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Love this trail. It has become more popular lately and can be a bit crowded at times. Great for swimming!

Breathtaking views and great hiking! Love this park.

Greeter falls was great. We hiked it with our 9 year old daughter and she loved it. It was slick in some parts with mud as we walked after a decent amount of rain. There is a narrow metal spiral staircase that can get wet with rain but it added to the adventure for our daughter. Loved this falls

One of my favorite places.

Great trail, clean, with beautiful falls. The blue hole is nice and past Greeter there is another falls cal led Boardtree that is beautiful as well.

Really loved this one. The falls were beautiful, and the trails too. Lots of cool rock cliffs and old trees. I want to come back and spend more time on these trails!

Late January. Had a great experience hiking this trail - 32 years old, average athleticism and poor conditioning, with very little hiking experience. We did the Blue Hole trail first which leads to what seems like a great swimming area if the waters were a little warmer. Greeter Falls trail starts out wide with a forgiving grade and then gradually becomes the very opposite. Some challenging paths pocked with heavy roots, loose stones, and thin paths on descent were made even more challenging by the ever-increasing downhill grade, mud, and, in some places, icy conditions. The overlooks on the way down were incredible with some interesting cave-like formations as you near the base - some sections may not be for the weary of heights. The final descent is a two- to three-story spiral staircase that was icy at the top, followed by a steel grated two-story staircase that was iced over on 3 consecutive steps. After a mindful 30 minutes of walking, we were rewarded with boulder stacks, a pounding waterfall, and large pools of crystal clear waters. Did not see any kind of picnic area near the falls though we did not venture far from the base due to the cold waters.

Greeter Falls is beautiful. There is a very narrow metal spiral staircase to get down. There is a short walk up to the upper falls that is worth seeing. Board tree falls is definitely harder to get down to but also worth it. Both falls were full flow when I hiked. I recommend poles for this hike. This was my first hike and I quickly realized how handy trekking poles are.

Great trail. Very easy. I️ advise not going right after I️t rains. Super slick spots. Easy for dogs.

Great trail, amazing waterfall, fun swimming

Lower Greeter was beautiful, Board Tree was just a trickle. Rock formations on trails to both were amazing. Did not check out Upper Greeter.

I explored the trails to Blue Hole, Greeter Falls, and Broad Tree Falls today with my Doberman. This experience would have received five stars from me, except for my huge disappointment over the fact that I was not able to get down to the bottom of Greeter Falls. As far as I could tell, the only way to the bottom was to use the spiral, steel grate ladder that goes STRAIGHT down, and (understandably), my dog just refused to go down that ladder. I was really disappointed that there was no other way down, especially since I drove 1.5 hours specifically to see Greeter Falls, but the day was salvaged by the fact the Broad Tree Falls were also lovely...and accessible for my Dobe! So, unless you have a smaller dog that you can carry up and down that spiral staircase, don't get your hopes up about hiking to the bottom of Greeter Falls if you're hiking with your pooch. All of the trails are great, though, and very well marked.

Jumped off the falls.

It's very beautiful and we'll worth the short hike in and climb down. My wife and I are in our 70s and made it fine. There's a trail leading away from the falls to the secondary falls upstream that's a bit harder, but not bad. Do the entire loop to make it worthwhile.

Super disappointing hike. The falls are at the trailhead, and it's such a short hike with nothing to really look at. The trees are really young as well so it's just a super big disappointment.

One of my favorite falls in middle Tennessee, the falls are gorgeous and flow great after recent rainfall. The spiral staircase to get down to the falls may be a problem for some dogs, elderly, and small children. You can also climb to the upper falls, which are less "grand" per-say but still lovely (also gives you a neat look down the lower falls!).

Pretty easy trail with stairs and rails. Does get narrow and close to the cliff edge at times. Absolutely amazing waterfalls to view. Highly recommend!!!!

A pretty short hike that leads to an awesome little swimming hole. The trail down is slippery and uneven at times, which may be a bit of an effort for some, but should be doable even for most out-of-shape folks.

Great day at the falls with my daughter. Hike was moderate but in the 100 degree heat you'll work up a sweat. Easily marked trails take you to a couple areas with falls. Greeter falls is the nugget you want to spend time at. Bring a lunch, towels and water. Spend some time just relaxing. For those of you who can't live without the phone AT&T has a good signal

Beautiful hike, pretty steep, not super long. Love it every time!

Absolutely beautiful ❤️

Beautiful beautiful place

Nice trial awesome sights along the way. Easy for all age groups. Would go back anytime.

Moderately easy hike with multiple places to view waterfalls and swim! Stairs make it difficult for dogs to go to the base of the waterfall. It wasn't very crowded which made it even better. Will go back again! It's only 1 hour from Murfreesboro.

The pros on this trail are fairly easy. 1. It's one of the very few trails that (after going down some "real" stairs) you start at the bottom of the water fall. No steep descent followed up a steep ascent. 2. Rock Island has various activities within the park. You can swim and go hiking on multiple trails. 3. Indoor bathrooms at the welcome center. This is huge when you travel with children. 4. If you do have children, you'll be happy that there are relatively few parts on the trail where you hug along a cliff. 5.The water fall is right there as soon as you get out of your car.

The con - The water fall is right there as soon as you get out of your car. You are basically left with a nature walk out, away from the water fall and back to the waterfall. There are many times where you stop and think "Wait. Where are we going?" If you contrast to a trail like the Grundy Day Loop, there you see water activity all along the path. Here you're pretty much walking among the trees.

I will go to Rock Island again, but I wouldn't go any farther than the water fall on this trail again.

A little difficult coming back up and if not experienced can be a little difficult snd/or scary at yomes. Absolutely beautiful views.

This was a very easy trail to see some magnificent waterfalls. Well worth the short hike.

Loved it. The trail was beautiful. There is a place to swim so bring a swimsuit if the weather is good. The only down side, and the reason I gave it four stars, was that the stairs coming back up was tough. It was also a semi wet trail in some places so I wouldn't go on this hike after it has rained. I would, however, definitely recommend this hike to anyone who wants a great view of a waterfall.

Loved this trail! Great view and just long enough for a moderate hiker. A little wet in places on the trail but there were rocks that my friend and I used to walk on to keep our shoes relatively dry. All in all, a great trail.

A must do! We drove 1.5 hours to this hike, and it was well worth it. The waterfalls were beautiful, and the trails were well maintained.

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