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So beautiful! It rained the whole time! Totally worth it! High 40s in temp great trails! Watch the little ones there are steep parts walking toward the falls! Wear shoes with good traction! Bring your camera (if not raining) and a lunch!

16 days ago

Spectacular scenery today! All the recent rains have made the waterfalls amazing. Trails are muddy and slippery but that is to be expected. I agree with the moderate rating. Lots of rocks and roots but the trail is well marked. Lower Greeter Falls with the spiral staircase and Blue Hole are not to be missed!

Nice peaceful hike. Not a whole lot of views after the falls at the start, but pretty nonetheless.

Greeter Falls is worth the effort. The trail is a bit rough in spots (rocks, roots, etc.) and the staircase down to lower Greeter Falls was a little daunting. Nice trail with a good amount of people enjoying it. Highly recommend.

Did this trail Oct 28. I actually added going into the Big Creek Gulf then to Stone Door then took the Big Creek Rim trail back. 12.5 miles. 2500 feet. If you do this hike don't pass up ranger falls. Very worth the trek and a beautiful falls. Be ready though this complete trail plan isn't moderate it's hard and trying. But very rewarding. Leaves haven't completely changed yet but the Rim trail is going to be one of the best views for foliage. Good luck.

Did this trail today and took our 18 pound older Boston Terrier. He did fine but was pretty tired at the end. We did the lower and upper Falls and BlueHole trails. Falls were great and very photogenic. No restroom at the trailhead. Would love to visit again. Easy day hike.

This trail is a great mix of easy with some technical sections thrown in if you take the Big Creek Gulf Trail. I had my small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with me, and although he was tired at the end, he was able to navigate the trails with no problem. Great for day hiking!

I have only lived in Tennessee for less than two weeks. This was my first real hike since arriving. I loved this trail. It’s a great trail for an agile dog. There are a lot of really narrow and rocky parts to the trail as well as a spiral staircase (which my dog would not go down) to Greeter Falls and another area that had a suspension bridge. There are lots of beautiful trees and a couple of spots that take your breath away with awesome scenery. A few different falls along the way. The trails are well marked and easy to follow. Very light traffic if you go first thing in the morning on a Saturday. I left after completing about 4 miles at 10am and the parking lot was about half full. I will come back in a few weeks when the leaves begin to change color for another beautiful hike. Highly recommend this trail.

I didn’t get to do the entire loop due to rain (and didn’t have my rain coat), but I definitely would go back to if I was in the area again. This waterfall is prettier than Foster Falls, in my opinion. The hike that I did go on was pretty. There were only 3 other cars in the parking lot early afternoon last Sunday which was great. A few people were swimming and that looked like a great idea.

I hiked this trail after coming in on Big Creek Rim and setting up camp at Alum Gap. It was harder than I expected, mostly due to the 4 miles already hiked, and I'm pretty new to backpacking.

With that said, it was gorgeous. The falls were great, and I swam in the cold pool at the base of Greeter Falls.

I'm glad I didn't bring my old dog on this one, because she would have struggled with the elevation change.

I can't wait to go back!

Best falls I’ve been to this summer!!! The hike to the blue hole was rough. I had two dogs with me, but they did really well. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting wet!

It has a whimsical winding staircase going down to the falls. Great waterfalls. The base can be seen from the top and bottom. At the top, a boulder can be climbed to see another mini waterfall. i want to go back. it was fun.

The trail is well marked, the park itself is well kept. My dog was terrified of the staircase going down so I carried him. Haha. But once we were at the bottom we enjoyed swimming and the peaceful atmosphere.

I did this trail on July 7th. the falls, all three, were the best part of this moderate trail. Greeters Falls was getting busy when I was there but the water was so refreshing. I blazed my own trail for the third falls by hiking up the rocky river bed past the fork.
it was more strenuous and had a better view of the gorge.
The trail went out to the rim and had some panoramic views. If you stay on it, it will hook up with a couple other Savage Gulf trails.
Though this wasn't a particularly hard trail, it just kept giving more spectacular features. I made it into a 5.5 miles and 1150 feet elevation hike. Now that's a good workout.

Loved it! I feel like Lower Greeter is the most photographed, but Upper Greeter was really beautiful too, as well as Boardtree Falls. Definitely wear actual shoes on the hike and wear your swimsuit!

It is an ok spot. The trail is super short, and the fall itself was kinda cool. Def a better place for people aren’t serious hikers or who have kids. If you want to be wowed, don’t go here.

There is an amazing swimming hole both at the top of the falls and the bottom. It is super short and beautiful. I suggest going to the top first and then the bottom.

My favourite by far hidden paradise with a spectacular waterfall and swimming pool hole

Great hike! Beautiful views of the falls. Trail gets narrow towards end of loop. If you really want to explore, wear waterproof shoes to cross streams and walk on wet rocks.

We took our 4 kids on this hike today. (Ages 8,5,3 and 3months) It was a splendid little hike for our clan and we played at the Upper Greeter Falls for most of the day. We even hiked up above the Upper Falls to another 6 foot waterfall that had a huge area for the kids (and us) to play. This is my favorite family hike we’ve done to date.

We will definitely be coming back to this one and next time we’ll try for the Blue Hole.

Cautions: there are very steep drop offs along the trail and there were places that were slippery. We went fairly slow just to be cautious and helped the 3 year old in a couple of spots when it got tough.

We heeded the advice of others and didn’t try the steep decent to the lower Falls with the wee ones with us, but we saw several families down there too so just use best judgement.

Beautiful views. Kinda slick if wet.

This trail was gorgeous! It’s a bit strenuous but short enough. Makes you feel as if you did a good workout but not too long. There are some slippery parts when going down to the falls where it’s all mud over the steps.

Enjoyed so much!!! Beautiful waterfalls!!

beautiful, well maintained trails

Definitely will be going back to this trail in the cooler months when there’s not as much foliage so we can take in all the beautiful waterfalls and views even more! There’s 4- that’s right, 4!?!- waterfalls and views galore. Plenty of coverage as it rained the entire hike and it was still magic. Saw a rat snake, but he didn’t give 2 hoots about us! Highly recommend this beautiful trail! Full review and more pics coming to our blog soon at www.Wander-Full-Life.com

We took our 4 children ages 8, 5, 4, and 2 on the Greeter Trail to the upper and lower falls. The 2 year old was in a child carrier. Round trip, our Apple Watches logged 1.75 miles (including all extra steps taken during swimming).

The trail—before it splits off to upper and lower—is fairly child friendly, but there are a few spots where a cliff is exposed. The upper falls were great for wading- swimsuits and life jackets for the kids are recommended. The water is cold but y’all already knew that ;). The lower falls are reached via a spiral staircase, a slippery wooden ladder/stairs, and a precarious field of boulders. We helped our kids through these obstacles and were rewarded with a spectacular view of the lower falls. We opted not to swim in the lower falls pool as it seemed harder to approach with kids and we were satisfied with our earlier swim. The water looked deeper in the lower falls pools and a group of teenagers were happily enjoying it.

If you have young kids I would plan to visit the upper falls for sure. And if you want to see the spectacular lower falls just know that you will be helping your kids quite a bit but it’s not impossible.

All told a really fun hike for the family! We will come back and visit Blue Hole next time.

Beautiful trail, challenging enough for a good hike and amazing views to take pictures.

Very nice hike. Trails are usually pretty wet being near a dam, so bring some good boots. The sights and the swimming hole are epic.

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