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This is a response to Wolfie Perry: there are better spots to access the Pipeline further up the canyon. Rattlesnake is probably the worst place to access it, definitely a steep slog. I made a similar mistake hiking with a three year old on my back.

Hiked it this am. Had to park on the road since we started early (5:30am) and the gate was closed. It was cool in the predawn, but it warmed a bit as we left the creek and then again as the sun rose as we approached the summit at 6:30. Including a break at the summit to enjoy the view it was still under 2 hours round trip. A little steep in spots, but nothing technical or challenging. Under 90 minutes would've been possible if we'd run down.

Definitely recommend the hike. Had been 20+ years since I hiked it last but the rattle of the Aspen leaves and the smell of brush and wild flowers was very nostalgic. The view in every direction was fantastic.

trail running
9 days ago

This is absolutely one my All Time favorite summits in Utah. I love it because it’s steep and relatively a short 3.3 mile to the top. My personal record to the summit stands at 1 hour 37 min and little under 41 mins to run back down to the trailhead. As of December 8th, I have summited Mt. Olympus 16 times in 2018.

A nice trail with great views but waaay too busy. The trail is packed all the way so I really did not need the snowshoes.

Beautiful hike. Steep at the beginning and the end but the midsection is mild. Views at the end were great. Trail is icy in spots so make sure you have proper footwear and/or poles. Trail was a little busier than I would have liked but worth it regardless. There is a $3 fee to access the canyon and dogs have to be leashed on even days.

on Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

trail running
29 days ago

A great running spot. Easy access, not too hard, reward with a good view in the end.

There is some trail erosion. Can be crowded over the weekend.

1 month ago

I did this hike as a prep hike the weekend before I did Mt. Whitney. It was my first time doing it even though I have hiked all over the Wasatch Front. I was amazed at how majestic this hike is from beginning to end. It's a great hike to do in the late fall and early winter because it starts at a relatively low elevation compared to most other hikes near Salt Lake City/Sandy, Utah. As such there was little to no snow on the trail. I did it in about 5.5 hours (around 3 hours up, 2.5 hours down).

On the last quarterish mile scramble to the summit, I got misdirected and started ascending the wrong way. Luckily, a dude set me in the right direction (thanks Stu!) and I got to the summit to take in the preposterous views of Salt Lake Valley. Early on in the hike, it also forks and one prong of that fork goes down the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I walked down that trail for a few hundred meters before I realized my error (thanks to the AllTrails app).

I highly recommend this hike.

Loved every second, on the way up at least

We hiked to the suspension bridge and did the loop back to our car. The bridge looks magnificent and the hike is nice with great views. The beginning is a little steep, but then loops around and quite and easy hike from the bridge down.

Such a beautiful hike! The leaves were just turning colors and there was a lot of shade.

Nice short hike with beautiful views of the canyon walls.

1 month ago

Except for a few icy spots we have to slowdown, this was an easy hike.

Found a sport dog field trainer thing on the trail. find me on Instagram @savethenegs to retrieve it.

Spectacular view of the SLC valley! A great Halloween hike!
Dress warm ❄️

Holy crap what a trail!!! Very rewarding and yet hard , not for the fainted heart! Did this hike on Halloween day, you may see snow towards mile 3 once you get to first summit it’s all dried! Lot of people on the trail. Made it to top in 3 hours plus about half hour for breaks and picture takes, coming down was also a little challenging because of the snow that melted and now it was slushy, def hiking poles . Coming down took me 2 hrs.
Layer up as it’s very cold on the scramble area if sun is not out. Happy hiking!

Heard coyotes and saw a tarantula. Quite the climb but gorgeous views the whole way.

awesome family trip, can do it in about an hour.

1 month ago

Nice steep, short hike. Take some time at the top to read the notes in the mailbox. Bring a small trinket/gift to leave behind.

The trail was a bit muddy in places but still very hikable in late October. Note that the total distance is about 4 miles from the closed gate (out and back) with an elevation gain of about 1,500 ft. Also, this distance does not go to White Fir Pass. Judging from the map attached with this trail, it goes to the first outlook, which is about half the distance to White Fir Pass. This is also a beautiful winter hike if you wear snow cleats.

Snow is all gone as of yesterday. Incredibly steep but rewarding trail! The scramble wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Have shoes with good grip!

Perfect low elevation hike while the weather permits. No snow on the trail nor at the top, which is why it was perfect for this time of year.

1 month ago

Well worth it! The views are outstanding! We consider ourselves pretty fast hikers, but this is a continuous incline that feels like you're on a stair-master at the gym. Roughly 7 miles round trip took us 5.5 hours total (4.5 hours moving 1 hour of breaks and pictures). We're not "climbers" and we had no problem with the "scramble" after the saddle. October 27, 2018 no snow on the trail.

on Iron Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Great hike with a challenging incline.

A word of warning: 3.5 hours into my hike all my credit card companies sent fraud alert texts to me. My car was broken into and the bad guys took all my cash and credit cards. I have been told by a friend that this is unfortunately common when you park in the parking lot. The advice is to park on Wasatch Blvd. where there is plenty of traffic passing by, and not in the parking lot. Went on October 26, and we wore shorts, it was so nice. Brisk but not too cold, and it is quite steep so we were plenty warm.

Fun trail, dog friendly. Took lots of pictures and it took us about 2 hours.

trail running
1 month ago

As of today the snow has 99% melted leaving nothing but suffering for that last mile as you go. straight. up. forever. It's

1 month ago

Great hike. I began at 11am-ish, and by that time there were many others hiking the trail and a challenge to find parking. The remaining snow made some spots slick, but nothing difficult.

When I got to the second bridge, I did not cross. Instead I stayed on the left side of the water and followed others’ footsteps. This was a little steep, slippery and dodgy. I got to a point where I stopped seeing footsteps. I suddenly got a wild hair and crossed over the water. On my way back down I remained within an earshot of the water. I did not find any footsteps for a while but when I finally did the snow was a foot deep with every step. Right before I got to the bridge I fell into about what seemed to be 2 feet of snow. Laughable...that’s what I get for having that wild hair, I guess.

I’ll definitely return but next time I’ll try using the right side of the water after crossing the second bridge. I feel that I missed something by not crossing the second bridge.

1 month ago

Very cool hike. The waterfall is flowing very nicely right now (10/21), so the view is pretty dang impressive. The trail along the way is great - quiet, peaceful, and a nice view. The elevation gain is gradual and the trail itself is well kept.

Once you hit the second bridge, definitely listen to the previous posts and stay to the right-hand side of the water. You can follow others’ footsteps, but really all you need to do is stay within eyeshot/earshot of the water to not get lost. The actual trail on the left side was impossible to traverse to the base of the falls due to the snow and ice.

Been working up to this hike for weeks and it’s been the most rewarding Wasatch trail yet. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, this is a long and steep hike. Almost at the peak there’s a fantastic viewpoint, which is a worthy stopping point but it gets a bit more technical to the summit. Went in early October, there was some ice and snow on the second half of the trail so be prepared for that.

1 month ago

Steep but totally worth the stellar view!

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