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Challenging, but completely worth it. I'm in shape, but my lungs struggled to keep up. Recommend being acclimated to altitude before you go. However, the rewards (waterfalls) are AWESOME if you stay motivated and don't give up.

Hiked this on 7/21. Was very beautiful. Hiked up in the dark to get above lower Blue Lake for sunrise. It was amazing. Eventually got up to highest lake. Wildflowers not as profuse as wetter years but they were still great.

Other reviews capture this quintiessential Colorado hike. Majestic views, turquoise lake, rewarding hike.

This was a steady incline- but beautiful views and rest stops along the way for kids. We really enjoyed this hike.

2 days ago

Our family loves this trail.

2 days ago

Nice views!

2 days ago

fun hike! we only made it as far as lower blue lake due to some issues with the altitude, but it was gorgeous nonetheless! the trail opens up to some beautiful meadows along the way and once you hit a space suitable for camping you have arrived at lower blue lake. would love to go back and make this a two day trip. the road out there is easy to maneuver and it definitely gets crowded pretty early. highly suggest this hike!

Nice warm up trail with a waterfall on top

up hill the whole way but definitely worth it for the views and knowing you climbed a mountain

one thing that was discouraging were the rock piles along this trail, along with initials carved in trees. also a lot of traffic.

Hike was a challenge for our seven and nine-year-old but we were able to push them along and they were glad they made it to the Falls! What a spectacular seen. The trail is beautiful framed by mainly Aspen, with some stunning scenery of the cliffs.

One note: as the write up says this is a very popular hike, so there were plenty of other people, dogs, and trail runners but all courteous and friendly.

Very nice trail, mostly on an old forest road but be prepared for some extended hiking on rocks in places. A good balance of shade and sun. If you take your pup, there are a few small stream crossings where they can get a drink. Near the top there is a nice area to see the falls from about a quarter mile away, but the hike to the falls itself will reward you with some great views back toward the valley.

This was a great hike. Great day and a beautiful hike.

Excellent hike. Upper Ice Lake Basin is just stunning. Wildflowers are past their peak, but still very pretty. Went on from Ice Lake to Island Lake, which was worth the extra effort, though not quite as beautiful as Ice Lake.

A great hike to get acclimated to the altitude. If you get an early start then you’ll likely have the falls to yourself. The views are fantastic along the way. We wrapped up the hike around 11:30 after relaxing at the top for 40 minuets, and the trail was pretty crowded at that point. Only 4 stars due to the sheer beauty and solitude of other hikes in the area.

8 days ago

Very cool hike! We did the day hike to Lower, Middle, Upper Blue Lakes and to the Sneffels pass. I recommend camping at the trailhead for an early start. The lower lake is beautiful (it's better than the other two) but pretty full of campers. The best view is from near the middle lake looking down on the lower lake. The path can be hard to find going from lower to middle. The trail from upper lake to the pass was narrow and steep and did get boring, so you could definitely skip this and you wouldn't be missing out. The hike is quite steep in beginning sections, so it gets real old on the way back down (we saw two people who appeared to have twisted ankles from sliding or falling in these sections... both of whom were hiking in tevas, so do with that what you will).

12 days ago

Awesome trail that gets maybe a half dozen groups hiking it per day MAX versus multiple dozens of groups on blue lakes trail per day. The parking lot was jam packed when we arrived, but we found a parking spot. The first 2 miles are downright easy, a kid could do it. The last mile is a little more strenuous and I do recommend a pole or two for the descent unless you enjoy a good rock dance. We got to the basin and only saw one other group of people with a couple dogs. The panoramic views are astounding. All trails map ends at the basin, but the trail does go further up and has more switchbacks that take you much further above the basin. Took us 4 hours and 10 minutes from the parking lot and we took a 40 minute lunch up top and a few short breaks on the way up. Awesome hike and definitely recommended if you want to get away from the plethora of people. Sure it doesn’t have a lake, but it has waterfalls, awesome views of Sneffels and a river beside you half the hike; plus no people saying “behind you” or “passing” every ten minutes. Once you get to the basin, take a left and follow the waterfalls up a hidden trail just past the little campground. I would venture as far as to say this is basically a hidden gem of a hiking trail in these parts.

Beautiful hike.

Definitely worth the short semi steep hike. Runnable for those who like to trail run

Gorgeous views.

Awesome trail if you are reasonably fit. 2,400 feet elevation change with virtually uninterrupted upward slope. Incredible views of Telluride and the Tomboy mine.

A few things...

Get a ride or drive up to Bridal Veil Falls if you can.

Use the AllTrails map to get on the trail. After you pass over the creek, you’ll soon see 4 overhead cables perpendicular to the trail. You’ll turn left between the third and fourth ones to get off the road and onto the dirt trail. There were cairns there when we were there.

Soon you’ll come to a fork. Either choice will get you there. The one on the right has longer switchbacks, is not as steep and is at least a mile longer than going left. But, going left is much steeper and more difficult than going right. You’ll have the same options coming down. Making the choice that fits your capabilities is important. If you start up the trail to the left and don’t like it, go down and take the other fork.

Have a great hike!


The shoreline of the lower lake alone is worth the effort.

We went early in morning and only saw a few people on the trail and at the falls. Great for photos. More people on the trail after about 9am. We took our time and explored a lot of side trails, playing around in the creek and taking photos of the views, and that made the hike even better for us. Not many wildflowers this week, except at the last .25-mile near the falls and then some very pretty foliage.

15 days ago

Great hike and beautiful views.

We did the hike late in the day (started around 17.30). It took us about 1.5 hours to go up and left us not enough time to make it all the way to the upper lake (going down last mile we had to use flashlights - its getting quite dark there in the trees in between two mountain ranges), but that feeling of being the last ones going up, resting in the quiet serenity of the lake and going down all alone was precious. The hike - smells, birds, wildberries. streams, gorgeous waterfall - everything is so good..

This hike was strenuous but definitely worth it. The views were amazing the entire hike!

This hike was pretty simple and to the point. Wide trail, easy to pass people (which is good as it was pretty busy). Parking downtown on the streets, so your time is limited on the trail due to the meters. The waterfall is easy to get to and beautiful. Would recommend if you are in the area.

Well worth the trip from ice lake, a little challenging but worth it and fun!!

16 days ago

Great Hike! Start early and go to the upper lakes! The view down to the lower lake is amazing!

steep hike for the first 30/45 minutes but overall not a difficult hike, lower lake is absolutely gorgeous!

20 days ago

This is one of my most favorite hikes, ever. Once you get to Ice Lake (amazing), Island Lake is a short but very steep journey over the ridge. The trail to Ice Lake is pretty straightforward (and steep) but to Island Lake there is some scrambling. It was extremely windy and quite cold in the basin around both lakes, even though the rest of the trail was warm.

AllTrails says "moderate" but I would rate this as difficult, ESPECIALLY if you are from lower elevations.

I started at 8am on Wednesday in August and had the trail almost to myself. While I enjoyed the view from the top, hordes of people were on their way up. This trail is popular for good reason.

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