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2 days ago

Amazing reward at the end of the hike.

Selected this trail since it had waterfalls and was the shortest looking trail on the map as we passed through. Did not consult AllTrails... lady at visitor center said “you know it’s 1200 steps?” And I said to myself ...”is that a lot? I can do 12k steps in a shift at work”...
What I didn’t hear was STAIRSTEPS. Lots and lots. Thank goodness for all the little landings to wait for my heart to slow back down. Well worth the journey, though!
And I agree re dogs and the grated steps... ours would not have made it very far had we brought him.

We didn’t get to do all of this trail, but we had a LOT of fun with what we could do. We lost the trail pretty fast, but you can basically follow the creek and go whichever way makes sense. So we ended up a little all over the place. It’s much more climbing over rocks than I anticipated, so we got to the point we couldn’t go any further. It was my four year old and I, and I felt like we got to a point we couldn’t continue safely without the help of a third person.

We were able to see the larger falls, but they were pretty far away. Nevertheless, it was super fun.

I would not say this is younger kid friendly, but older kids would probably have a good time.

3 days ago

Commercial Cave tour. Wouldn’t call it a tourist trap and the waterfall is not fake.

This trail has always been one of my favorites. If you need some kind of reward to get out and go hiking this trail is for you. The waterfalls that you can observe at this park are some of the best in the state. The fact that you can camp at Cloudland makes things even better. If you aren't in the best shape then fear not. The stairs in and out of the canyon are filled with rest stops and places to sit and rest while you enjoy they scenery.

5 days ago

Can be tourist trap, but worth going to see! I wouldn’t go if you’re claustrophobic

If you can’t do stairs, don’t do it. My dog had no problem getting down the stairs and she is a husky/German Shepherd mix. This isn’t my first time here but definitely do it during the winter months. I did it in June in 2016 and threw up from the heat, this time I had no problem at all. Had the falls to myself most of the time and loved it.

Nice and relatively easy hike. Great views almost the whole way, especially in winter. Also, I saw a woman with a cat in a backpack. It even had it’s own little plastic bubble to look out of.

Great short hike with excellent views. Due to over 600 stairs, I would not people with bad knees or hips to complete this trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park.

9 days ago

This is magnificent hike. It’s great for almost anyone. From Ochs Gateway to Point Park and back is just under 9 miles round trip. You could hike it in 3 hours or you could spend all day enjoying all the amazing rock formations, waterfalls and views. The trail is on the west side of the mountain so in the winter it’s chillier in the morning when the sun is not hitting you. Enjoy!

11 days ago

Giving this a 3 star because it says dogs can use but the stairs are grated. Most dogs wont walk on the grated steps. Mine would not. I did not make it to the bottom of the falls after several stair cases and carrying a 60 lb greyhound. Decided to turn back. I wish there was a trail next to the stairs even if it was a little steep to take. Falls were beautiful from the overlook due to all the rain we have been getting.

Absolutely beautiful trail. Totally loved this hike and would recommend it. Even though a bit slick and muddy a great hike

14 days ago

Great hike to a beautiful location!

Beautiful. I personally think it’s tougher getting from mushroom rock down to the river than coming back up. It’s physically tough coming back up, but you need to watch your feet going down. Well worth it if your looking at this hike.

Amazing hike with gorgeous waterfalls!! There’s no markings but you can follow where others have walked/hiked. Lots of rock hopping so be careful.

We hiked this trail on Christmas Eve 2018 and had the trail all to ourselves. Sunny with the bluest of skies, couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! Gorgoues view of the TN River along the way.

One of the easier trail heads in the Chattanooga area to find and use. The Bee Branch loop around Rainbow Lake is very well marked with signage and blazes. There a couple nice bluffs to walk out on, but no huge overlooks such as Snoopers Rock or Sunset Rock. The waterfall is definitely worth the hike.

It is rocky in places but it’s still fairly easy to navigate. I wouldn’t call any of the inclines on this path very difficult. Plenty of dogs on the path.

Will return. Loved this hike.

Amazing view

Beautiful hike with the kids, the falls are awesome! What a wonderful pre Christmas stop.

awesome trail with amazing views. steep start going down some rugged stairs but otherwise perfect trail to get your heart pumping and falling in love with the overlooks around the Tennessee river

awesome trail with amazing views. a must do hike for anyone visiting or living in Chatt-town

Don’t do it 20+ weeks pregnant on a 90 degree day lol

The stairs are tough on your way back up but it is worth it! It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

First - directions from coordinates take you to an apparent complex (alexadra way). Do not turn in there - go past about 50 yards and it’s a parking lot on left.
Hike- great, not too hard nor too easy. The view at the top is incredible. We went when minimal leaves were on trees which made the over looks along the way more enjoyable. At the top, have great view at river and area. Swing bridge was cool and there’s a waterfall that also is nice. If you wanted just to go to the waterfall and bridge it’s not even half way. The other is very clear and easy to traverse.
Once cross the bridge it gets more technical but easy to do without anything to carry (no water or food; unless you just want to).
I hiked w my daughter and we had a great time. Started about 1:30 and finished about 5. Took our time and took a lot of pictures. Great time to talk & be w nature.
Will do this again.

So beautiful especially after all the rainfall we’ve had! It’s possible to take little ones down to the falls without risking ledges and high parts. But after that, the trail is sometimes only visible by blue paint mark on the trees. My four pre-k son did the whole thing but we helped him cross the streams and held his hand over rocks. Loved the suspension bridges and the fall foliage! There were lots of little creeks to cross on the back side and some rocky parts to the trail. We will be back!

Did a night hike here with a couple of friends. Not a bad hike at all and super cool to see the view of Chattanooga at night. Bring a headlamp because the deer be trippin.

on Hemlock Falls Trail

2 months ago

The stairs are difficult but worth it.

2 months ago

The stairs are difficult but the beautiful waterfalls below are more than worth the effort!!

2 months ago

The stairs are tough but the reward is worth it! Beautiful falls. Be aware the stairs are metal and hard on little dogs’ paws - I wound up carrying mine part of the way.

Great hike. The view is amazing

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