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Nice well kept trail. Great views along the way. I was attacked by Chinese Beatles but otherwise enjoyable hike!

9 days ago

Nice trail with plenty of deep wooded features. If you are a nature lover you will love this trail. Lots of wildlife along the way, today.

Great trail, took my 3 year old a mile in with no problems. A lot of mushroom varieties as well as other plants, trees, insects and animals.

excellent trails

17 days ago

Not much to see, minus the few lakeside vistas. I’d rate the trail as “easy” overall. Fairly flat out and back, well maintained, GPS watch found trail length at 7.8 miles total. I arrived at 8:30 on a sunny Sunday morning expecting many others. I didn’t see another on the trail until 11am, so it’s lightly travelled. Nice proximity to Nashville and do something different. Regular jet aircraft and boat noise heard on the trail. Real good trail running training route.

my go to trail.... just enough elevation and terrain features to be sufficiently difficult, the lake view is wonderful, and there are multiple options for offshoot trails. however, the absolute best feature is the wildlife. I have hiked this trail maybe 60-70 times, and not one time was I disappointed by the wildlife... abundant deer and squirrels to keep you entertained!!!

Nice views along river.

I love this place! I've been coming here since I was kid and I'm 31 years old now I am lucky to live here near Land Between the Lakes! there used to be a little peer with a cabin that you can hang out in... it's stretched all the way to the middle of the lake but they took it down for some reason, oh well still a good place to go I highly recommend it.

I was too late to see the mountain laurels and rhododendrons in bloom, I'll have to come back!
The views from Rocky Top as well as from the junction between Spence Field and Bote Mountain Trails are amazing. The weather was cloudy and it might be useful to know that it gets dark fast on some of the trails, especially on the Bote Mountain portion (which is also where I saw bears, a bit too close to the trail for comfort). When I hiked this, it was drizzling, but there are a bunch of picnic areas along this trail, so it's easy to find a dry spot to rest, eat and enjoy the views. Highly recommended hike!

Great challenging trail

This is my home trail. My dog and me hike it atleast twice a month. It never disappoints us. I recommend it to anyone that wants a good hike but not to tasking. my favorite trip was probably when it was snowing.
There are some stairs that are unevenly spaced and deep. my friend has a bad knee (old sports injury) the stairs were a little difficult for her so you want to plan ahead for them. Super dog friendly with plenty of swimming opportunities for our furry friends.

1 month ago

Great hike, moderate inclines, be sure to bring water! Stopped towards the end on a secluded bench to have a picnic lunch!

Easy but lovely. Great way to spend an hour this morning.

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails

Half the trail has moderate elevation gain in a beautiful wooded area and the other half is flat and runs along the water. We almost always see deer and a variety of birds on and along the water. The hiking trail is well maintained. The rangers are friendly and helpful.

nice easy trail to start hiking on.

trail running
2 months ago

An enjoyable trail run that turned into a hike. I went after office hours on a weekday and saw appx 6 people on trail.

Unfortunately the lake was very stagnant making the views “Ok”. Did love all the water lily....made it a worthwhile hike. Unfortunately couldn’t do the full loop due to the connecting path being destroyed by storms

3 months ago

Nice walk in the woods and along the lake shore.

Had a fun hike with my son today today! Would up doing 5.3 miles... A hot day but great exercise none the less...

3 months ago

trail was good, well marked. I was hoping for more lake views along the way only saw the lake like 3 times.. it's mostly forest and it's pretty thick between you and the lake. for being closer to town is a great choice for the limited Nashville area

Had a good time with my son! Easy and fun! Got 1.5 miles into the hike and got turned around by workers rebuilding the boardwalk! Said it was too dangerous to go any further... I mentioned a sign would have been nice... they said someone tore the signs down and they needed to put more up... I was thinking maybe you could have done that on your way out but I didn’t... they were nice guys! A 2.6 mile hike turned into a 2.9 Hike and had fun...

3 months ago

Great hike if living in the Nashville area. I enjoy it because it's easily accessible after a day at the office and can get some good incline along with miles without it being too far outside the city. I recommend bringing hiking poles. There are some steep areas and the poles make it nice. I hiked it during dusk and you see all sorts of wildlife at that time.

3 months ago

It was a nice change of scenery just outside of Nashville. Lots of trail runners. The terrain is fairly rocky with occasional smooth dirt coverage. Fairly maintained trail with good shade. I found this to be a pretty strenuous hike, took 2.5 hours to complete loop taking a water break every couple miles. 6.2 miles total in and out.

Very nice paved trail. Nice scenery, and open for walking, running, biking, and for dogs too!

3 months ago

Very enjoyable with such varied terrain. Lots of trail traffic but everyone was very nice and enjoying the morning temperatures. Hats off to those running the trail.

Beautiful trail!

My kids and I love biking on the greenway. It is wide enough for everyone to share, lots of places to rest, eat, and dispose of trash. Best part is the shade!! That can be crucial to outdoor family bonding in the summer heat.

Nicely kept trail. Hiked it with a full pack. Good hike.

Such a great trail!

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