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3 days ago

Hiked to South Baldface summit just this weekend. Easy going up to the shelter. Then things got real. Very icy and windy (60mph gusts) from the shelter to the south summit. Made for slow going and as a result couldn't complete the loop. Came down via slippery brook trail which was basically virgin snow and couldn't have been more pleasant. Will return in a month or so to complete the 10 mile loop. Amazing views.

We hiked up the piper trail today, took the pup with us as well. Great trail although there was a good amount of snow/ice still. We didn’t have spikes but still managed to summit. The top was pretty icey though. Spectacular views up top of Mt Washington and the surrounding White Mountains. With the snow and ice it took us about 4hrs round trip.

This review is specifically for the Caps Ridge - Castle - Link loop... It was a beautiful day, and all I can say was that this route is among the most dynamic, scenic, and downright enjoyable ventures I've had the pleasure to experience. Once you ascend past the timber line (very soon after the trailhead), the views of the valley are phenomenal. Once the views come, you're in for scrambling nearly the rest of the way to the summit. Once past the largest of the rocks and close to the summit, we were enveloped in fog. ... but the great thing about the fog is that you already know that soon starting the descent, you're in for some more stunning valley views - and that's exactly what we got with Castle Trail. The views from Castle are just as mesmerizing as those from the Caps Ridge ascent, and yet still decidedly their very own. Truly phenomenal.

In retrospect, The Link was likely my favorite part of the entire loop. Though it's a relatively brief stretch, it's a challenge to visually pick out where the trail actually is - so wherever your foot lands might as well be considered it! I'd recommend taking it slow and soaking in as much of the scenery as possible for two reasons: 1) the entirety of this section is what comes to mind if I had to imagine what an enchanted forest looks like, and 2) there are myriad unstable/slippery/otherwise dynamic surfaces upon which you'll tread, and there's no shortage of spots where a misstep is a risk that you can't afford to take.

This loop is not only an excellent physical challenge, but also an unforgettable experience (particularly so given the exceptional bang for your buck given the overall modest distance involved). We completed it in roughly 6 hours (which includes roughly 30 minutes spent enjoying the summit). I've been wanting to give this another go ever since this first time, and will do so again this year. There's a great many hikes yet on my list, but out of all those I've done up until now, this one holds a very special place for me.


Did this hike the previous summer. I would say this is definitely the most fun and challenging way to the summit as well as rewarding. The rock scramble was a ton of fun and a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. Hike was very easy to follow as there were paint marks on the mountain. Views at the top of the mountain were amazing and made the difficulty of this hike totally worth it. I recommend coming down the Tuckerman ravine trial as this trail is too steep to go back down it. Took about 7 hours round trip but also because of one hour spent on the summit. Overall an awesome way to get to the top of the highest mountain in the Northeast.

I didn’t actually intend to climb Chocoura when I went (originally there for the falls) so I was a bit ill-prepared. Like most will say, the views at the top are killer....however. It’s February but for some reason the temps were in the 60’s so I figured it would be a great day to get out. Don’t make that mistake on this trail. The whole mountain was melting causing the trails to become rivers of either slush or solid ice. Even with micro spikes it was incredibly tiring. Many sections of trail looked like solid ice but ended up being 8in of slush. That left me with soaked feet for the whole climb. Definitely plan your trip during nicer weather unless you’re a sucker for pain.

Very steep and rocky. Incredible view at the top. You could go trail running on it, but you would need quads of steel for the uphill. I suggest hiking or backpacking.

Really fun little rocky climb, especially towards the top! Beautiful views as well. Chocorua reminds us that it doesn't have to be big to be challenging and rewarding.

Did this a couple times. I prefer it over most Mt. Washington routes.

Done this one a few times and it’s never boring.

I enjoy looping this with the Link Trail and Cas. Ridge Trail.

It was my first overnight hike. Definitely challenging for myself. Amazing views, absolutely would do it again.

awesome veiws

Absolutely fantastic trail!!!
Not for the faint of heart though.
Fairly easy till you break the tree line then it becomes difficult.

Great hike with our 5 and 7 year old troopers. Amazing views and technically challenging caps made for a not at all boring hike for the kids.

4 months ago

The trail is in great shape. The weather was perfect. The views from all the peaks were great. Many great photo ops .

Happy Labor Day! What a brisk 20 degrees!

Did this hike ascending South Baldface first, it was November and the slide up the south face had to be worked around, up on reaching the Knob the wind picked up, wind chills here until the col between summits can be frigid, be prepared for wind, lots of nice views from Monroe to Moriah, south to Chocorua, north to the Mahoosic's and east to Pleasant Mt, rock formations on Eagle Crag are cool, def worth the Sidetrip, then defend to The Emerald Pool on the way to 113, the loop took me 7:45, taking plenty of breaks and lots of pics...

Starting to get chilly up there now. Lots of icy sections about 1/2 way up the mountain. Microspikes were essential yesterday.


Lot of fun on this hike today. It is steep and jagged at the top (and a little icy today) but doable if you take it slow. The views at the top are amazing.

Moderate is an understatement.

6 months ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it on August 28-29, 1993. Up Huntington Ravine and over to Alpine Garden Trail, then up to Mt. Washington summit and stayed the night. Next day, came down David Path to Boot Spur Trail to Huntington Ravine and back to lot.

6 months ago

Took trail no. 50 up and down. It’s the easier one. The steep really difficult trail starts at a different spot. Fantastic view at the top. A bit scary if you’re afraid of heights.

6 months ago

Typically spectacular Evans Notch hike. Certain sections are good for foliage peeing. First hiked in October 1991, but only straight up southern section of Baldface Circle Trail to just beyond the shelter and back down the same trail to the road. Hiked full Circle on October 16, 1993, for 9 miles. Returned October 8, 1994, and did Bicknell Trail to Eagle Craig and back down by Baldface Circle Trail, 4 hours. Not a great way up, views limited. Should go up South Baldface Circle first.

difficult but fun at the same time.

6 months ago

A good amount of parking at the trailhead (toilets are available too). You need to cross the street from the parking area to reach the trailhead. We stopped at the Emerald Pool, which is a beautiful large flowing stream. Then we started the loop counter-clockwise via the Slippery Brook Trail. We went left on the Eastman Mountain Trail, where we camped for the night in utter solitude (we heard the shelter was quite busy!). The next morning we used the Baldface Knob Trail to connect with the Baldface Circle Trail, which was fairly steep taking us to South and North Baldface Mountains. What a nice, strenuous, and varied loop trail! Note that there are a couple of brooks back towards the beginning/end of the loop, but not in the middle of the loop.

beautiful views of the summit as you're hiking up. good mix of shade and sun. and dog friendly!

Great hike! I went with my husband and dog going up the piper trail which was fun! Once we reached the rock summit it was challenging (especially if you have a fear of heights!) we had to carry our small dog to the peak, this is the first 'hard' hike I've ever done and I'm very happy we made it to the top, the view is unbelievable!! We took the Hammond trial back connecting us back to piper trail...the Hammond trail was less steep than the piper trail. Overall great experience!!!

Wow this hike really gives you your bang for your buck. 1 mile in and the views start coming and they dont end until your back at the 1 mile mark. Very cool day. 30 deg. 20 mile hr winds. hiker said with chill factor we were looking at 10-15 deg feel. But man it was raw nature at its best. No clouds and no bugs!

Great hike.

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