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The trail starts out with a creek crossing on an old road. As the trail progresses, so does the brush and top growth. Mid-way through horse riders would have issues. A steep climb. No real “views” along the way.

such a beautiful trail. can't wait to go back

great hike! sooo much to see. did the hike clockwise, which i recommend especially with kids. the lower loop has so much history and the upper loop has great views.

Serene and perfect for a weekend afternoon

If you're looking for a close to town, family friendly hike that displays beautiful fall colors, this is the hike to do! The Larch trees are bright yellow and the lakes (although low on water) are still blue/green and beginning to freeze over. I would definitely recommend doing this hike soon before the Larch drop their needles and snow covers the trail.

1 month ago

Good hike in general, great for running too. Greatly maintained, pretty cool tunnels.

1 month ago

fun trail

Not sure why this is listed as moderate. Hike is primarily flat and wide making for an easy hike. Lots of interesting railroad history with historical markers. Good hike for kids.

Maybe this hike is “moderate” if you do the loop counter-clockwise up the steep switchbacks but it was a pleasantly easy hike doing a clockwise route.

Plenty of tunnel openings and historical markers along the way to make the hike a unique one. Unfortunately, you can hear the cars from Highway 2 for most of the trip.

I went the second weekend of September. The fall colors should really pop in a week or two.

T-Mobile cell was available except for the first half mile closest to the trailhead.

2 months ago

Great hike but the signs are a little confusing. The map of the trail on here makes it look like one loop but it seemed like there were multiple trails you could take.

Great trail! Fantastic views and well maintained. Bead Lake is beautiful.

2 months ago

Really lovely hike, weather was perfect, and we took our two couch potato canines. They got worn out in the switchback section, but it ended just in time. Not a plethora of stunning views, but some great glimpses of mountains/forests. Overall, a lovely, not too strenuous trail, well-marked and well-maintained.

Great trail! Lots of history. My husband, daughter and I really enjoyed all of the scenery and the other things to see like the snow shed and tunnels.

Our car was broken into while we were on the trail. We had nothing valuable in the car and they got nothing out of it but bad karma on themselves. There were also swarms of bees in the parking area that stung someone in our group. No mosquitoes on our hike on a warm dry summer afternoon. Pleasant hike, steep for the most part and moderated towards the end. The lake was small by the standards in the region but still beautiful and serene.

2 months ago

This trail is beautiful. The only moderate climb is at the beginning of the trail, with lots of switch backs. After that the climb is gradual and easy if you're headed toward Wellington. The caves and water falls along the way are gorgeous. I would say that it's suitable for most ages, but there are a few places with steep drops along side the trail.

This is by far my favorite local hike for families. The road up to the trail head is well maintained, and the trail head is easy to find with plenty of parking. There are no restrooms, however. The trail starts out reasonably steep, but manageable for most age groups. The trail is wide, and there are no steep drop offs along the way that worry me with a 3 year old. The trail is lovely, and peaceful. Lakes Clara and Marion are beautiful. The trail is shaded for a lot of the hike, but it can still get quite warm in the middle of the day, so we prefer to go early. The mosquitos are thick, and you will absolutely need a good bug spray- no exceptions.

2 months ago

Got soaked on the upper trail due to a steady rainfall but worth it, so lovely!

Came to visit Kennewick, stayed at the Best Western and needed a 3-5 mile run. I am thankful to have a running buddy as this did not feel safe.

Fantastic views! Lots of neat coves and hidden campsites ;) Great mix of difficulty!

Honestly this trail is pretty but obviously not taken care of to well. lots of trash & graffiti everywhere. I went with my dog but not to far into it I got really worried. Just didn't feel safe. I won't be going here again till it's cleaned up.

For us this was just okay. There are a few camps close to the trailhead, each with 20 piles of toilet paper and beer cans in the fire rings. The extreme numbers of yellow jackets were also a problem, you couldn't stop for more than a minute without being swarmed. Would be a fun snow shoe I bet.

It had steep trails and was primarily shaded. The steep hike was worth it once we reached the lakes.

3 months ago

My family has camped at and hiked Bead Lake multiple times.. all our kids and dogs LOVE it!! So beautiful and so fun!!

3 months ago

Beautiful hike along the lake!

on Iron Goat Trail

3 months ago

I would consider easy not moderate trail, take repellent the mosquitos on the trail are relentless. Great history, not crowded and perfect for a fun easy hike.

trail running
4 months ago

excellent running trail. Scenic and peaceful

trail running
4 months ago

Fantastic and steep trail. Was a quick run. Highlight was definitely jumping in the lake as a reward!

Cool during the summer
Relatively easy with a few stairs, and mounds to go up and over
Fresh blackberries in the right season

Not always safe to go alone
Gang graffiti

This is a nice easy hike, we took it just before 7am and by the time we got out it was already getting hot outside (80F by 8am) but you couldn’t feel it on the trail because most of it is covered by trees and the canal goes through there keeping it pretty cool.

Unfortunately, it does have garbage and some graffiti (not even cool looking ones :( ) and it does have some obvious signs of homeless camp sites. It probably wouldn’t be best to go alone.

I went with a friend and we both brought our dogs. The trail was mostly quiet minus some birds, a couple feral cats, and the 2 other dog walkers we saw.

If you need to go on a hike in the Tri-Cities during the summer it is probably the best spot to go unless you want to wake up at 4 in the morning. (It’s supposed to get to 106f today!). The rest of the year I would probably recommend any other place though.

Beautiful mountain scenery. Old train tunnels are fun and interpretive signage is nice.

honestly I give this hike a 5 star rating. I do agree that it ducks about the mosquitoes but it's nature! what do you expect? easy hike for anyone no matter the hiking experience in my opinion. beautiful view of the lakes. I went about two weeks ago on the 24th and the weather was just perfect. definitely recommend this if you want a nice easy hike. Little steep at the beginning but it does get a bit better.

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