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Unfortunately the lake was very stagnant making the views “Ok”. Did love all the water lily....made it a worthwhile hike. Unfortunately couldn’t do the full loop due to the connecting path being destroyed by storms

Nice walk in the woods and along the lake shore.

Had a fun hike with my son today today! Would up doing 5.3 miles... A hot day but great exercise none the less...

9 days ago

trail was good, well marked. I was hoping for more lake views along the way only saw the lake like 3 times.. it's mostly forest and it's pretty thick between you and the lake. for being closer to town is a great choice for the limited Nashville area

Had a good time with my son! Easy and fun! Got 1.5 miles into the hike and got turned around by workers rebuilding the boardwalk! Said it was too dangerous to go any further... I mentioned a sign would have been nice... they said someone tore the signs down and they needed to put more up... I was thinking maybe you could have done that on your way out but I didn’t... they were nice guys! A 2.6 mile hike turned into a 2.9 Hike and had fun...

11 days ago

Great hike if living in the Nashville area. I enjoy it because it's easily accessible after a day at the office and can get some good incline along with miles without it being too far outside the city. I recommend bringing hiking poles. There are some steep areas and the poles make it nice. I hiked it during dusk and you see all sorts of wildlife at that time.

12 days ago

It was a nice change of scenery just outside of Nashville. Lots of trail runners. The terrain is fairly rocky with occasional smooth dirt coverage. Fairly maintained trail with good shade. I found this to be a pretty strenuous hike, took 2.5 hours to complete loop taking a water break every couple miles. 6.2 miles total in and out.

Very nice paved trail. Nice scenery, and open for walking, running, biking, and for dogs too!

18 days ago

Very enjoyable with such varied terrain. Lots of trail traffic but everyone was very nice and enjoying the morning temperatures. Hats off to those running the trail.

Beautiful trail!

My kids and I love biking on the greenway. It is wide enough for everyone to share, lots of places to rest, eat, and dispose of trash. Best part is the shade!! That can be crucial to outdoor family bonding in the summer heat.

Nicely kept trail. Hiked it with a full pack. Good hike.

Such a great trail!

1 month ago

Lots of hikers and runners on Saturday morning but that is to be expected. Beautiful tall trees. Trail is a bit narrow in places and the elevation changes make it seem longer than expected.

on Mossy Ridge Trail

1 month ago

Lots of traffic but still a nice challenge.

trail running
1 month ago

We're new to the area and went here for a run. Very clean and easy trail. Busy. We'll be back as we train for different races.

1 month ago

Had no map but iPhone recorded our hike at 5.78 miles, but we had the impression we might have doubled up one segment. Or maybe the extra was from the parking lot at Deep Hole Trailhead. Great hike. Lots of up and down ... some at the extreme for walking. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Spent 2 nights on the trail. Nothing super awesome about it but perfect for a weekend getaway. Everything was pretty well marked and navigation was easy.

This is a pretty trail with nice meadows and wooded sections and a good view of the lake. You can hear the boats on the lake very loudly though, which I found disruptive.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Drove over here today to ride my bike since Altrails says it's an option, but the last item on the trail head sign clearly states "No Bikes". :(

amazing views and great if you are starting out.

easy trail, actually whole family enjoyed it. First trail I have been on and seen wild life. saw two large owls,a fawn six deer, several turkeys all on one trip and they did not seem frightened they all got close to get a look at us. highly recommend you walk it if you enjoy wildlife.

1 month ago

This was a really nice morning hike in June. The weather was great this day- about 77 degrees and sunny. Although I was hiking in the woods (lots of shade now) and the temperature was lower. There was a slight breeze too.
The trail is well beaten- smooth (some rocks but mostly clay) from lots of hikers and trail runners. This was a moderate trail with lots of ups and downs- one grade had to be 40 degrees up. The condition of the trail was dry today and I can’t say how slippery it would be if raining and wet.
All in all I would definitely recommend this trail. However not for the faint in heart. I would do it again when in town. Thanks to all the trail maintainers.

Nice trail. It was crowded but not uncomfortable and plenty of space to walk. Saw Turkey’s, an owl, and a deer on our outing. Will go again.

Great for scooters

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike this morning. I was on the trail by six am. The trail head can be accessed right before you drive into the park, to the left and right of the ranger station.

Heading to the left takes you through the woods and along the stone fence and meadow. Slight inclines. Heading to the right takes you along the lake first. I opted for the left since it was raining and let the trees be my umbrella!!

I saw deer, a turtle, cranes, turkeys, and ducks. And heard the frogs!!

it was a great little hike. Pretty. There are some inclines and steps on it. There are also several felled trees at the moment that have yet to be removed from the trail but there are ways around them.

I'd do this one again and would even consider camping and doing it :)

Lots of down trees, but it was a nice hike.

The trails were very nice, well-kept, and clearly marked. And there were a nice variety of trails to choose from, nice length. The lake is beautiful.

I really enjoyed this Park. I was lucky enough to see a doe up close , turtles, a chipmunk and wild turkeys. The hike was beautiful and challenging in some areas, but I was carrying a heavy load due to training for the AT. I am from Florida and can’t wait to come back to visit .

A beautiful hike with challenging trails

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