic hikes in all of NH

1 month ago

Great views!

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